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Resistance: Fall Of Man

History Lesson:

Think back to the launch of the PS2, can you remember the launch titles? Well there was Fantavision, a game about firework displays. Bouncer, an overhyped game which still looks crap now. There was Tekken Tag and GT3, probably the only decent games at launch. Then soon after that there was Shadow Of Memories, a game about timetravel. Yet even though the line up was crap in terms of quality and graphics (apart from GT3) we for some reason thought the world of these game. We thought the graphics were amazing. However stick Shadow Of Memories in your PS2 today and you'll be cringing at the graphics.

So going by the logic that launch titles don't show the best of the console (compare a PS2 game from today with a PS2 game from back at launch) just take a look at the graphics in Resistence and just imagine what the PS3 will be able to achieve in a year or 2. Both Resistance and Motorstorm just scratch the surface as to what the PS3 can achieve.
This is just the beginning.


Before I start the review let me just explain something first. I have not yet purchased a HD TV nor have I got Broadband access on the PS3. These are 2 things I can really recommend though for Resistence as without them you only get the basic gamig experience.


The story Resistence offers is a clever one. They changed history completly for this game and basically replaced Nazis with Aliens. In the 1950s England gets evaded by aliens known as Chimera. You play Hale, a foot soldier that gets infected by the Chimera. He doesn't say much and doesn't really have a sense of humour. The virus augments his body making him a more formiddable soldier. He's able to regenerate his health and move faster then his comrades.


This is PS3 afterall. So the graphics are way ahead any PS2 game you've played. Even on my regular SD TV the levels look smooth and the aliens are very well detailed. Get up close to a fallen alien and you can see the slime in his mouth.


Well it's a first-person shooter so the obvious controls are still present. Left stick to move your feet, right stick to move your head. There's an option to invert the X-Axis which I always prefer. (pressing down to look down just doesn't feel right to me)
X is jump, triangle is melee, Circle is to throw a grenade, L2 is crouch, L1 is Secondary Fire, R2 is to change weapon and R1 is Primary Fire. The directional arrows are used to turn on your flash light and also to change your weapon.
The controls react fast are and easy to get to grips with. If you've ever played a FPS then you'll have no problem getting the hang of it.


The overall gameplay is as expected. However it does sometimes feel like they rushed to get the game released at launch as a lot of the small details you'd expect from a next-gen FPS are missing. For example you can't shoot small lights out. You can't write your name on the wall with a barrage of bullets like in Black. Your empty cartridges disappear as soon as they hit the ground. Nothing major of course but small details like that would make the game a better experience.
The flip side though is that bodies remain where they lay for the entire level. Also Enemy AI is pretty good as they take cover when needed.
The weapons are where this game really shines. A whole load of clever and original weapons feature in this game.
From grenades that form a force shield around the enemy making every bullet they shoot rebound inside the force shield to guns that can shoot though walls. It truly is a joy to play with a new array of weapons instead of your usual run of the mill guns seen in other FPSs.


Thankfully the lifespan of the game is pretty good. With a load of secrets to find and extras to unlock a 2nd or even 3rd play-through is not out of the question.
Then of course there's the multiplayer which puts you against 40 players from around the world in all out action. I've yet to experience it though as I have not yet got broadband. But I've heared some great things about it.


Resistance is an excellent game to ease you into the PS3 experience. It's no better or smarter then a good PS2 Shooter like Timesplitters or Black but it does still leave you satisfied and wanting to replay it to achieve the Special Skills to unlock neat features. It has nothing we haven't seen before from a FPS except for some original weapons and beautiful graphics.
Forget the Single Player mode though and join the thousands of players online to make this game last a lot longer.
If you're sick of WWII games like Medal Of Honour or Call Of Duty then Resistance is a welcome breath of fresh air.

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