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Resonate with excellent development


When you create a good game and want everyone to bask in its glory, please release it at an appropriate time. Just saying.

Resonance Of Fate is a JRPG that actually manages to break the mould by presenting itself... a bit differently from its competition. You got your normal towns and townsfolk, and random encounters, but that's about all that stays traditional. The battle system, world map and characterization will surprise you with the execution and presentation, and believe me when I say... it's nothing to be afraid of.

I can't quite say that the story was that good. It starts off interest...


Tricky to learn; hard to master


Resonance Of Fate is one of those RPGs... You know, the ones that could've attained a high status and be in amongst the elite of the RPG force, but was sadly overlooked because of one little game... Final Fantasy 13. No disrespect towards that game, but I prefer Resonance Of Fate. Final Fantasy 13 took about 15 hours to get good. Meanwhile, Resonance Of Fate got good within the first hour as far as gameplay goes, and the story truly unfolds later on. Sounds like a recipe for disaster and double standards, but that is quite on the contrary. This is an example of how to have a kickass battle ...


Fate consumes all


Fate brings up closer.
Resonance Of Fate is one of those games that slips under the radar because of bigger games. In this case, Final Fantasy 13 overshadows the hell out of this one. Now, I can’t see how that is – Yes, Resonance Of Fate’s storyline doesn’t really progress until the halfway point, and even so, there isn’t as much depth to it as you would expect. However, what it has is an excellent, excellent battle system and challenge just enough to keep players engaged... practically from the get go. In short, Resonance Of Fate is a very good game you should buy.

That’s okay, take your tim...

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