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Risen FAQ/Walkthrough

by feystruck   Updated to v0.23 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Risen on the XBOX360, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PC version of the game.
Risen - Xbox 360 Walkthrough (English)
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Copyright 2009 Rob Morris
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Version History

0.1 - Walkthrough added from beginning of game, Don's Camp and the trip to
Harbour City. General and Combat hints and tips added. Skill listing added.
0.23 - Harbour Town walkthrough added, Don's Camp and Monastery completed for
Bandit faction playthrough. Monastery begun for Mage and Warrior paths, until
completion of 'Basic Training'.

Apologies for length of time between updates, but shortly after beginning
writing this guide I got a job, so have less time to play, and other priorities
to focus on. It will be completed though.

To be added


Risen is a 3rd person perspective RPG with real-time combat. It has been
unfavourably compared to TES: Oblivion, and isn't really a 'casual' friendly
game. The initial character is weak, and combat can take some getting used to,
it's not as 'pick up and play' as Oblivion is. However, it is a fun game once
you give it a chance, let down by only two things, both of which seem to be
native to the Xbox 360 version:
1) Lighting. When it's dark, it's very, very dark, and there is no
brightness/gamma setting. When indoors or underground, torches or the light 
spell work perfectly fine, but outdoors in the dark, they don't illuminate very
much at all. And there are no nightvision spells or objects. My tip, don't
adventure outdoors during the night. Find a bed (easy to do) and sleep until
morning, then adventure.
2) Graphics. They're nowhere near as good as the PC version, though to be
honest, I only really notice the graphics during conversations. General
gameplay seems to be fine, but up close, the character models really are awful.
Skin texture is non-existent, looking very plastic, with facial hair looking 
like it's drawn on with a marker pen. The female characters have a very blocky
look to their heads, and in general are not at all attractive, and the player
character looks like he has no eyes, just empty sockets.

General Hints and Tips

- Save often. Combat is difficult to get the hang of at first, so you'll die 
quite often. Also be especially careful in ruins. Many of them are trapped, and 
traps are instant kills. The game is also susceptible to crashing.
- When you have a weapon drawn, you can't pick anything up until you put it
- Don't be afraid to run away from some enemies. Many can be too tough to begin
with, and you can always come back later. 
- You can also lure enemies into areas with other NPCs, and they'll join in the 
fights (and are generally quite tough),just make sure you get the final blow in
or you may lose out on the exp reward.
- NPC's have a sight cone of about 180 degrees in front of them. If out of that,
they won't see you do something (useful for sneaking and stealing)
- Pick up everything you can. Herbs are plentiful, and all have a use, even if
just to sell.
- Don't sell or eat the stat boosting herbs for attributes you'll want to raise
later. They're the ingredients for +5 stat potions. Feel free to eat/sell ones
for stats you don't intend to want potions for later.
- To save time and money for later quests, try to always keep the following
items in your inventory once you have them (Until you use them in quest): Pearl
Necklace, 5 Boar Skins, 5 Wolf Skins, Cold Bog Body Heart, Small Emerald, 
All beer, All Rum, 10 Apples, 1 Bone, 6 Wings.
- Eating Apples and Eggs can raise your strength. Every 10 or so of each,
you'll tend to gain +1 Strength.
-Don't sell the Weed you pick up to anyone apart from a man called Rhombart
- If you are intending to take Alchemy, keep all Wine you collect, and don't
sell or use it. Healing and Mana potions have it as an ingredient.
- If an NPC is rude to you and will no longer talk (Usually because you've
annoyed them somehow, either by refusing to give them something or knocking
them out) then use a Tell Joke scroll/spell on them, and they should like you
Severe insult against them, like stealing something very important or getting
them thrown out of town, and they will never like you, even after the spell, so
don't waste it.
- Wisdom can only be increased through reading bookstands and stone plates you 
find out in the world
- Buy the map from Nelson in Harbour Town
- If you don't know where to go for a quest, use the left direction pad to open
up the quest log, highlight a quest and use the RT twice to choose Quest Map.
The map will have markers that show areas of relavance to the quest

Combat Tips

- Holding down the right trigger will keep you focused on an enemy, but you
will lose the target lock if they dodge quickly to the side. Turn to regain it
- Wolves dodge to the side
- Stingrats, Sea Vultures and Scorpions dodge backwards
- Rotworms and Moths usually dodge backwards, but sometimes (rarely) dodge to
the side
- Ashbeasts and Undead Beasts dodge backwards and to the sides
- War Crickets can block blows, but don't dodge
- Humanoid enemies (Humans, Saurians, Undead, Gnomes, Ogres) do everything, 
block blows and dodge to the sides and backwards
- Try to fight enemies in an environment that restricts their movements. Push
backward dodgers up against an obstacle, push side dodgers into narrow areas
- If you only have a weapon equipped, you cannot block beasts. You need a
shield equipped to be able to block them (You can block beasts with 'arms',
moths and crickets, with only a weapon equipped)
- The combat tutorial at the beginning of the game lies. When it tells you to
use the Y button to parry, ignore it or you'll get hurt. You cannot parry until
you have learned a weapon skill to rank 2
- To fire a ranged attack, use the right trigger (This also applies to crystal
spells). With a bow, holding the right trigger will charge up the shot for more
- To get a crosshair/zoom in when using a crossbow, click the Left analog
button. You will only be able to move slowly when zoomed in though
- At higher skill levels you will be able to use two hander swords and axes
with one hand. This is not the case with staff fighting
- There is no dual wielding.
- Bows/Crossbows can be used to activate distant switches and winches. They
won't activate distant levers though.
- Gnomes and Saurian Priests seem to be the only enemies with a ranged attack 
(Aside from Order Warriors and Mages, obviously)
- Only under certain circumstances will a human enemy kill you. Most of the
time they'll just knock you down and either arrest you, or steal stuff from you
- Likewise, except for certain circumstances, most combats with other humans
are non-lethal. If you want to kill them after knocking them down, keep them
targetted and attack again. You'll do a finishing blow while they're down (It's
not advisable to do this if the enemy is named though, as they tend to be quest
- Practice timing of your attacks, don't just button mash. If you press for the
next attack as one lands, the next blow will be a lot faster. Button mashing
makes for slow, ponderous swings that the enemy will often interrupt
- The third/final blow of a chain combo is the most damaging
- Don't try for too many attacks at once. Until you have higher combat skills
that add to the chain combo, you can only chain together 3. After this you
pause and most enemies will take this opportunity to attack you, and will
interrupt the start of your next chain. Strike 3 hits at most then move back to
being defensive (Blocking or ready to dodge), and wait for an opportunity to
take another 3 strikes.


Combat Skills: Can only parry with a weapon with Rank 2 in a skill. Cost 10
Learning Points per rank

Sword Fighting - 10 Ranks. Used with swords and club weapons. Increasing rank
adds to variety of blows, quicker attacks, more chain combos, and at rank 6 can
wield Bastard Swords in one hand, at rank 9 can wield two handed swords in one 
Axe Fighting - 10 Ranks. Used with axes. Increasing brings similar benefits to
swordfighting. At rank 6 can wield two handed axes in one hand
Staff Fighting - 10 Ranks. Benefits similar to sword and axe fighting. All
staff weapons are two handers, and no skill ever allows 1 hand use.
Archery - 10 Ranks. Higher rank decrease reloading and draw (charging) time
Crossbow - 10 Ranks. Higher ranks decrease reloading time

Crafting Skills: Cost 5 Learning Points per rank

Alchemy - 3 Ranks. Higher ranks allow for better potion making. Rank 3 is
required for the +5 stat boosting potions. Require recipes to make potions
Smithing - 3 Ranks. Allows crafting of swords and magic amulets rings. Higher
ranks allow better items (Swords at 1, Bastard Swords at 2, Two Handed Swords
at 3). Require Smith or Goldsmith tools
Prospecting - 1 Rank. Allows mineral deposits to be mined with a pickaxe
Gut Animals - 1 Rank. Allow additional loot items from beasts. Need tools for
certain specific parts/animals.

