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Command codes

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Burning moving rays from ground. When you're playing a quick battle or a campaign, press enter to bring up the chat and type in: /cheat add rider. You can also set how many "rider" you like to put on e:g: " /cheat add 10 rider ". There will be some fire rays will come from ground and it will moves to burn near by enemy units or buildings.


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More stuff to cheat with
Press Enter while in-game and type the following:

/cheat add 1-99 spell name

/cheat add 99 glass
/cheat add 30 poison gas
/cheat add 99 glass trap
/cheat add 10 fire toilet
/cheat add 10 Fire Game Creator
/cheat add 60 Master Flame Barbeque Monster
/cheat add 10 Flameing Moon Gorilla


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at any point during gameplay, press <ENTER> key then type on the pop-up box:

A. Adding Resources

/cheat resource [race] [credits] ; then press the <ENTER> key.

where [race]depends on the campaign race you are playing. [credits] - no of credits you want added to your resources.

ex. for the Miana campaign 1 having addt'l 10000 credits for your resources you type ;

/cheat resource miana 10000

B. Adding units

/cheat add [n] [unit name]

where [n] is the number of units you want added ;
[unit name] is the the name of the unit you want

ex. you want to add ,say 5, of the strongest units in your army

/cheat add 5 moon gorilla
/cheat add 1 land leviathan
/cheat add 10 super clockwork man
/cheat add 5 air cruiser
/cheat add 5 glass dragon
/cheat add 2 master fire golem

units added will be located at your mouse pointer. so set your mouse pointer before you use this code.
during campaign play, always write in paper the name of the units you see, so you can add it on leter campaign where they will no longer be available for production. Also write names of enemy units.

if you want a super weapon of mass destruction! ,

/cheat add 1 doge's hammer

C. Reveal Map

/cheat reveal

D. Automaticaly win

/cheat victory

Ok. That is all you need to win !