River City Ransom Cheats

River City Ransom cheats, Tips, and Codes for NES.


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Change Character Names
On the character select screen, press Select on the controller to go to a screen where you can change Alex and Ryan's names to whatever you want.
Hidden Shop
To find Merlin's Mystery Shop go to the Armstrong Thru-Way. Once inside press up at the top wall and the wall will open. Inside you can buy the best items in the game.


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XfMdZTHwiR3 jaj6jfRUDEt tilm2tWRo8b-Final Boss, w/ Max Stats, Dragon Feet, Stone Hands, Grand Slam, and Texas Boots
XfMdZTHUPR3 rztzPeQUCTt 61lxhtWRo2b-Final Boss, w/ Max Stats, Stone Hands, Dragon Feet, Acro Circus, Grand Slam, 4 Karma Jolts, and $999.99 cash
t1izvpdOZnZ JxNkJp7Cpub XMPQgXErSMF-Ivan Beaten, High School Open
w412ysgtMqc MUSjKm2PqtE UJMNdUTGOQC-Power Up
jrYplfTgbdj nOorLTIYXwR SjTuqpilUHP-Start w/ all abilities and $500 in cash
fHUFBbvcnpa MS8iPpICZJP VKNOeVRQPDD-Strange Item in Inventory that gives stat increases.