Thievery Skills: Cost 5 Learning Points per Rank

Pickpocketing - 3 Ranks. Higher ranks allow for more risky targets
Lockpicking - 3 Ranks. Higher ranks allow for more difficult locks to be picked
Sneaking - 1 Rank. Allows the player to sneak, reducing detection. Click the
left analog button to enter sneak mode. You cannot sneak with a drawn bow/xbow,
but you can with a drawn melee weapon
Acrobatics - 1 Rank. Allows the player to roll upon landing from a fall,
reducing the damage taken

Rune Magic: Cost 5 Learning Points per Rank
Create Scrolls - 1 Rank. Allows the player to write their own magic scrolls,
with the correct rune and ingredients
Seal - 4 Ranks. Allows the player to use a rune from scroll creation to
directly cast the spell themselves, without needing to use a scroll. This
does not use up the rune. There is a minimum requirement of Wisdom to learn
each Rank, 50 for 1, 100 for 2, 150 for 3, 200 for 4.

Crystal Magic: Cost 10 Learning Points per Rank
Fireball - 10 Ranks. Has an area of effect
Magic Bullet - 10 Ranks. Fast recovery so can cast more often
Ice Bolt - 10 Ranks. Has a chance of freezing the enemy in place
With all crystal magic, higher ranks increase damage of the spell, and also
the speed the projectile travels at.

Skill Notes and Tips:
I'd seriously advise everyone take Gut Animals and Prospecting. Both skills are
great money-makers, but also useful otherwise. Gut Animals produces some scroll
ingredients, and Prospecting is really needed for the Smithing skill

I'd also say that Alchemy 3 is a must have for everyone, as it allows creation
of decent healing and mana potions, as well as the permanent stat boosting

Smithing isn't of huge use. You can only make swords with it, and although they
are decent at lower level, you will soon find better weapons. And even though
there are a couple of legendary sword pieces you can find, that need Smithing
to re-assemble, the swords themselves aren't the best ones in the game.
Swordmaking is also quite frustrating, as there are no unused smithing areas in
the game, an NPC is usually using them, and they take longer at each item than
you, which means you are often sat around waiting for the smith to finish using
an item.
Smithing is of better use for making magic rings and amulets, but again, you
can  usually find better items out in the world.

Pickpocketing can be a useful money-maker, and in more than a few cases
actually helps with some quests where you need to get items from people. It's
just a  shortcut though, and you can get the items without needing to steal

Likewise with Lockpicking. Though without it you may be frustrated by chests
and doors you can't open (And you only tend to find the Open Lock spells late
in the game), there is nothing essential to completing the game inside anything
that's locked, or if there is, the key to open them is available somewhere. 

When it comes to magic, your Faction choice determines which you can learn. 

If you choose the Bandit path, the only magic you can learn is Create Scrolls
(Everyone can use scrolls at any time, without any skill needed). Warriors of
the Order can learn Create Scrolls, and Crystal Magic. Only Mages get access
to all magic, being able to Create Scrolls, Crystal Magic and the Seal skill.

For combat purposes, it's best to pick one type of combat and specialise in it,
rather than spread points around. Pick Sword or Axe, not both, and much the
same with Crystal Magic. Pick whichever spell you like the best and stick with
it. Spreading points around in everything will not be good for you in the

With an unpatched version of the game, there is an exploit with Prospecting. If
you save before mining a deposit, then mine it and not get a gem drop, just
reload and mine it again. The game gives you a gem-drop for every 3 minings you
do, and it keeps count even through reloads, so by reloading you can guarantee
a gem drop at every deposit.

It's also wise to save before performing Lockpicking or Pickpocketing. 
Reloading allows you to learn the lockpicking sequence, then reload with no
loss of picks, and when pickpocketing, you don't actually get a description of
the items, just the icon pictures of each. So unless you memorise each item's
icon, you can reload until you get what you want.

When pickpocketing, don't try for items that are higlighted with a gold border
around the icon. These are equipped, and will nearly always result in you being

Pickpocketing 3 can only ever be taught to players on the Bandit path. Warriors
and Mages cannot learn that rank.


At this writing, I have run through the game fully on the Bandit path, and part
of the way as Mage (To where the quests return to being common to all paths).
There are common quests to Mage and Order in the Monastery, but I may be
missing some Order only quests. I hope to rectify this in later versions.

This walkthrough was written while playing the English language Xbox360 version
of Risen. Though most of the information is usable for the PC version, where I
reference controls, I won't be able to give the equivalent controls for the PC.
I am also aware that some NPC names will be different in non-english language
versions of the game. (For example, I know for certain Master Aric, the master
in charge of basic training in the monastery is not called Aric in the german
language game). Unfortunately, there is little I can do about this at present.

I will be making certain assumptions with the walkthrough. I will be assuming
that you will be collecting every item you see or pass by, killing any
enemy you happen to see, and opening every chest you see (That you can,
lockpicking permitting).
I will also be leaving the matter of when and where to save the game to you
(Aside from certain points in the game where it is very advisable to save).
I will also only be mentioning getting trained in specific skills I think
everyone should have (Gut Animals, Prospecting, Alchemy). You are under no
obligation to learn these skills if you do not want to. I leave the choice of
other skill training entirely to you

After the intro movie, you begin awakening on a rainy beach, clad only in rags.
There are items and bodies scattered along the beach. Pick up everything you
can. Once you interact with the body identified as Sara, she will wake up and
start a conversation. If you haven't already picked up and equipped a weapon,
she'll tell you to find one before she agrees to follow you. You can leave her
to look around the area, or get her to follow you inland. Either way it makes
no  difference (She doesn't fight). Before fighting anything, I'd suggest
following the beach to the right, where you should find a body with a hunting
knife on it.
This is better than the clubs and sturdy sticks you have to use as weapons
otherwise. More damage and a faster swing. Draw your weapon with the left
bumper and attack with the A button. Practice your combos a bit. if you time
each press to when the attack is about to hit, you should swing faster. This is
an essential skill to master.
Once you're happy with your weapon practice, search around the area and pick up
everything. The only enemies you'll find are pretty easy to kill, young
Spinerat and hungry Sea Vultures and Wolves. If you've mastered the quick
swings, they'll go down to a single 3 combo. If not, just follow the combat
tips mentioned earlier. Go into your inventory and use any Mussels you've found
sometimes you get a pearl out of them. Sara will talk to you a couple more
times. To the  leftmost side of the area is a cave. Sara won't come inside with
you. Inside are some Gnomes. It can be a bit dark, but not pitch black. The
gnomes shouldn't cause too much trouble, but they are tougher than the animals
Loot the bodies and grab the weapons they dropped and open all the chests. Best
not to head further into the cave right now, we want to get Sara to safety
first. Head back outside and once you think the area is clear of all items and
plants, carry on up the path. Again, collect everything you find. On the left
hand wall you will see a cave, this leads to the other cave, so don't enter it
yet. Keep on up the path and you will see a house up ahead. Head towards it
and another conversation with Sara. She will now stop following you. 
If you're hurt, head round the outside of the house to the left. You'll find a
water barrel. Use it and each drink will heal you a little bit. Heal yourself
Now we're going to go back and clear out that gnome cave. Head back to the
original entrance where you killed the gnomes and follow the passage. If you
find it too dark, use a torch, but you will drop the torch if you draw your
weapon. You will come to a second room with two more gnomes, and three chests.
Kill these like the others and loot the chests and weapons. Continue along the
passage but keep an eye out. There is drop ahead into another room. The fall 
won't hurt you, but it's wise to get used to watching the way ahead. Later on
the falls can be much bigger, and hurt or even kill you. Good habits now will
pay off later. If you don't fall down the drop, look around down and you should
see some smaller ledges allowing you to drop down more cautiously. Again, this
is just good practice for later. There are some gold coins scattered on the
floor, along with a skeleton to loot. Also note the Iron deposit on the wall.
This is no good now, but useful later once you've learned Prospecting.
Continue along the passageway, and you'll come out at the other cave entrance
along the path, not far from the house. Return there now.
Use the water barrel to heal again, if you've been hurt, then check inside the
house. If you go in from the back, you find the bedroom. Take any item you find
especially look carefully on the left side of the bed to find a key. Go to the
next room to find a chest. With the key, you can open it. Inside you find some
items, and a frying pan. Now you can cook the meat you've collected.
Go outside and talk to Sara. She'll ask you to cook her some meat. (If you
haven't opened the chest yet, or found the key, you get some different
dialogue) Head to the nearby fire (There is some more raw meat to the side of
the house near the fire), and use it. You get a cooking list. Choose the raw
meat and cook 1 piece, don't cook the rest (You'll need it raw for later). Feel
free to cook any fish or chicken you've picked up though. Now give the fried
meat to Sara.

