Re-Volt (PC) Cheats

Re-Volt cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Re-Volt Cheats

Edit car paramters
Edit the "parameters.txt" file in any of the sub-directories below the "cars" directory. Change the top speed, acceleration, steering rate, wheel size, and other entries as desired. Backup files before trying this cheat, just in case.

Cheat Codes
Enter one of the following names at the name screen to activate the desired cheat. If desired, return to the name screen and enter the name of your choice.

Effect Code
All tracksTRACKER
Small carsDRINKME
Identical cars in multi-player modeJOKER
Change car in mid-raceCHANGELING
UFO vehicleURCO
Unlocks weapons. Weapon select using [Right Shift]SADIST
Alternate views (Press [F5] or [F6])TVTIME
No clipping (press[F6]) and flight mode (press [F6] twice)MAKEITGOOD


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Change Car Parameters
In the cars folder go into any folder of the car you want to change the parameters for. Then open the file Parameters.txt and change the TopSpeed line to anything you want. You can also change other things such as acceleration steering rate wheel size and more.


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Various Cheats
carnival - All Cars
sadist - Select Weapons InGame with RightShift
tracker - All Tracks
changeling - Change Car During MidRace
makeitgood - Activated InGame Editors
tvtime - Enables F5 and F6 Cameras
drinkme - Small Cars
urco - UFO Selectable