Ridge Racer DS (PSP) Cheats

Ridge Racer DS cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Car Nitro Start
At the beginning you will receive a small amount of Nitro. The more better cars you get, the higher this amount increases. Level one means the first three car in the class list, Level two is the next 3 and finally Level three also means the next three.

Level one cars get half a can.

Level two cars get 15/16 full can (one good drift would fill it up.

Level three cars get one full can and 1/3 of another.

Special cars get all three cans filled.
Playing multiplayer with one game
If you want to play Ridge Racer with other PSP players around you but you only have one copy of Ridge Racer, here's how you can do it:
1.Load up Ridge Racer on PSP number 1.
2.Create a game on Ad Hoc mode and wait in the lobby.
3.Take out the disk and put the game in another PSP, load the game and join the already created game.
4.Then start the game.
5.The PSP screens should now go into a black screen, after 2 or 3 seconds when the PSP stops reading the disk, take it out and put it back in the other PSP.
6.Now it should start to load up the game and after his loading is done and the track is loaded, take out the disk and put it into the other PSP and just wait till it's done loading.

Now you both will be able to play the game in multiplayer mode. This trick can work for more than two players and as the music in the game is read off the disk, only the player with the game inside their PSP will get the music playing in the background.

Speed Boost
When beginning a race, if you floor the accelerator just as the number one first appears, you will begin at a faster speed, in second gear if you are using automatic transmission. You will also get voice confirmation of your success. There are three levels of speed boost when beginning a race. In many races, this is a much needed edge for winning.
Tips for beating Max Tours:
1. Use your nitrous when exiting a high speed drift. You will almost immediatly go to your top speed and therefore pass the other cars.(hopefully)

2. Make your car as wide as possible. Try to stay in the middle of the track and maybe swerve about a bit. This means that if a car behind you lets of some nitrous, you'll probably be in the way and so he'll hit you and you'll get a speed burst.

3. Saving nitrous. Try and save up all three nos bottles for the final lap. This will help you get/stay in first place.

4. Dont use nos at the start. All the type z cars start will one bottle of nos at the start, and if you use it right when you set off, they will too. But if you dont, they wont either and you can then go on and use it more effectivly.

Good luck with the max tours.
Tour Unlockables
These are the awards for completing a tour:

Basic tours:
1-Initation= class 2 Abeille typeS
2-Drift time= class 2 Esperanza typeS
3-Inside line= Class 2 Bisonte typeS
4-Drift Challenge= class 3 Fatalita typeS
5-Driftasia= class 3 Eo typeS
6-Drift Mania= Class 3 Raggio typeS
7-Professor D= class 4 Prophetie typeS
8-Tour De Ridge= class 4 Fiera typeS
9-Drift Master= class 4 Bayonet typeS

Pro tours:
10-Lines of fire= Class 5 Abeille typeS
11-The edge= class 5 Esperanza typeS
12-RedLine= Class 5 bisonte typeS
13-Rock'n Drift= class 6 Eo typeS
14-Overtake= class 6 Fatalita typeS
15-Drifturn 8= Class 6 Raggio typeS
16-Daytime Run= Class 5 Bisonte TypeR, Class 3 Fatalita typeR
17-Rising Sun= class 3 Eo typeR, class 6 Eo typeR
18-Triller= Class 3 Raggio typeR, class 6 raggio typeR
19-Crinale Duel= Special Devil
20-Angelus Duel= Special Angelus
21-Eat up or die= Special Pacman
22-The archangel= class 3 Fiera typeZ, class 6 fiera typeZ
23-Devil's March= class 3 Raggio typeZ, class 6 Raggio typeZ

EX tours:
24-D Unlimated= class 2 Esperanza TypeR, class 5 Esperanze typeR
25-Daytime Run2= class 1 Fiera typeR, class 4 Fiera typeR
26-Rave Racer= class 1 Bayonet TypeR, class 4 Bayonet TypeR
27-Rising Sun2= class 1 Prophetie typeR, Class 2 Abeille TypeR, class 4 Prophetie typeR
28-Drift Queen= class 1 Prophetie TypeZ, class 4 phrophetie TypeZ
29-Mountain Challenge= class 2 Esperanza typeZ, class 5 Esperanza typeZ
30-Revolution= class 3 Eo typeZ, class 6 Eo typeZ
31-Rage Racer= class 1 Bayonet typeZ, class 4 Bayonet typeZ
32-Type 4= class 3 Fatalita typeZ, class 6 Fatalita Typez
33-Mile Plateaux= Ridge Racer 4 intro movie
34-Midtown Heat= Ridge Racer 5 intro movie
35-Drift del mar= Ridge Racers 2004 E3 Demo Movie
36-The city is Yours= Rave Racer Arcade Intro Movie
37-Rave Racer 2= Machine design movie 1
38-Midnight run= machine design movie 2
39-???= Machine design movie 3
Unlockable Movies and Pictures Requirements
To unlock the Intro Movies for the other Ridge Racer games, as well as the Ridge Racers car artwork, you need to complete specific Tours as follows:

Ridge Racer 4 Intro Movie - Complete EX Tour 33
Ridge Racer 5 Intro Movie - Complete EX Tour 34
Ridge Racers 2004 E3 Demo Movie - Complete EX Tour 35
Rave Racer Arcade Intro Movie - Complete EX Tour 36
Machine Design Collection 1 - Complete EX Tour 37
Machine Design Collection 2 - Complete EX Tour 38
Machine Design Collection 3 - Complete EX Tour 39
Win's Percentages
These are some percentages that can be set as goals. The numbers are in positions.

Lap 1:
12-9= 30%

Lap 2:

Lap 3:

Simple Form:

lap 1 get to 7
lap 2 get to 4
lap 3 get to 1


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Mirror Mode
When you choose a course in single race or time attack mode, hold Select to play the level in Mirror Mode.
Rally-X Car
Achieve a score of 50,000 points or greater in the Rally-X mini-game then go to World Tour mode and you will recieve a message and movie unlocking the Rally-X special class car.
Reverse Track
To play on a reverse track, drive forward at the starting point until you get to fifth gear. Then, make a "U" turn and drive towards the wall. If done correctly, you will hit sixth gear and the wall will disappear. The track will now be in reverse.