Chapter One
Once you've given the meat to Sara, your next quest is to head inland. But
first check out the areas around the house to the south for some herbs, a chest
but avoid fighting the wolf (Not because it's dangerous, but because now we
want to maximise gains, and it's better to kill animals when you can skin/gut
I'd then suggest using the bed in the house to sleep until the next morning.
Next morning, head out the path to the north, that zig zags up a hill. You'll
have to kill some more animals along the way, but these are unavoidable. Pick
up every item and herb you find along the way. Eventually you'll see a small
ruin ahead of you, with some moths fluttering about near it. Hug the right hand
wall up the small slope, and you'll find a gravestone. Pick up the items there,
and equip the shield. Finally, you can properly block all enemies with the B
Head back the way you came and skirt around the ruins to the left. We don't
want to go in or fight the moths just yet, but kill the Stingrat to the left if
it attacks. Carry on up the hill, and you'll come to another abandoned house.
To  the left of it is another water barrel if you've been hurt. Then head
inside the house.
After a small scene, you're tasked with finding a better weapon. You can do
this in the house. Look around the first room and you'll find a cupboard.
Search it to find a key. Also search the smaller room for a few gold on the
floor as well as a healing potion. Then head upstairs, grab the items on the
bench, then open the chest. Bingo, a better weapon, and your first map. Check
it with the down direction arrow. Not exactly great is it. But it'll do for now
Equip your new sword and head back outside. Talk to Jan and tell him about Sara
** If you are absolutely desperate to become a Warrior of the Order right now,
and don't want to wait for later, ask Jan to show you to Harbour Town. Follow
him, then run down the path, past the farm, and across the walkway over the
lake. You can stop to pick herbs, but try not to get close to any animals so
you don't get attacked. Following the path, take the left fork that's
signposted 'Volcano Keep'. Pass the man (Stan) on the path, and follow it up,
again avoiding the moths in the area. Cross the farm field to the left and a
man called Severin will beat the snot out of you. Let him. You'll be knocked
out and when you wake up will be in the Monastery. You have no choice to become
a mage because you were brought here by a guard, and you can't leave. Your only
choice now is to join the Order, and skip ahead to the Chapter 1: Monastery

Otherwise, ask Jan to take you to his camp, then follow him. He shows you some
ruins guarded by the Order first, then to the edge of the swamp. Go the way he
tells you to, into the swamp. You might be attacked by Stingrats here, don't
worry if you are, just kill them and follow the walkway. You'll find a hunter
called Doug by a fire (and a nearby water barrel, so heal if you need to). Talk
to Doug, and agree to help him hunt the nearby worm. Follow him and help him
fight. With two of you, it shouldn't be too difficult, just wait for it to
focus attacks on Doug, then 3 combo it and back away. Rinse and repeat till
it's dead.
Talk to Doug again, then use all conversation options. He'll give you some meat
to take to camp. Go back to the walkway where you met Doug, then follow it
along further into the swamp.

