Rise of the Dragon review
Top-Notch Cyberpunk Adventure

The good:

Compelling story, moody music, superb character interaction, large world to explore, multiple paths to victory, multiple endings, and a very cool time limit feature

The bad:

a little easy, would be even better with more subquests, so that you could avoide skipping through time in the game and still not complete everything....however once you know what to do you can beat the entire game in about 2 hours (less if you skip dialouge) and you end up skipping through a lot of time (including at least 1 complete day).


Rise of the Dragon is not only my favorite adventure game, but my favorite game of all time. I know, the DOS version is good, but if you ever get a chance to play the Sega CD version do yourself a favor and take the oppertunity.

The cyberpunk story is influenced heavily by Blade Runner, but adds an intriguing bit of ancient chinese mythology to create a story that it truely one f the best I've seen in a game. For the adventure genre, this is definately a good thing.

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