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Now the classic board game is back in an all new adventure. This is effectively turn-based war. Watch the impressive graphics while listening to the highly-addictive music. A must for any classical game player. You can now play against both your friends and the computer generals much quicker. The computerized generals such as Boanaparte and Wellington add a new style of play. Now you can play by yourself! Many, Many Generals and each with their own personality, tactics, and biography. Yoou'll be tired out after playing that on an all new map that can have up to 8 more territories such as Hawaii or New Zealand! Growing tired of that? As impossible as it seems, there is even a whole new gamemode called "SameTime Risk" in which players all make their moves at the same time. Quite custom settings, don't you think? You can personalize your game even more by having three new ways to cash in your "Risk Cards" and three new ways to grab territories at the beggining. One of which is even an auction! As if that isn't enough,(Which it is!) you can play in a final mode of play, tournament mode. Go up in a pre-set group of levels and compete against your friends for the highest scores. Whew! You can even hook up to the internet to play against friends who aren't at your house! Several new colors add a whole new dimension to the armies and you can even review how you did after the clash of world powers is over. You can choose how to win your games too! You can even save your games so you can stop and eat dinner! A must buy, but don't spend too much money though! Thirty-Five United States dollars is about its retail value. You'll be playing away for hours upon hours!

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