Ch 1: The Don's Camp
Right, now we're going to get some serious questing done, for exp and cash. 
Don't worry about helping the bandits if you're wanting to join the Order or 
Mages later on. These quests won't tie you to the bandit faction.
First things first, you want to talk to the man named Sam. He's cutting wood to
the right. You can talk to Ricardo or Domingo if you like, but the pair of them
are pretty rude. Talk to Sam about woodcutting, and when the conversation ends,
head round the building and talk to Brogar. He's also pretty rude, and tells
you to get him some meat. Head across the ditch and up the slope to find the
smith and a cauldron. Find Rachel and talk to her. Exhaust all options. If she
ends the conversation with you, talk to her again. Eventually you'll have a lot
of quests from her, as well as handing over the meat she needs (You should have
enough by this point unless you've ignored what I said earlier and have been
cooking what you found). Now talk to Oscar the Smith and exhaust all options
with him. You should end up with a quest to find five sword pieces. Sell him
all the spare weapons you've picked up. You should now have around 200 gold.
Time to earn some serious money. Go down the ramp and find the fighter called
Craig (He has red hair and moves about a bit). Exhaust all conversation options
to discover he has a piece of the sword. Don't buy it off him though. Talk to
him about the arena, and agree to fight in it, then choose to make a bet. Say
you'll fight Ricardo. Now, save, unequip your weapon (That's right) and
go talk to Ricardo and challenge him to a fight, then follow him to the arena.
Fight him according to the tips I've given. You'll be fighting with fists
though (Remember to 'draw' them with the left bumper)
The reason for this is that fists are extremely fast, and you should be able to
interrupt any attack he makes against you. Just be aware of his dodging, and 
dodge yourself if need be (with the x button and leftstick back or sideways).
If you don't want to fight with fists, then please feel free to fight with a
weapon. I've just generally found I can end the fights faster and with less
damage when I use fists.
If he beats you, reload and try the fight again until you beat him.
Once he's knocked down, use Left bumper to put your fists away and pick up the
weapon he dropped, then loot him. You are now the proud owner of a crossbow.
Talk to Ricardo again if you want to gloat, then go back to Craig to collect
your winnings. (Use the water barrel to heal)Wow, 10 gold richer. Now, bet 
you'll beat Lorenzo.
Save and talk to Lorenzo. He's even ruder than anyone else. Don't exhaust 
conversation options with him, just challenge him direct to a fight. Follow him
to the arena, and fight him, again with fists. He's a little tougher than 
Ricardo. As before, once he's knocked out, pick up the weapon he dropped and 
loot him. Again, talk if you want to gloat, then go collect your winnings from 
Craig. Bet against Domingo.
Now, before you can fight Domingo, you need to look around the camp and try to
find a beer to pick up. Don't pick them up from inside buildings, these are
'owned' items and picking them up will be flagged as stealing. Best bet is to
go back to where Rachel is, then further towards the temple. Turn left before
the guard and there should be a beer on some crates. Head back, talking to 
Beppo and agreeing to get his crates delivered, then head back to the camp
entrance and talk to Domingo. He won't fight you until you give him a beer.
Once you do, head to the arena, and fight him as the others. He's the toughest
yet, especially as he has a shield and will block, but keep up the pressure
with swift combos and you should win. Pick up his shield, weapon and loot him.
Now you have an upgraded shield to equip.
Head back to Craig and collect your winnings, then mention that Craig himself
would be a good fight. Bet against him, then follow him to the arena. Knock him
out the same as all the others, then pick up weapon and loot him. Your first
piece of the golden sword, and a shortbow. Talk to Craig and he'll refuse to
hand over your winnings, claiming the goods you stole cover them. Nothing you
can do about this, but it's not a problem. Now, exhaust all conversation
with Craig, then bet against Brogar. It's time to take the Big Fish down a peg.
Save, then talk to Brogar. Give him his meat, then challenge him to an arena
fight. You eventually have to persuade him by stating you've beaten all his
best fighters already. He'll agree to the fight. Follow him to the arena.
Brogar is tough, but by now you should be used to the arena fights, and should
be able to defeat him. As always, grab his dropped weapon and shield, then loot
him. Your second pice of the sword.
Talk to him once he wakes up, and mention 'While you were out cold' and ask for
proper work. Exhaust all options apart from 'Get your own meat'. Choose that
and he sics all his fighters on you, they'll attack when you go near them (They 
won't kill you, but multiple enemies are a lot tougher to fight than one on one
in the arena). Re-equip your weapon, and head up the slope to the side of the 
arena. You'll find a worker named Branon there. Talk to him and agree to his
request. Now head back to the camp (healing at the barrel if you need to, you
probably do, Brogar is a nasty fight). Talk to Ricardo again if you haven't had
his quest to kill the disgusting bugs, then go collect your winnings from Craig.
Now sell your spare weapons and shields to Oscar. You should now have over 500
On your way back down the ramp, check the buildings by the fire. The one with
bathtub doesn't seem to be owned by anyone. You can safely loot the chest for a
+1 Crossbow ring and some other items. This bed is also available for use if it
starts to get dark while you're adventuring around here. Now head out to talk
to Sam again. Exhaust all conversation options, and get him to train you in
hunting. Learn the Gut Animals skill, then exit. Go back along the walkway to
find Doug (If he's not at the fire and barrel, he'll be where you killed the
worm), and trade with him. Buy the Jaw Chisel and Wing Shears from him.
Head back to the camp, and to the fire where Lorenzo and Craig hang out. Walk
round the right-hand building to find Hawkins. Talk to him and tell him you'll
get his workers back to work. Now continue around the building to find another
fire with some people around it. Unequip your weapon and talk to Clay, who is
lying down by the fire. Threaten him into going to work, and he'll try to fight
you. Beat him down just like the others in the arena. It may be a bit more
difficult as there are no walls to back him into, but you should have no bother
he's not as tough as Domingo or Brogar. Once he's beaten, talk again and he'll
head off to work. Re-equip your weapon. Look around the area, but don't talk to
Dwight yet. First of all pick up everything, which should net your a shovel and
pickaxe at the very least. The chest is safe to loot, as is the nearby beer.
Now look at the ground. You should see a patch of dirt that's different to the
rest. This signifies buried treasure. Look at it and use the A button. Nothing
will highlight, but keep pressing until an animation starts. You'll dig up a
chest. Loot it.
Now, head back to where Hawkins is, and look across the swamp. You should see
some fluttering moths. Time to go kill them. This may be your first multi enemy
fight, and they tend to be very difficult, so save beforehand. Just try to keep
all your enemies in front of you. If you get them clustered together, you can
hit more than one during a combo, but don't worry if you don't get the optimum
positioning. If you find the fight too hard, back up a little and the people in
the camp will help you, but unless you land the killing blow, you don't get exp
for the kill (It still counts as a kill for the quest though). Once all are
dead check the island for items. There are two chests, some tools, and a buried
treasure. Kill the little nautilus creaturs here. They're harmless, but they
drop a shell you can either sell or use for scroll ingredients. Be careful of
the nearby Bog Body. Lure it to the island to fight if you're confident, or 
avoid if your hits are low after fighting the bugs. Bog Bodies tend to block a 
lot, but as always, swift 3 hit combos should take it down. After looting, you
should have your third sword piece, a useless amulet (Which isn't so useless)
and a ring of Axe Fighting +1.
Now, check your inventory. You need to have at least 3 beers (Which you should
have by now). Head across to the next island you can see that has a fire
burning on it. Some more tools to loot, a chest and a buried treasure. (If
you're low on hit points, remember to head back to the camp to heal with the
water barrel, then come back.) Be careful here as there is a pack of stingrats
nearby, as well as a rotworm. Fight these as and when you want to, retreating
to camp to heal if needed. Now look around for another island with a fire and a
man on it. Time to meet the local drunk, Luis.
Talk with Luis, eventually you have to bribe him with beer. Ask about sword
pieces and he reveals he has one. Offer to buy it, and he'll haggle you up to
two beers. Pay him, now you have 4 pieces of the sword. If you don't have
enough beer, there should be another one on some barrels down the path behind
Now, explore the swamp killing anything you come across. Do not enter the cave 
yet. Along the southeast edge of the swamp you should find another worker round
a fire, Enrico. He's a bit strange, but with the help of the useless amulet,
you can persuade him to return to work. Now clear the rest of the swamp, once
done head back to camp.
Go to where you fought Clay, then up the nearby slope, then follow the path to
the right. You should meet Phil on his way down. You can talk to him here, or
later on (He'll be at the fire where Clay was). Further up, you'll find a farm
with some paddy fields (You might get too close to a pack of wolves and have to
fight them. Clay will help if you lure them close to him). Talk to the farmhand
Odel and buy all the weed he has. Then clear the fields of all enemies. Be very
careful when dealing with the Bog Bodies, they're very tough and will likely
come at you in multiples. Luring them back towards Clay is a very good idea.
Once the fields are cleared, and you have all the weed you've seen, go and talk
with Rhombart. Agree to his errand of beer delivery, and also get the quest to
collect brugleweed, then cash in any you have on you. Finally, I would advise
learning Alchemy 1 from him, unless you really don't want to learn Alchemy. But
I would advise it as a skill for everybody. It's reasonably cheap (15 LP) and
extremely useful.
Now head back down to the main camp. Talk to Phil if you haven't already, to
receive a reward, then deliver the beer to Rachel, and tell her everything you
know. Then go to Ricardo and tell him about the bugs being dead, and exhaust
all other conversation aside from training. Head back to Branon up behind the
arena and talk to him. He'll head back to work.
Now for the most dangerous fighting you've done so far. Remember the cave in
the swamp? That's our next destination. But first take the time to get some
training at the camp, if you want to. Craig teaches Strength and Sword Fighting
Phil  trains Sneak, Pickpocket and Open Lock, Sam trains Dexterity, Bow and
Sneak, Domingo trains Strength and Axe Fighting, and Ricardo trains Crossbow.
Better Weapon skills and stats (Str for melee fighters, Dex for archers) can be
useful in the next difficult fights, but are not necessary. With better stats
you can even upgrade your weapons at the traders (Oscar and Doug), but again
it's not necessary, just makes things a bit easier.
Once you're set, head for the swamp cave. Save and head inside (When I say save
I'm not just saying only save when I say. You should be regularly saving anyway,
these are just points at which it's very advisable to make sure you have a 
recent save point). There are a *lot* of moths inside, and if you aren't
careful they can swarm you. You want to carefully use your missile weapon to
pull them in smaller groups through the cave entrance, and fight them in the
narrow  entryway. Then heal up, and try pulling the next group. it can be
difficult and frustrating work, but keep at it. If you're finding it too hard,
don't be afraid to run away, and try to draw them towards either the camp or
Luis' island, so you get help.
Once all the moths are dead, you can explore the cave. I'd advise using some
light source for this, preferably a torch. Be careful of the drop, and *do not*
go down it, there's no way back up and you'll have to fight through lots of 
wolves...you're not really experiences enough for that yet. Note the many ore
deposits in here for later. You should find Dorgan's body in here. Loot him of
his goods, and you'll get the final piece of the sword, as well as a suspicious
list. Don't go down the passageway. There's a ghoul down there and it's s bit
too tough for you right now. Time to go back to camp. 
Back at camp go and talk to Rachel, and show her the list, then do the same
with Sam. Finally, head to Brogar and tell him about Clay and Dorgan. You can
tell him what you like about what you found on the body, I generally go with
saying I didn't search it. Brogar should now ask you to go collect Protection
money for him. Talk to him and exhaust all options (Leaving 'get your own meat'
Now go talk to Sam and Rachel again, and they'll advise going along with the
job and collecting the money.
Now we go talk to Oscar. Here we have a few options. Hand him the sword pieces
and he'll reforge the blade. He'll then show it to you, then ask for it back.
If you refuse to return it, you get the gold blade (A 30 damage sword that
needs 30 strength to wield) but Oscar will never deal with you again, even if
you cast 'Tell Joke' on him. Return it to him and Oscar will continue to trade
with you.
He will even train you in Strength and Smithing. The thing is, you *need* the
sword to be able to get in to see the Don. You can now either buy it from Oscar
for 200 gold, or (if you have learned Pickpocket 2), you can steal it from him.
Now take the protection money from him (It's probably best to do this before
reforging the sword if you intend not returning it to Oscar). Taking the money
doesn't seem to affect Oscar's attitude to you, even if the dialogue suggests
it will.
Now go to Beppo and ask for protection money. Seems Beppo doesn't pay, but he's
not surprised at the scheme. You get some exp for telling him about it. Head up
to the swamp farm and get the money from Odel and Rhombart (If you've not
killed the bog bodies, Rhombart won't pay until you have). Then head down to
where Phil is at the fireside, and talk to Dwight. Get him to pay his money,
then  tell him to get back to work. When he asks 'Says who?' , say you're
telling him, and he'll get back to work. Now go to Hawkins and collect his
money, then inform him about all his worker being back to work. If you really
want, buy the workers clothing from him, but it's a bit of a rip-off, and
really only necessary if you're sick of looking at your character in castaway
rags (You can buy some  other armour in a short while for only 200 gold in
Harbour town. It isn't as good as the Workers clothes, and doesn't look as nice
Next, do a circuit of the people out in the swamp, Luis, Enrico, Branon and
Doug collecting their protection money. That should now be everyone. Return to
talk  to Brogar, and inform him you're keeping the money. He'll threaten you,
but  since you've beaten him already, he's all talk and no action, and will
Next, go talk to Rachel again, tell her everything, back to Brogar, threaten
to tell the Don and he folds, then back to Rachel to finish it off. Finally, if
you mention to Rachel you need a place to sleep, she gives you Brogar's hut. Go
and evict him, then take everything from the hut, as it's now yours.
Finally, back to Rachel, tell her about the sword, and she'll give you
permission to go into the temple and talk to the Don.

