Resistance: Fall of Man review
Amazing, but not perfect

The good:

- No frame rate drops... EVER
- The whole game is very smooth
- Great weapon selection
- All the weapons are unique and each serves a special purpose
- 40 player online with NO lag
- Pretty good graphics, though not the PS3's max potential
- Great controls
- Easy to pick up and play
- Great Storyline
- Pretty long for a First Person shooter
- The sound effects are GREAT
- Great replay value
- Not too hard, not too easy

The bad:

- Nearly no Sixaxis support
- Hard and complicated joining buddies in online games
- Graphics could be better. They're MUCH better than just about every other game that's currently out, but they could be better.


This game is AMAZING, and a must-have for FPS fans. The controls were great and the game was very easy to just pick up and play. The sound effects are jaw-dropping at times.

There is a pretty diverse selection of weapons, from the Auger, which can shoot through barriers and gets stronger for every barrier the round goes through, to the Bullseye, which can fire a homing beacon onto targets, or even a spot in midair at which all bullets will fly and collect around. My personal favorite though, is the Hedgehog grenade. It's a ball, basically. You throw it, and it deploys about 2 feet off the ground. Then, about 1200 bullets hover around it, and fire off after about a second. It's great for taking out huge groups of enemies.

There are some bad things though. This game has nearly no Sixaxis support. The only thing you use it for in singleplayer is for when an enemy grabs on to you, you shake it to throw the enemy off. In fact, the way you do a melee attack is by hitting TRIANGLE! What were they thinking?

Something I like is that this game has such great replay value! There are 4 guns and 1 grenade you can only get during the second playthrough, and there are certain guns you can only get on the hard difficulty, and during every playthrough, enemies are in slightly different locations.

Also, this game isn't too hard or too easy. Just about anyone could beat this game if they really wanted to. FPS veterans would probably try playing it on Normal first and have a bit more trouble than anyone playing it on Easy. Something that I find a bit odd is that this game's Easy mode is about as hard as any other game's Normal, and this game's hard mode is tougher than just about ANY other game's.

Overall though, the game is great, and I would recommend it to anyone.

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