Rise to Honor Cheats

Rise to Honor cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Face Smash
You probably already know this, but if you don't, hey. Anyway, when you hold R1 and push the right analog stick towards them you wrap your arm around their throat, but you don't strangle them. Anyway, drag 'em over to a flat wall or somethingtaller than him. Anyway,at the top of the screen you'll see some white text in a brown/tan/khaki oval. The word in the white text is "Smash". Push the right analog stick towards the surface. If you did it right, you'll turn around with the person, grap them by the back of the head, and smash their face into the surface. Not particularly grusome with full health, but when you've whittled their health down so much that smashing their face into a flat surface kills them...Ow. Anyway, trust me. I tried it myself.
To fight Hard Guys easily
To fight guys that keep atacking you, hold L1 and R1 and push R3. You will hit the hard guys and you can finish them off. You have to repet this if they are not tired.
Unlock All Features and Movies
To unlock all of the features and movies in the game, you must complete it at least once.
Unlock Certain Costumes
To unlock the 'Once Upon a Time In China' and 'Fist of Legend' costumes, you must complete the game on any difficulty.
Unlock Certain FMV's
To unlock the 'Young Kit Yun' and 'Young Michelle' FMV's, you must complete the game on any difficulty.
Unlock Hard Mode
Complete the game on 'Normal' difficulty setting.


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Extra Adrenaline
After finishing a combo, hold the left analog stick in any direction, and after Jet Li strikes a pose your bar will increase.
Mistake: right chapter select
sorry that was the roast duck cheat on the old chapter select. this time hold L1+R1 and press square, up, down, circle
Play as roast duck
To play as the roast duck, beat the game, or enable the chapter select cheat and hold L1+R1 and press circle, square, down, left at the main menu.
Unlock all chapters
I got this off of a different website, it's not mine. GO to the Main menu and hold L1+R1 and press circle, square, down, left and go to the chapter select and pick whatever chapter you want!!