Head to the temple, talking to Beppo on the way to gain the reward for getting
the crates delivered again, then go inside. Go near the Don and he'll start a
conversation. When he gets to the part about why he should employ you, act a
bit cocky, saying that the Don should be begging you for help. He'll laugh and
offer you some work to head into Harbour town to get a report from his men
Don't worry if you're wanting to join the Order or Mages, even though you're
working for the Don, you haven't joined his gang yet. If you intend using swords
you don't have to hand the golden sword to the Don yet. Keep hold of it until
you get a better weapon. If you're not going to use swords, hand it over for a 
nice cash reward.
Next, have a look around the temple, reading the bookstands. Don't jump up the 
ramp next to the Waterpipe. It leads further into the temple and there are a 
couple of ghouls down there.
Talk to Cormac, and I'd advise learning Alchemy 3 from him if you can, and if 
you have the cash, maybe buy some recipes from him for the weaker potions (and
make some using the alchemy table if you have enough ingredients. I'd not make
any healing ones though, not yet. You want to keep hold of those plants for now)

Finally, if you're intending to join the Don's men, go and talk to Fincher.
He'll give a quest to go attack the nearby ruins held by the Order. Choose to
lead it yourself. Go outside and talk to all the named fighters (except Brogar),
and they'll follow you. Now head to the Ruin that Jan showed you way back when
he first showed you to the camp, and you'll have a huge fight with the Order 
forces there. Once it's cleared, talk to one of your fighters to send them home
then go back to talk to Fincher. Say Hawkins will collect the crates, then go
tell him to do it (I couldn't find any way of completing the quest if I said I'd
collect the crates personally. You can't carry anything).

From now on, you can freely kill most animals you see. The exceptions are Boars
(Though I'd advise killing at least 3-4 for some skins) and Stingrats. Try to
leave these animals around if you can. You'll be picking up the tools to
gut/skin them in Harbour Town.

Next, head back down to the house where Jan is, then down the hillside towards 
where you left Sara, back at the beginning of the game. Stop at the ruins on
the way, kill off the Grave Moths and go inside. Let yourself fall into the
trapdoor in the first room, kill the last Grave Moth, loot the chest and use
the lever on the wall to open the gate so you can leave the ruins. Head back to
the house where Sara is, tell her help is on the way, go round the back and
kill the wolf you left there before, and finally head back to Jan's house.
Ask him to show you the way to Harbour City, and follow him. He'll show you to
the Novice's Farm. Head down to the farm and introduce yourselves.

Ch 1: The Novice's Farm
Talk to the farm leader, Tristran, and offer to help out. Now go talk to Thomas
He needs help collecting grain, so do it for him. You need 10 grains, and they 
are all in his small field, so it's not difficult. Next, talk to Tellur, but
he's a hard worker and needs no help. Finally, find Henson and agree to kill
the nearby wolves for him. Head behind the farm to find a cave. Enter and kill 
hungry wolves until you've completed the quest. Search the cave for a chest,
but don't leave through the other larger exit. Head back the way you came, to
find Henson waiting for you. Seems a Warrior of the Order has turned up, and
will  arrest you if he sees you. Follow Henson's advice and hug to the left
returning to the barn, then head inside and sleep (You are safe to loot the
chest and items in here). When you awake, the Warrior has gone, and you can
talk to Henson about the dead wolves. Now talk to Tristran again, then go ask
Tellur to guide you to Harbour City. 
Keep following Tellur, asking him to continue when he stops, making notes of
where he says certain paths lead, until he says he can no longer
continue. Head down the narrow path he left you at, between the cliffs, and
follow the right hand wall. There are a couple of fights, but they should be no
problem to you at this point. Finally you will reach a gate. To the right of it
are a few scattered coins and items, take them, then go and talk to the guard, 
Leto. After some talk, he'll agree to let you into the town for a bribe of 100
gold, though he's willing to take it in trade goods. Once inside, you won't be
able to leave again though (But that's alright, we'll find a way). Pay the man
and enter...

Ch 1: Harbour City
Welcome to the area of the game where you truly decide which faction you're
going to join.
Many quests in the city have two resolutions, labelled (For the Order) and
(For the Don). Completing four of these quests for one side ties you into that
faction for the rest of the game. So be prepared to pick soon whether you want
to join the Don's Bandits, or the Order. With the Order, you'll get a further
choice later on as to whether you join as a Warrior, or as a Mage. You *must*
complete a certain quest in the city to be given the Mage choice (But it isn't
at all hard). Trying to remain neutral isn't really possible.You have to pick a
side to properly leave the town (You can jump the wall, but you get stuck with 
no story progression until you go back to town and pick a side, or go to the
monastery and get press-ganged into being a Warrior). I wouldn't recommend
playing both sides against the middle. Pick a faction and stick with it, doing
all the quests on their side. Doing all quests for a faction gives them control
of the town later on.

Take a look around once you're in the city. Pay attention to the guards, a few
rooms round here are prohibited, and they'll tell you to get out. It's not 
worth tangling with them. You can freely take the milk and open the chest by
the cows. Heading further down, you'll meet Arno, a down on his luck farmer who
has been forced to resort to begging. It's up to you if you're charitable, but
I usually give him some gold, then receive a quest to collect some healing from
Master Belschwur.

The next person you will find is Delgado, the first of the Don's men you meet.
Talk to him, and accept his quest (Don't worry, accepting a quest won't tie you
to a faction, only choosing a conversation line that says (For the ...) will do
that. Once you've spoken to Delgado, carry on into town. You'll be hailed by a
Warrior of the Order, Sebastien. Talk with him, agree to his quest, don't be
afraid to tell him what Delgado's plans are. Agree to help him again. Seems
he wants you to do the same quest as Delgado.
Head down the steps straight ahead, and turn right to see a man, Fuller,
probably working a whetstone. You can safely open the nearby chest. Talk to
Fuller, and  goad him into a fight. Beat him the same way you beat the Bandit
Fighters in the arena, he's not very tough. Now heal up if you need (You'll
have to do it yourself, there is no nearby barrel, best to use fried meat or
chicken). Now go and talk to Costa. Threaten him about the money, and he'll
call for Fuller, but Fuller won't answer, having been beaten. Keep threatening
and Costa will attack.
Beat him as usual. He's nowhere near as tough as anyone you've fought so far.
Loot his unconscious body to get a purse. Now make your choice. Take the purse
to Delgado to pick the Don's men, to Sebastien to choose the Order.
If you pick Delgado, he'll now offer to teach pickpocketing as well as giving
you a further 'shakedown' quest. Choose Sebastien, and he'll give you a further
quest to run Delgado out of town (You finish this by going to talk to Delgado)

Now, head back to Costa. Talk to him, and he'll forgive you due to the prospect 
of you spending money at his store. If you see anything you want, buy it. Costa
sells a suit of armour 'Officers Clothes' for 200 gold. It's not necessary
though unless you're really sick of wearing castaway rags. Now head behind the
stairs of Costa's shop, behind Fuller, and there's a chest you can safely open
for a boar skin (You're going to need 5 soon)

Carry on along the street for now until you get bothered by a chatty fishmonger
Talk to him, and agree to find someone to buy the stall from him. Now head
right up some stairs, and follow the street. There will be a man called Finn
sitting on a bench. Head up the stairs next to him to a room. Here is a chest
(with a wolfskin) a second boarskin, and a bed that's safe to sleep in (If you
need to)
Now head back down and towards the cauldron in the street.

