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Robotrek cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Pack upgrade
Combine an empty Pack with another item to upgrade it. For example, combining an empty Pack with a Weather will create a Solar Pack. Combine an empty Pack with a Repair will create a Quick Pack.
Power hit
Get Sword4 from the R&D room as a mouse. Get Sword4 the money and the scrap, then leave. Go to a R&D, make nine Sword2 and combine them with Sword4 to get Sword4 l.v.9. Get into a fight, and when your robot comes out, turn around use the RUN command to do a special hit slash three times to do over 200 HP of damage.
Secret library
Before leaving for Choco, search the area approximately five spaces right and seven to nine spaces up from Quintenix. Starting from Quintenix, fly to the right just past the first yellow star. Then, fly upwards until reaching an area with a small blue star to the left and a large yellow star to the right. The planet Kirara is located between those stars. The library on Kirara contains the complete Inventor's Friend collection.
Unlimited money
Buy, make, or get a Smoke and a Clean. Combine them to make a Repair, then recycle it. If you buy or make the Items, it will cost $120 and recycling the Repair will result in $150. Every time you do this, you will gain $30. Repeat this as much as needed.


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Extra moves
When programming the special moves, use the button orders XRR, RXR, RRX, and name them Bash. Your robot will do a few extra moves. You must also have an ax or a sword equipped for these to work. When you put in RXR, your robot will run up to each person and hit them with the object that is equipped. When you use XRR, the robot will jump over the enemy and hit him twice behind the back. When using RRX, your robot will hit him twice with the object that is equipped, and then send the enemy back to the other side of the screen with his body.
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