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Ridge Racer DS Tips

Tips for beating Max Tours:
1. Use your nitrous when exiting a high speed drift. You will almost immediatly go to your top speed and therefore pass the other cars.(hopefully)

2. Make your car as wide as possible. Try to stay in the middle of the track and maybe swerve about a bit. This means that if a car behind you lets of some nitrous, you'll probably be in the way and so he'll hit you and you'll get a speed burst.

3. Saving nitrous. Try and save up all three nos bottles for the final lap. This will help you get/stay in first place.

4. Dont use nos at the start. All the type z cars start will one bottle of nos at the start, and if you use it right when you set off, they will too. But if you dont, they wont either and you can then go on and use it more effectivly.

Good luck with the max tours.