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Righteous Kill, Enjoyable Investigation

The good:

  • Perfectly balanced between obvious objects and some a little more hidden
  • That minigame with firewalls is a winner
  • The cutscenes are well done, as the voice acting
  • Graphics are at least what I loved: not too realistic but enough for being credible
  • The soundtrack: some drums, some piano, well, everything good for an investigation

    The bad:

  • Only one case?
  • At the end, you know nearly all the places where the objects are


    Didn't see the movie but it's not required for enjoying that game

    Righteous Kill is a game based on the movie with the same name. In reality, I think that it was created as a merchandising product, as the game was released in the same period than the movie. But you will not find DeNiro or Pacino in it. It's a new story, with a new vigilance killer.

    You don't have to see the movie for playing it. Sometimes, some games required you to know about it for getting immersed in the universe. Not here.

    So, what do we have, Detective?

    A man was killed. He was the suspect in a robbery where a woman and h...

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