Rise of Nations review
The best Strategy game I've ever played.

The good:

Better than AOE, AOE2, OR AOM, this game is the best strategy game where you lead a race (or in this case, a nation) to domination. The conquer the world campeign is really where it's at, you choose from one of 18 nations, all with their own neat units, and special powers (equally diverse to any of the games mentioned above) and begin working your way toward global domination on a Risk-esque map (like the board game Risk, which I might add, I'm great at) And each time you attack another nation, no matter who owns it, you're in for a treat! Durign the actual fighting it's alot like any of the games above, but, in this case, each time you play, you will eventually be able to progress to a new age, (medival, gunpowder, modern, ect...) and over time, as you take over more of the world, and other nations try to do the same, tiem will progress, and you'll move on, so that you begin battles in a new age, and during the battle, you can move on to the age after that. A new feature is that during your time on the main board (the Risk part of the game) you can gain tribute, and eventually use this to purchase cards, which will either help you weaken, or conquer opponents without a fight, OR they can help you during the crucial battles, when you need all the help you can get. Different regions that you can and will conquer, all offer tribute, or resources, or new armies to fight, and defend with, as well as cards. Also don't forget the music and sound effects and graphics to this game, all of which are incredible.

The bad:

There's nothing I can see really wrong with this game.


In all this is a superb game that cannot be beat. It's the best PC game I ever had.

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