Riviera: The Promised Land (GBA) Cheats

Riviera: The Promised Land cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for GBA.


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Battle Scoring
After a battle (excluding Practice), you will receive a score and a rank. What does this mean, and how can you improve on it?

Ranks-Your rank is determined by how fast you finish the battle. The better the rank, the more TP you receive. So when possible, it is always better to finish a battle as quickly as possible.

Rank S- Best rank; receive 4 TP
Rank A- Second best; receive 3 TP
Rank B- Third best; receive 2 TP
Rank C- Second worst; receive 1 TP
Rank D- Worst; receive no TP

After each battle (excluding Practice), you will also receive a score, measured in points. This adds to your final point count at the end of each chapter, and the end of the game.

Each battle has a designated point count, and if you clear that battle, you will recieve those points. However, you can also get more points by finishing the battle with a special move.

If you finish the battle with a normal attack, you will get no points. If you finish with a level 1 Overdrive, you will get some points. If you finish with kevek 2 Overdrive, you will get even more points, and so on. The best possible way to finish a battle is to do it with a Exl. Overdrive skill, such as Lost Seraph or Disaresta.
Easier S
Obtaining an S is somewhat easier when finishing with an overdrive Level 3 Disaresta. (The overdrive skill of Einher jar)
This is another of these games where you can unlock multiple endings.

During the game, there are tons of conversations and options. If you noticed, some of these conversation choices would make a little heart appear above one or more of the female characters. This means that her affection level has been raised. also, some conversation choices would make a little heart breaking above one or more of the charactrers. This means that her affection level has been reduced.

At the end of the game, you can unlock a special ending, depending on which character has the highest affection level.
To get the fanelia beam you need to have passed the 7 chapter then go to the undine spring and dig on the sand you will get the fanelia who does 999 damage,7 hits and its the strongest weapon in the game
Getting Rank S Battles
The best way to get a rank S battle is to finish with a exl. skill (exampleisaresta with Ein)Also, make sure all your characters are still alive and use minimal amount of turns.
The Album/CG Collection
To obtain the CG Collection, you need the Album. In Area 1-6, after defeating the dragon on the lowering thing, it will give you the option to jump to a ledge. Make the jump and open the green chest. Inside is The Album, which gives you "The CG COllection" in "Extra Content."

Easter eggs

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Key to Hell
During Stage 5 (Mireno Cemetary) you will need to acquire various Anhks shaped like letters. Eventually you will acquire one shaped like the letter "T"; find a way to place this Anhk in the Blue Crystal of the Crystal Sanctuary, then return to the Underground Lake (Stage 5 - Area 4) and examine the rock in Screen 6 twice to get the option to dash at the rock (press Left ten times).

This will unlock the Gate to Hell! Before entering, you may wish to acquire the Dragon Busters from Screen 7 (examine the Sword Hilt then press A twelve times) first. You can use them to defeat the enemies and more importantly the Zombie Dragon that lie in this hidden area of the cemetary. Once you beat the Zombie Dragon you will receive the Key to Hell, which will allow you to access Chapter 8 from the Extra Contents menu after you complete the game. This will be a special battle against the secret boss Hades


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Item Manual
To get this, you must examine the column in the underground of Chapter 2 (Lacrima Castle) (requires 1TP) and see the text.

> from heaven
fill thyself with V
And like A hunting ^
Correct what is B

When you return to Elendia, talk to Claude in the Crystal Caverns Magic Guild and enter the password >VA^B (right down A up B)

You will recieve the Item Manual.