Somewhere near the cauldron you should find Master Belschwur. Talk to him, and
he'll give you a quest to deliver healing potions. **This is the quest you need
to complete if you want to become a Mage** He'll give you a list of people to 
take the potions to, read if you want, but I'll be guiding you to them.

Talk to Flavio, who will be either at his nearby store, or hanging around the 
cauldron. He should offer a quest to exchange 5 wolf and 5 boarskins for meat
at the Butchers. Accept. Also, trade with him and buy the Sting Breaker and
Jaw Tongs (allowing you to fully loot stingrats and boars). You can now talk to
Pavel about skins if you like, but he's not hugely helpful.

Now head up the nearby stairs, past Hugh and into the building. Here you
will find Cole. Talk to him, and give him a potion. He'll give you a wolfskin. 
The chest in here can be safely opened once Cole has left, but you 
need Open Locks to be able to do it. Head back outside, to the cauldron, then 
down the nearby stairs. The building on the left is Josh's tavern. Talk to Josh
and give him a healing potion. (If you helped Delgado, you can try and collect
protection money. You'll get a choice of 100 gold or free beer and tip-offs, up
to you which you choose). Talk to Dirk for a quest, then buy the artifact from

Now head back to the cauldron, then return towards the fishmonger. Stop to talk
to Finn on the way and give him a healing potion. Now head left, back to Costa,
and talk to Elias across the street. Give him a healing potion. Then return to
Arno and his sick wife, and give him a potion. Agree to find shelter for them.
Return to Costa, and purchase a room for Arno and Martha (costs 30 gold).
Return to Arno, tell him, then talk to his wife for a cooking recipe.

Now, all the way back to Belschwur, to receive rewards for the potions and
finding Martha a bed. **With Belschwur's recommendation, you will be able to
choose to become a Mage when you go to the Monastery later** The next time you
get near a Warrior of the Order, they will tell you the Commandant wants to see

Now, back to the reluctant Fishmonger, down the stairs, and into the building
on the left. Talk to Nelson, the map-maker, and ask him to draw a map of the 
island for you (It won't be ready until you have a proper way of leaving the
town). Head outside again, and talk to Cid, who will give you a quest.

Now head down the stairs and turn right. Go along the street to find Rodriguez
and talk to him, ask him about his plans. He'll tell you to find out about the
recent burglaries. After exhausting all conversation, head past him to the
small building on the right. Inside you find Baxter. Question him about the
robbery to get the names of three suspects. Also, if you killed at least 3
boars on the way to the town, you should now have enough skins to trade for

Now, head back to Nelson the map-makers. Question him about the robbery. 3 more
names, 2 of which match Baxter's statement. Now head over the street to tell
Cid about Rodriguez's plans. Then find Kayleigh (She should be somewhere close)
Notice she mentions a ring. That's the stolen ring from Nelson. if you have the
pickpocket skill (level one is enough), you can steal it from her. If not, you
can ask her what she wants in exchange. She asks for a string of pearls. By
this she means a Pearl Necklace. If following this walkthrough and my tips to
loot everything you see, you should already have one. Make the trade, then go
back to Nelson and give him the ring. He gives it back to you as a reward. It's
a +1 Acrobatics ring. Very useful if you don't want to learn the actual skill

Now, go all the way back to Flavio's, handing the meat over to Belschwur on the
way. Get the reward from Flavio for the delivery, then ask about the robbery.
You should now have 1 name in common with all 3 robberies.

The spy is currently sleeping in the room over Costa's store, so let's go pay
him a visit. Under pressure, he'll crack and admit his crimes. Now you choose
which way to go with the quest, For the Don, or For the Order. Siding with the
Don means the spy has to disappear. You can kill him if you want, but letting
him go has no further consequences. Now go and talk to either Cid or Rodriguez,
then go talk to the other one to finish this quest.

**If you sided with the Don, Cid will now train you in Open Locks and Sneak. He
also offers a further quest, shakedown the butcher. Head to the butchers, which
is the building Rodriguez is guarding, and talk to Dargal. After threats, he'll
attack you. Once beaten, he still refuses to pay, and you get the ominous
message about the quest cancelled. Don't worry. Go back to Cid, and he has an
alternate plan. However, to complete the next bit you need to learn Open Locks,
and Sneak is pretty important too, unles you are very, very fast. Once you have
these skills, go back to the butchers and hug the wall by the bottom of the
stairs, then sneak (by clicking the left analogue button). Sneak (or run)
upstairs, turn back on yourself, and the chest is in the lefthand corner. Pick
it and loot, then return to Cid to complete this quest**

Now, head past Rodriguez and into the fancy looking house ahead of you. This is
the local brothel. Talk to Sonja behind the desk (don't pay for information)
and find out about the trouble she's been having. Now head to the left and into
a room with 2 bathtubs. Talk to Gwen in here, and say you'll help her out. Head
back into the main room, and talk to the troublemaker, Erikson. Threaten him
and he'll attack. Once beaten and looted, threaten him again and he'll leave.
You've also acquired an interesting key from him. Now talk to Gwen again, then

**If you want some extra experience and a tell joke scroll, give Sonja 50 gold
for a 'recommendation', then talk to Olga. You'll get 100 exp and the scroll.
And no, you don't get to see any cinematic or cutscene, or even any naughty
noises. The screen just goes black, then you're in a conversation with Olga. 
It's interesting to note that this is one of the reasons Risen got banned in
Australia...you get rewarded for sleeping with a prostitute**

Head back past Rodriguez, but instead of going up the stairs to where Cid is,
turn right and follow the quay. Keep going until you see Lukor on your left.
Talk to him, follow where he goes and talk again. A new quest, plus some names
of  people to get the items from. If you're intending to side with the Don,
make sure you haggle Lukor up to 400 gold. Go back to where you first met Lukor
and talk to Carascos at the warehouse door for the other side of the quest. Now
find Duram, who will be nearby. He won't give you the armour plates you need,
and  doesn't have them on him. You have three choices, pay him 200 gold, attack
him and loot the key from him (but make sure you do this in an area no-one else
is, or you'll face multiple opponents and very likely get KO'd. You won't be 
arrested, but someone will steal from you), or pickpocket the key from
him (Rank 1 is enough).

Carry on round the quay past the ship, talking to Sergio along the way to
receive another quest. At the end of the quay you'll reach a gaol, where
Captain Romanov is being held. In order to talk to him you can either
pickpocket the key from the guard (Rank 1 is enough), take a chance on beating
him up, or get him a 'companion' from Madame Sonja's (Go to the brothel, pay 50
gold, come back to the cell, talking to Anika on the way, she's usually on a
bench near Carascos)
**Another of the reasons Australia banned Risen... more rewards for using

Once inside, talk to Romanov. Exhaust everything. He'll give you a quest and a
key. Leave and head back to where Lukor is now sitting. Now head up the nearby
ramp to where an ogre and possibly a Warrior are. Go up the stairs to the left
building. In here is Duram's chest. Open it with his key to get the first
armour pieces. Go back down the stairs. Now, run quickly into the door 
opposite the ogre, the one the guard might be in front of. You'll be chased.
Run up the stairs to the right, then out the ramp to the roof. The ogre and
guard will stop chasing you now. Follow the walkway into the warehouse, and
loot Romanov's chest. To get down, look below for another walkway, and drop off
Be  careful with further looting, unless you've been sneaking, Carascos could
spot you. Exit the warehouse. Now either return the casket (you can't open it)
to Romanov (For the Don) or to Sergio (For the Order).

Now, let's go talk to the Commandant. Head back towards the brothel, and take
steps to the right, and follow them all the way up to the guardhouse. After
being challenged at the gate, you'll be let in. Before talking to Carlos, go
inside the building and loot it throroughly (Make sure no-one can see you when
you take stuff). There's a ring and a bookstand in Carlos' room. Now go and
talk to him. Answer how you like.

