Rise of Nations review
Not as Good as C&C Generals

The good:

The graphics were good.

You get to play through the Ages and counquer the World, taking over countries and territories of many different Nations. Fun Campaign in other words.

The bad:

The Nations hardly differ in weapons. AT ALL. Each nation has three unique units. ONLY THREE. Otherwise, the only thing different is how the buildings look in the earlier ages. The units are also moderately different, and the cities are named according to their original ruler. Otherwise, the nations are no different.


Let's face it: Rise of Nations isn't all that great. It was a quick pick up game for me, and it was very good. But it was only very good for about a month. And every time I played it, I grew more and more bored of the repetitveness of weapons, the weapons being the same for every nation, and the lack of originality put into the game. It sucked in a few months.

The replay value on a scale of 1 to 10 is a 1. Replaying any form of the game, any mode at all, will get you bored very, very quickly. Even making your own maps and scripts and whatnot, it still gets extremely dull after a while.

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McMike Oct 8, 10
I don't get how you find it boring, you can create your own scenario and creat your army the others teams army and buildings map and everything, it's not boring I think but you nicely explained your point of view
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