Ridge Racer DS Tips

Tour Unlockables
These are the awards for completing a tour:

Basic tours:
1-Initation= class 2 Abeille typeS
2-Drift time= class 2 Esperanza typeS
3-Inside line= Class 2 Bisonte typeS
4-Drift Challenge= class 3 Fatalita typeS
5-Driftasia= class 3 Eo typeS
6-Drift Mania= Class 3 Raggio typeS
7-Professor D= class 4 Prophetie typeS
8-Tour De Ridge= class 4 Fiera typeS
9-Drift Master= class 4 Bayonet typeS

Pro tours:
10-Lines of fire= Class 5 Abeille typeS
11-The edge= class 5 Esperanza typeS
12-RedLine= Class 5 bisonte typeS
13-Rock'n Drift= class 6 Eo typeS
14-Overtake= class 6 Fatalita typeS
15-Drifturn 8= Class 6 Raggio typeS
16-Daytime Run= Class 5 Bisonte TypeR, Class 3 Fatalita typeR
17-Rising Sun= class 3 Eo typeR, class 6 Eo typeR
18-Triller= Class 3 Raggio typeR, class 6 raggio typeR
19-Crinale Duel= Special Devil
20-Angelus Duel= Special Angelus
21-Eat up or die= Special Pacman
22-The archangel= class 3 Fiera typeZ, class 6 fiera typeZ
23-Devil's March= class 3 Raggio typeZ, class 6 Raggio typeZ

EX tours:
24-D Unlimated= class 2 Esperanza TypeR, class 5 Esperanze typeR
25-Daytime Run2= class 1 Fiera typeR, class 4 Fiera typeR
26-Rave Racer= class 1 Bayonet TypeR, class 4 Bayonet TypeR
27-Rising Sun2= class 1 Prophetie typeR, Class 2 Abeille TypeR, class 4 Prophetie typeR
28-Drift Queen= class 1 Prophetie TypeZ, class 4 phrophetie TypeZ
29-Mountain Challenge= class 2 Esperanza typeZ, class 5 Esperanza typeZ
30-Revolution= class 3 Eo typeZ, class 6 Eo typeZ
31-Rage Racer= class 1 Bayonet typeZ, class 4 Bayonet typeZ
32-Type 4= class 3 Fatalita typeZ, class 6 Fatalita Typez
33-Mile Plateaux= Ridge Racer 4 intro movie
34-Midtown Heat= Ridge Racer 5 intro movie
35-Drift del mar= Ridge Racers 2004 E3 Demo Movie
36-The city is Yours= Rave Racer Arcade Intro Movie
37-Rave Racer 2= Machine design movie 1
38-Midnight run= machine design movie 2
39-???= Machine design movie 3