Riven: The Sequel to Myst User Reviews


The Most Impressive Feat of the Myst Series

The good:

~The scenery is one-of-a-kind, and envelops you in a world never even imagined before.
~The mystery and the goal of the whole game keep you working throughout the entire thing, no matter how frustrated you get.
~Real-life actors, instead of CGI characters, add realism to the experience.
~Sound and voice acting are crystal-clear, and are an important part of the overall game.
~There are several endings to the game (and all but one are bad), so there is a great amount of interactivity. It might even add replay value.

The bad:

~The puzzles are even more complex than ever, and require very long sequences of specific actions.
~Whenever a person appears, they are accompanied by a grainy haze. This degrades the overall graphic quality.


The year was 1998, and Cyan Inc. was looking for a sequel to their highly successful game, Myst. It had been four years since Myst had changed computer game history, and the fandom was just too much to give up. Say hello to Riven, their answer to all those adoring fans. Not only is it an improvement over its predecessor in many ways (including graphics and audio), it is arguably unrivaled by any of the three games that would later come.

Riven picks up about where the last game left off, only this time, you're on a bit of a rescue mission. Catherine, the wife of Atrus (featured in Myst), ...

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