Revenant Cheats

Revenant cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Revenant Cheats

Cheat Codes
Press [Enter], then type one of the following codes to activate its corresponding cheat function.
Note: Activating cheats will prevent the game from being completed normally. Important items and chests will no longer appear.

All spells, unlimited manaabracadabra
999,999 goldalchemy or alchemyinfinit
Full health and invincibility¹alreadydead
Press [F12] for game editordebug or lookunderthehood
Disable monster AIdummies
More foodgimmesomegrub
Unlimited ice arrowsgodsubzero
One hit killsnahkranoth
Increase life, mana and stamina²noamnesia
More potionspotionsnlotions
Unknown spellpouch

1. If you try to cast a spell after this code is enabled, you will freeze in that position. The only way to get unstuck is to load a game. If you were in combat mode when you cast the spell, you can get out of combat mode to get unstuck.
2. When this code is enabled, you cannot raise you stats (STR, CON, etc.), you cannot learn any moves from Jong, you may end up with less health than possible.

Ice Arrows
There is a corridor just before the gates that has a chest containing 25 Ice Arrows, guarded by a red ninja. Also, there is a chest to the right just after you enter Soullage's cage that has a longbow, 25 Ice Arrows, and regular arrows. The ice arrows are really the only way to beat Soullage. Hit him with one and he will turn to ice. Run up, attack him a couple of times, then freeze him again. By doing this, he can be defeated without you getting hit one time.

The Lockpicks are in a chest in the room where you collected the diamond ring.

Cave Maze
A good way to navigate through the cave maze is to follow the yellow pixies. At any place were the path parts, one trail will have pixies near it - follow that one.

Combat Spell Combos

Swamp spell, then attack
Ice Bolt spell then Rock spell

Also, if you see an enemy but it does not see you, cast Ice Bolt, then do hand to hand combat so you can gain more combat skill. However, if you have the max health, you may end up with less skills.

Fast Levels
Enable the nahkranoth code for one hit kills. Then, talk to Weapons Master Jong. He will ask if you want to spar or learn new techniques. Spar with him. You will kill him with every hit and level-up almost every time. His life will replenish every time you kill him. Note: If he begins to fade, end sparring and leave. If this is not done, he will disappear and your game will glitch. After leaving you can re-enter and he will be back to normal.

Glitch: Restart With All Items
Get to the tower where you get the ring for the sailor, with the dragon. Approach and kill the dragon. Take the treasure, then go to the middle as close as possible without being teleported downstairs. Save the game, then reload it. The entire game will be reset, but you will keep your items.