Resistance: Fall of Man review
Great game, only a couple of flaws

The good:

  • Main story is pretty good (30 missions long)
  • Multiplayer is very cool
  • Good for even casual FPS players (I don't like FPS games myself much, but this is good)
  • Plenty of online modes and maps.
  • Weapons are pretty cool
  • Enemy characters are fairly well designed, and varied (aside from the cannon fodder Chimera)
  • Some replayability in main game, with the new weapons, and ability to unlock certain content.

    The bad:

  • Still a bit pricy for a game (though worth the money)
  • No Online Co-Op
  • Bloody Glitchers in Multiplayer (hopefully fixed soon/eventually)
  • Occasionally being disconnected from the PSN in the middle of a game.


    Initial Comments

    Well, I got this game used at EB, for about $59.99 Plus tax (Canadian funds of course). I got it because I heard it was pretty good, and it looked interesting. I don't like FPS games that much, not since Goldeneye 64 and Perfect Dark 64 anyhow. I should say its pretty fun, certainly worth the money IMO.

    Contents of Game

    Single Player (30 mission, 4 levels of difficulty)
    Offline Co-Op (play missions with a buddy)
    Offline/Network Multiplayer (Play with 7 buddies, or people on a network)
    Online Multiplayer (Play with up to 40 people in an online game

    There is also unlockable content...Namely, unlockable weapons in the single player game (upon beating the game the first time around). There are also unlockable add-ons for your online character (Skins, uniforms, aesthetic accessories like pouches or belts), as well as ranks...As you rise in rank, you get more of these add-ons, and naturally, bragging rights. It goes up to Supreme Commander with 3 pips (something like level 60)...

    I have only reached probably Gunnery Sargent with 3 pips...a middle~ish rank...The ranks follow military style, with Private, Sargent, Lieutentants, captains, major, Commander, Supreme Commander, and everything in between.


    Essentially, you, Nathan Hale, are an American caught up in a war in the UK, fighting off hords of mutated humanoids known as the Chimera. Mutated by a mysterious virus, they are stronger, quicker, and more resilient then the average human, capable of healing from otherwise debilitating injuries, but they do have their limits. Early on, you get infected with the Chimera strain, but don't seem to mutate, aside from the distinct yellow gleam in your eyes. What happens to you is you get their regenerative capabilities, but not their weakness to heat. The chimera need to wear cooling apparatusus on their bodies to prevent overheating. You need to kill as many chimera as you can, beat of new varied chimera as you go along, and do your best to fight off the Chimeran invasion.

    Eachshot type weapon has regular, and alternate fire...Some of the early weapons are:

    Carbine: Trusty rifle. Alt fire is Grenade launch
    Shotgun: Close range weapon of choice: Alt fire is Double shot (Both barrels discharge at once)
    Bullseye: Chimeran Standard weapon, shoots fast: Alt fire: Bullseye tag, can be used to allow you to fire while under cover, or running, yet still hit the enemy its attached to.
    Auger: Radiation energy weapon, shoots through walls, gets more powerful and fast, with each object it penetrates. Alt fire is energy wall which only augers can penetrate, though enemies can walk through it, they get damaged.

    There are a bunch of other weapons


    Nathan Hale, the main character, is pretty well designed, as are the couple other main characters you meet along the way. The regular soldiers...well, I never got a good look at them...I imagine they are varied enough.

    Enemies. the cannon Fodder Chimera (standard issue) are the most humanlike, except they have 4 eyes, a bad attitude, and are ugly as the stuff that comes out your rear end.


    Mind you, I don't have a HD-TV, but the graphics still look pretty good...Nothing earthshattering, but very good IMO. The graphics reflect the game's tone. Dark and somber most of the time.

    Textures/styles are varied based on location (Like the Cathedral, Manchester, London, and the Chimeran strongholds, etc.)

    Characters look decently well designed, looking fairly realistic. Chimeran monsters look like the ugly freaks of nature they are, and the people look alright, as I said.

    I give the graphics a 7/10


    The main story missions, which come in three flavours of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard, Superhuman), are fairly straightforward...you shoot, duck, shoot some more. It IS fun though, and you have a decent arsenal of weapons to choose from (maxes out to 12 weapon types, and 4 grenade types).

    There are 30 missions in total, and they have variation in locale. Some allow you to control either a car, a tank, or an enemy vehicle, but most is just about you hoofing it through decently large maps.

    I give the main game (Which I have beaten on Normal), a 8.5/10

    Online Gameplay

    There are a number of areas of varying size to choose from, and quite a few gameplay modes (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Breach, Meltdown, Conversion, Team Conversion, Capture the Flag, and assault.

    Deathmatch is a free for all battle to the death.

    Team Deathmatch is Deathmatch, only with teams

    Breach is where you battle to capture 'nodes', the more nodes you have, the more places your team can spawn from. Goal is to destroy the enemy team's reactor.

    Meltdown is the same as breach, except destroying all enemy nodes destroys enemy reactor.

    Capture the Flag is where you capture the enemy's flag, to return to your base...If your flag is captured, you can killthe carrier to return it. You cannot score if your flag is captured.

    Conversion is like deathmatch, except you have a set number of lives as human, then you turn into chimera, also with a set number of lives. Chimera can sense people's presence through walls as well as run (humans can run too) when you tap L2, but doing so heats the body up and after it gets to hot, you start taking damage.

    Team Conversion like Conversion, except with teams, yes?

    Assault is like breach, I cannot remember the exact details, but Nodes cannot regenerate I think?

    Anyhow, you can fiddle with settings, like location (like 10, plus some more on Download content), weapons, infinite ammo, points to win, lives you have, etc.

    There are also Ranked matches, which pits you against others with the same level of skill. Though you can choose what type of game (like team based), it can be one of several game types...whichever is available.

    Also, you get 'flags' based on skills, like if you headshot someone, you get a flag for that...there are about 13 flags, and they go up every time you meet the requirements.

    Stats are also separate between ranked, and unranked matches, but levels/ranks are the same in both.

    Only problem I have with online, is bloody glitchers...Once that is fixed, online will get a 10/10 for me. As it stands, it gets a 9.5/10

    Other Stuff

    Coming this Friday (Tomorrow, June 29, 2007), a map pack containing several maps will be released. I believe the price is $8 PSN dollars? At the same time, servers are unified (after some downtime), so people from different Continents/Countries, can play together. This will signifigantly boost the player pool.

    Closing Comments

    That was a fairly long review...I give the game an 4.5/5 (90%) overall. The single player is good, but the Multiplayer really shines. Get this game if you have a PS3 and a broadband connection to the net, unless you just hate FPS. I don't generally like FPS myself, like I said, but this game is an exception.

    So, final verdict is:

    4.5/5 (90%) - A very good game overall

    NOTE: Final rating is not an average of the other ratings...Gameplay (particularly online) is paramount over the graphics.

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