Rock of the Dead (Xbox 360) Cheats

Rock of the Dead cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Perfect! (30)Complete a level with 100% accuracy.
Collector. (50)Unlock all extras.
Silver Record. (20)Aquire all badges on 2 levels.
Gold Record. (40)Aquire all badges on 4 levels.
Platinum Record. (60)Aquire all badges on all levels.
Double Platinum! (80)Aquire all badges on Hard difficulty.
Multi Platinum! (100)Aquire all badges on Thrasher difficulty.
Trailer Trashed. (20)Defeat the Trailersaurus Boss.
Mythbusted. (20)Defeat the Crocodile Boss.
Crazy Train. (20)Defeat the Rat Boss.
Unidentified Rocking Object. (20)Defeat the UFO Boss.
Rocked the Doodlebug. (20)Defeat the Ant Lion.
Black Hole Strum. (20)Destroy the Transport Boss.
Heavy Metal. (20)Defeat the Spider Boss.
Fender Bender. (30)Complete 10 challenges.
Finger Pickin Good. (60)Complete 20 challenges.
In the Zone. (50)Obtain a score multiplier of 100.
Rock to the Rescue! (50)Finish the game and get the good ending.
Social Destruction. (50)Finish the game and get the evil ending.
Groovy! (50)Fully upgrade your shield or blast attack.
Rock Will Protect Me! (30)Complete any level taking no damage.
Gettin the Band Back Together! (20)Play a co-op game.
I Need a Burger! (20)Use shield with less than 25% health.
It's Alive! (50)Find all the Rob Zombie pieces.
Undead Astro Creep. (50)Defeat Rob Zombie.
Encore! (20)Score 1,000,000 in a bonus level.