Now leave, and take the archway on the right on the slope down. Stop and talk
to the woman sweeping, Tilda. You can get a quest from her to find her sons.
You've spoken to one already, Beppo, at the Don's camp. Now, go and try to
enter the fancy house with the guard, Hernandez. He'll stop you. On talking
accept his job, then turn around and go talk to Toni, who is sitting on a
nearby bench. Agree to his job. Now go back and tell Hernandez all about it. 
Hernandez will give you permission to enter the house. (If you're siding with
the Don and would prefer to do this like a proper thief, don't tell Hernandez
anything, and wait until night. Go round the left side back towards the brothel
and you can climb on the brothel roof. From there you can jump up into one of
the windows, and sneak about the fancy house. You will be attacked if spotted
inside though. It's much easier to tell Hernandez and have free run of the
house). Once inside, you can safely loot the place (as long as no-one can see
you, remember an NPC's field of vision is 180 degrees in front of them).
Upstairs you'll find Olf, the imprisoned treasure seeker. Talk to him, and
agree to help him get free. Do not pay for information on his golden bowl. Olf
is also the Prospecting trainer, so learn the skill from him if you wish (I'd
advise it, it's a good money maker). Now head back down to the ground floor,
and go into the room with the throne. On one wall is a green  mosaic style
picture of a tree. Move around in front of it trying to activate it.
You'll eventually get an animation of pressing a secret switch, and a door
opens in this room. Go into the secret room for the amulet and a bookstand. Now
either (For the Order - Hand the amulet to Hernandez, talk to Toni, then talk
to Hernandez again) or (For the Don - Hand the Amulet to Toni).
You should now have completed 4 quests for a faction. Next time you pass a
guard (For the Don) or a Warrior (For the Order), you'll get a summons to speak
to their leader (Carlos or Scordo). Don't worry about that for now.

Talk to Marcello. Agree to his task. Now look for the nearby weapon shop. To
the left is the forge, speak to the smith working there, Walter. He needs a
break, so then go into the shop and speak to Alvaro, the shopkeeper. He'll give
you a quest to hire servants. There are two of them, one is to the right of the
shop, near the town gate, the other is to the left of the shop, up on the
battlements. Once you've hired them both, go back and speak to Alvaro, then to
Walter again.

Head to the right of the fancy house. Here is the Alchemist's shop. Go inside
and talk to the shopkeep, Leonardo. He'll give you a quest to collect healing
plants. If you've followed my advice and have picked up every herb you've seen,
and haven't been eating them, you should have enough to finish the quest right
away. Now go outside and talk to Weasel, sitting on a bench opposite the shop.
Find out what he wants, then agree to help (Or go tell Marcello, who will just
tell you to go along with Weasel's plan). You now have to follow Garth. Stay
back from him, but keep him in sight. Eventually, as you near the butchers,
you'll be solicited by Lily, a prostitute. All the time she's speaking, Garth
is walking away, so it's best to skip her speech and quickly tell her you're
not interested (Use the B button to skip speech). Keep following Garth all the
Eventually, he meets with his contact near the Gutters Tavern. Go talk to him,
and a fight will break out. You'll have to fight Garth (Who is easy) and Cutter,
the town guard (Who is a bit tougher). By now you should be used to fighting
human opponents, so shouldn't have too much trouble. Try to take Garth down
Make sure to try and find the shield Cutter drops. It's a nice upgrade. Talk to
the pair to get the package, then quickly go into Josh's tavern and tell Dirk
to go to the meeting place.

Now, on the way back to Weasel/Marcello, stop at the bottom of the stairs
leading down to the harbour, and go into the busy building to the left. This is
Patty's Tavern. There are a few people we want to talk to in here. First, at
the table to the left as soon as you enter is Ingvar. You can either fight him
for his armour pieces (He walks out of the tavern, follow him for the fight),
or pick his pocket for it (Only Rank 1 needed).
Now, go through the same with Vasili. Again, you can either fight or pickpocket
to get his plates.
Next, talk to Nico. To talk to him again you need to give him some rum. If you
don't have any, you can buy some from Patty behind the bar. Nico is willing to
buy the fishmongers, but wants you to provide the gold he needs to do so by
buying a ring off him. Agree (It's a +3 Str ring. Bit of a rip-off, but it
shouldn't break your bank). Next talk to Dytar, the last triplet. To get his
bowl you either buy it for 150 gold, or you can pickpocket it (Rank 2 skill
required). Then tell him to go to the meeting place.
Finally talk to Patty. You should end up with a quest to get her out of town,
as well as information about the key you got from Erikson. Head back up towards
Costa's. On the left side of the street is a locked door, but the key fits it.
Search the house and chest, then go back to speak with Patty again. After this,
if you're still on good terms with Romanov, you can go tell him about what you
found. Hand the armour plates over to Lukor (For the Don) or Carascos (For the 
Order), then head back towards Weasel/Marcello.
On the way back you'll pass the lighthouse. Go down the steps behind it to the
lower floor. Behind a pillar by the barrels is a key. Take it. Now go outside
and up to the next floor of the lighthouse (Be careful of the hole in the
middle of the room). Loot the chest with the key, then look carefully around
the room, you will find a Telekinesis scroll. Now look up into the rafters of
the room,  there is a golden bowl. Use the telekinesis scroll to grab it. Now
you have all three bowls.
Go back to hand the drug package to Weasel (For the Don) or Marcello (For the
**If you sided with the Don and gave the drugs to Weasel, he gives you some
advice on getting more protection money. He asks you to gather information on
Alvaro and Konrad. Alvaro will pay up if you steal Marcello's staff from his
cellar. Walter will give you this information. Tilda tells you Konrad has a 
favourite cow. Return to Weasel, tell him this information, then act on it.
Sneak into Alvaro's cellar and steal the staff, then go to your original entry
to the town, and kill the named cow (You may have to fight the farmer). Sell
the staff back to Alvaro, and after speaking to Weasel again, sneak into
Konrad's room and leave the cow head in his bed (Nice nod to The Godfather

Time to finish up. If you've sided with the Order, go report back to Carlos,
tell him everything. He'll tell you to find the Don's top man in town. Then go
back to Carascos and hand over the bowls to him. Then head to the brothel. If
you sided with the Don, just head straight to the brothel. If you want to do
the next part legitimately, you need to buy information from Sonja. If not,
just head into the bathroom and find the picture that's exactly like the one
with the secret button in the Don's house. This one also has a secret button
that opens a door. Head down here to meet Scordo, the Don's top lieutenant in

Talk to Scordo, trade if you like. If you sided with the Don hand the golden
bowls to him. He'll also give you a quest to deliver a package to the Don, and
give you a key to the exit passage. If you sided with the Order, you'll have to
pickpocket (rank 2) or beat him up to get the key. Once you have the key, check
out all the passages and open all doors. One leads to a storeroom, another to
the secret room in the Don's house, the last to outside the town. Now head back
into town. Go back to Hernandez and get him to free Olf, then talk to Olf when 
he comes outside. (If you sided with the Order, go back to report to Carlos
again). Now go talk to Patty and tell her about the secret passage, then head
to to the bottom of the lighthouse where the triplets have gathered, and tell
them about it as well. Follow them to Scordo's storeroom, then tell Olf and
Patty that the passage is clear. 
If you sided with the Don's men, read on. If you sided with the Order, skip the
next section and begin reading at Ch1: Monastery (Order)

Ch 1: The Monastery (Bandit)
Follow Patty and the triplets outside to the beach. They'll sit down at a fire,
but have nothing more to say to you for now. Search the area. **If you want an
achievement, keep walking out to the tidal shelf on the shore. A HUGE worm will
attack you each time you do this, but won't kill you, just deposit you back on
the beach. Do this 10 times to earn the 'Fervent Swimmer' achievement**
 Follow the path northwards inland, but avoid the gate into town. Eventually,
you reach the crossroads Tellur showed you earlier. Go back to the Novice's
farm, and from there return to the Don's Camp. Head in to report back to the
Don and hand over the package. Congratulations, you'll be promoted to Hunter.
You can now buy some nice Hunter's Armour from the Don, but it'll cost you 1000
Next, the Don will appoint you his negotiator to the Inquisitor, and tell you
to head to the Monastery to talk with him. So head out. If you like, talk to
the people in the camp to show off your new status (And tell Beppo his mother
misses him), before heading back to the crossroads north of where you came out
of town.
Now head north, past a guard (Stan), and follow the road until you see a farm.
(If you want to check out the ruin near the guard, once you've entered the
lower room, turn back to the entrance. On the left side of the entrance is a
ring set in the wall. Activate this ring and you'll pull a secret switch that
disables the spike trap. Now use a ranged weapon to shoot the switch above the
portcullis, and kill the war cricket in there. You can now loot a ring and a
Head across and talk to the leader of the farm there, Severin.
He'll give you a quest to kill some gnomes to the north. Go back to the road
and follow it, the gnomes are on the next level up the hill, to your left. Kill
them and return to Severin. He may try to give you another quest to check on
You probably led the Don's men to Rudolph's camp and killed him, so don't worry
about this one. Check behind the barn for a dig spot.  Carry on up the road to
the top.

