Robotech: Battlecry (GC) Cheats

Robotech: Battlecry cheats, and Codes for GC.


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All Models and Awards
Select New Game or load game, hold L + R + Z and press Left, Up, Down, A, Right, B, START. After doing so, enter the codes.

All Models and Awards, enter WHERESMAX
Cheat menu
Left, Up, Down, A, Right, B, Start
A text box will open where you enter the cheat you want.

Add these Codes:

SPACEFOLD: Gunpod powers up faster
MARSBASE: Missiles regenerate faster
MIRIYA: Missiles and Gunpod power faster
BACKSTABBER: Enemies are destroyed after one hit from Gunpod
SNIPER: One shot kills in sniper mode
MISSMACROSS: Unlocks all paint jobs
WEWILLWIN: Unlocks all levels
WHERESMAX: Unlocks all Veritech models
SUPERMECH: Invincibility
MULTIMAYHEM: Unlocks all multiplayer levels
Disable Codes
To disable codes, enter the word CLEAR
To get Invincibility select training mode. Than you enter the jet fighter training, destroy only the first two targets, then exit. Enter stroy mode and you will be invincible.
Super Veritech Armor on Ground Missions
To use the Super Veritech Armor on Ground Missions, first go into a space mission and beat it with the Super Veritech Armor on. Then select continue. The only drawback is that the mission you use it on has to be the next mission that you go to when you select continue....
Turn Off Cheats
Get to the cheat menu [(while holding L R Z), on the control stick Left Up Down A Right B Start]
once in the cheat menu, input CLEAR
Upside Down
To enable this code, enter FLIPSIDE