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The good:

A Gamer, most likely a musician, walked by an arcade. They saw another playing to the common DDR machine, going "What is the point of stepping in a form that a style like that doesn't even fit right?"

Thus, Guitar Hero and many acclaimed instrumental games were created. This would finally be the ideal game to achieve the closest musical experience. Bear in mind this doesn't make one the better musician in a career either.

One of the most attractive aspects is creating the actual musician to see in play. Not only is the guitar changeable, but the entire (well, maybe by colors and a few attires) character model can be changed, even a few tattoos can be added as well. Don't bother using innapropriate names for either the character or band. Microsoft will know, refusing to play live until this matter is resolved into a better name.

Retaining the same concept as Guitar Hero, the musician or band can play a number of available songs and can proceed to play more challenging ones to the very end. For Group mode, attaining fans by playing flawlessly on the harder level earns special recognition and achievements for the completion gamers.

Five frets identical to the controller neck are displayed, and the notes displayed require the player to hold the fret and strum it on time. With perfect strumming the multiply gauge will raise, earning bigger points. The Overdrive bar can be used to either score off even more points, or win the crowd back if the song seems difficult, but should be used wisely and efficiently.

Graphic wise, the view of not only seeing the player's rocker on stage looking cool, but the stage and the number of people available to witness the environment is pretty cool. However, the player shouldnt be caught off guard watching the scenery before he/she fails the song

The bad:

Many GH loyalists call Rock Band the "Training mode" of Guitar Hero, mainly because it's previous GH3 song lists were either cut off or replaced with easier notes to pull off. Most not even making sense to play it's frets on (When you were young is a definite sign).

Not surprising it's packaging was huge..SO huge, that proper handling was NOT taken care of, so the news of broken pedals and strum bars was the effect of this dumb mistake. Obviously (and ironically) the warranty disclaimed to send the broken piece back to the actual headquarters for a remake...though just by watching youtube videos can deal with the problem quickly already.

It's song listing was kind enough to differ its path from the "oldies" to modern eras and forgotten tracks as well. Unfortunately, many of the popular tracks are being forced as downloadable content to buy, but the feeling is well worth it.


Upon the usual unattempts to bring its fans the songs they want, it still retains its charm after nearing a decade. To see children not even age 10 performing so amazing before our eyes demonstrates its good to play and have fun at the same time..Or if the player is using the leaderboards to smack talk his buddy on his higher score.

Before a stiffy price tag, separate additions were recently released, so purchasing a copy would be slightly easier now. Though the reliability of the instruments is yet to be known for, so gather a warranty just in case if the bothersome happens.

With a good song list for either the classical veteran or the modern gamer, it can retain a very good experience, especially with a group. So chill out, have a party, and watch a band sing or Drum Nightmare before your own very eyes.

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