A novice named Bryn is having trouble here. He's hearing noisy monsters, so
agree to sort them out for him. Head back down a level, and kill the gnomes
that are around a campfire, then report back to Bryn. Finally, head to the
Monastery doors and get let in by the guard.

Inside, after talking with Master Pallus, head to the main courtyard. Talk to
people if you like, beforeheading down the passage just to the right of the
smith with a guard Yoki at the end. Bribe him to get access to the cemetary (2
rolls of brugle does the trick, or you could try gold). Once in the cemetary,
check the far left corner for a dig spot, then head into the crypt and
thoroughly loot it.
You'll end up with a book 'Wisdom in Combat' Head back out to the training yard

Head down the passage behind Master Vitus, and turn right round the corner of
the building to the pig sty. Once no-one is looking, feel free to beat up
Dalman for his wine cellar key. Then head back round the building and up the
steps to where Vince is. After he lets you through, enter the building to your
left and read the two bookstands, then go and talk to Master Illumar. He agrees
to teach you Create Scroll once you get writing materials.
If you want the learn the skill, talk to Erlan, and he suggests
talking to Caspar. Caspar is back down in the lower area. Turn right as you
reach the bottom of the stairs, then left past some chambers. Caspar will sell
you parchment, but wants a bone and 6 wings for a quill. If you don't have
those items on you follow his advice on finding some in the monastery.

Once you have the quill, check out the nearby wine cellar and clear it out,
then head back to Master Illumar and learn the Create Scroll skill. He gives
you a  rune to write Light scrolls. You can buy other ones from him, or Master
Cyrus. The rest you have to find while adventuring.

Cross over to the other building to talk to Master Cyrus. You can steal the
storeroom keys from the bookstand if you're careful, then head down stairs 
and loot it.
Trade with Master Cyrus if you want, but he doesn't have much of use to a

Leave the building, turn right and you'll be hailed by Master Ignatius. During 
the conversation, you should get permission to leave again. For now, ignore the
impressive looking building and turn left, heading down some steps and past
more chambers, entering a small library straight ahead. Talk to the named
Warrior in here and give him the book, then go to the end of the room and
activate the ring on the right wall of the archway to open it. Follow the
passage down to the library proper.

The following steps will take you through the library to loot it as much as you
can, for now. (Remember to loot each area before moving on). Ignore the door on
your left in the passage and go straight ahead. Head to the left, then right to
open a door. Enter this room and drop through the hole (or use the levitate
ball, levitation is quite fun). Go through the door in the lower room, and use
the  Open Lock ball to open the door. Use the crystal ball again, and head back
to the beginning of the main library, and use your readied spell to open the 
impossible locked door. Go through the door opposite the levitation room, and
use the telekinesis ball to press the switch above the door. Then use a
Nautilus scroll to go through the small gap on the opposite side of the room.
Use the Nautilus ball in here to go back through the gap, then return to the
previously impossibly locked room, and go through the gap there. Go from this
room to the  next, where Master Abrax is, use the lever, and exit back to the

Now return to where Master Ignatius is, and go into the impressive building. 
After talking with Inquisitor Mendoza, follow him to end up in front of a
magical gateway. Mendoza will task you with recovering some crystal discs, and
give you your first teleport stone. You will now move on to Chapter 2.

** If you're wanting another achievement, the Monastery is a good place to get
the 'Idiot' one. Simply find one of the open ledges with the huge drop below,
save, and jump off to your death. Reload, and repeat 10 times**

Ch 1: The Monastery (Order)
Go back to the secret tunnel and head outside to the beach. Patty and the 
triplets are here, but have nothing new to say to you right now. Search the
**If you want an achievement, keep walking out to the tidal shelf on the shore.
A HUGE worm will attack you each time you do this, but won't kill you, just
deposit you back on the beach. Do this 10 times to earn the 'Fervent Swimmer'

Follow the path northwards inland. Eventually, you reach the crossroads Tellur
showed you earlier.
Now head north, past Stan, and follow the road until you see a farm. (If you
want to check out the ruin near the guard, once you've entered the lower room,
turn back to the entrance. On the left side of the entrance is a ring set in
the wall. Activate this ring and you'll pull a secret switch that disables the
spike trap. Now use a ranged weapon to shoot the switch above the portcullis,
and kill the war cricket in there. You can now loot a ring and a chest)
Head across and talk to the leader of the farm there, Severin.
He'll give you a quest to kill some gnomes to the north. Go back to the road
and follow it, the gnomes are on the next level up the hill, to your left. Kill
them and return to Severin. He may try to give you another quest to check on
Rudolph. We'll get back to this one later. Check behind the barn for a dig spot
Carry on up the road to the top.

A novice named Bryn is having trouble here. He's hearing noisy monsters, so
agree to sort them out for him. Head back down a level, and kill the gnomes
that are around a campfire, then report back to Bryn. Finally, head to the
Monastery doors and get let in by the guard.

Master Pallus will automatically assume you're a pressganged criminal, so
surprise him with your volunteer status. He's even more surprised by the letter
of recommendation you brought with you, And will give you the choice of which
path you'd like to take, Warrior of the Order (referred to from this point on
as Warrior) or the path of the Mage.
If you choose Warrior, head through the left door (His right) and talk to XX
there. He's a bit of a joker, but will hand you some new armour, and then offer
to lead you to your room. Follow him.
If you choose Mage, go into the room to your right (Master Pallus' left) and
talk to Taylor. He'll equip you with new armour, and offer to lead you to your
room. Follow him.

You enter a courtyard full of recruits training with staff combat. You'll be
stopped my Master Aric, who tells you to get a staff and return to him for
basic training. After he's spoken, find your guide and follow them to your
Your first meeting with the Inquisitor. It seems your roomie has been murdered,
and as you've only just arrived, it couldn't have been you, so the Inquisitor
assigns you to be the detective, as it's not worth his time. Talk to your guide
once more, he can tell you where to get a staff, then enter your room. You can
freely loot in here, but of real interest is the murder weapon on Hemlar's body
the package of Brugleweed at the side of the bookcase, and Hemlar's purse at
the head of the right-hand bed. These are all clues to the murder. Collect them

Now, before doing anything else we're going to complete basic training. Head 
back to the training courtyard, and find the smith Karlson, up some steps. Talk
to him and he'll give you a novice's staff. **You don't actually have to equip
the staff, or even use it in the upcoming training, just have it in your

Now go back to talk to Master Aric. He tells you to train with Tucker, William
and Kato. Kato is close by, so talk to him. Hmm, not a nice man. Instead, head
back past the smith to find Tucker sweeping the floor. Talk to him. He trains
strength gain, but despite what he says, you don't have to train the stat with
him to advance basic training. You only have to beat him in a fight. Challenge
him and you fight in the nearby arena. Beat him. (He should be no trouble to
you by now, and as I said, you don't have to use a staff to fight). Once he's
beaten talk to him again, then head to the training yard and find William.
You've now found the second of Tilda's sons. William teaches Staff Fighting,
but once again you don't actually have to train the skill in order to complete
'training' with him. Just fight him in the arena. After beating William (and
talking to him again), talk to Kato. He'll attack you immediately. Beat him,
talk again, and then you have another fight with him in the arena. Once
defeated, William will inform you that Aric is a good friend of Kato's, so you
may have problems. This is indeed the case, as Aric will challenge you to a
fight. So just beat him.
Once this is done, talk to him again and you'll have passed basic training. He
tells you to talk to Master Vitus.

To be continued...