Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure GameShark Codes (PSX)

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Infinite HP / MP (PSX) North America

Cornet :
8004BFFE 03E7
8004BFFC 03E7

Position 1 :
8004C022 03E7
8004C020 03E7

Position 2 :
8004C046 03E7
8004C044 03E7

Position 3 :
8004C06A 03E7
8004C068 03E7

Lots of EXP After Battles (PSX) North America

Allows you to obtain a lot more EXP than normal after battles.

800DEA54 03E8

Have infinite items (every type of item) (PSX) North America

Gives you: All Healing/Support Items
All Illustrations, & All Event/Key Items

50001601 0000
3004BBEC 6363
50003001 0000
3004BC02 6363