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The Beginning of the End


Note: This review covers the single-player campaign only.

Nostalgia is a double-edged sword. I have countless happy memories of favourite games from my childhood, but hindsight isn’t always 20/20. There’s nothing worse than revisiting a classic only to discover it isn’t nearly as good as you remembered.

Reviews tend to fall victim to a game’s launch hype, for better or for worse. In the case of Skyrim, all Bethesda really needed to do was release a slightly improved rehash of Oblivion and it was always going to be heralded as one of the greatest games of all time. On the other hand, Modern Wa...


This is England


Insomniac are mostly known for their two bestselling plat formers that changed the play station forever, of course I mean Ratchet & Clank and Spyro. Resistance is Insomniac’s first attempt at making a game in the FPS genre and I must say, they’ve done a good job…

It’s set after World War 2 in December 1949 and onwards. Russia and Europe have been swept over by the unstoppable power of the Chimera, creatures believed to be part of a Russian experiment but then later revealed as a ruthless alien race. They advance on Europe and swallow it whole until all is left is Great Britain. The Chimera h...


Hard to Resist

The good:

- The graphics and visuals in Resistance: Fall of Man are stunning, to say the very least. It utilizes the PS3s hardware very effectively in this way.
- The sound effects and music featured in the game aren't annoying and don't seem to get old. Everything fits and sounds as you would imagine it to ((other than the sound it makes when you hit corpses. That's just strange)).
- Replay value is quite high for it. There are three original difficulties, and you can unlock a fourth if you beat the hard mode. After beating the game once, you unlock new weapons and some online content. Plus, it keeps track of how many times you've beaten the game; that's a good way to build bragging rights.

The bad:

- If you're just picking up this game, expect to be behind by quite a bit in your online gaming. The people there have been playing since the launch of the game and tend to be relentless. You're almost required to play hundreds of unranked games before tapping into the ranked ones, unless you don't care about your rank being extremely low.


This game is a phenomenal example of how well the PS3 can perform. Resistance: Fall of Man has so many strong points ranging from the massively expansive levels to boasting NO drops in the frame rate. All in all, it's a very solid game.

If you're not much of an FPS gamer, you'll need to start a campaign on Easy mode if you don't want to put yourself through too much strain. Going through the game once on Easy is more than enough to give you a good feel for the game and should prepare you to jump into the campaign again at a higher difficulty.

Something nice about the campaign is the length...


Great game, only a couple of flaws

The good:

  • Main story is pretty good (30 missions long)
  • Multiplayer is very cool
  • Good for even casual FPS players (I don't like FPS games myself much, but this is good)
  • Plenty of online modes and maps.
  • Weapons are pretty cool
  • Enemy characters are fairly well designed, and varied (aside from the cannon fodder Chimera)
  • Some replayability in main game, with the new weapons, and ability to unlock certain content.

    The bad:

  • Still a bit pricy for a game (though worth the money)
  • No Online Co-Op
  • Bloody Glitchers in Multiplayer (hopefully fixed soon/eventually)
  • Occasionally being disconnected from the PSN in the middle of a game.


    Initial Comments

    Well, I got this game used at EB, for about $59.99 Plus tax (Canadian funds of course). I got it because I heard it was pretty good, and it looked interesting. I don't like FPS games that much, not since Goldeneye 64 and Perfect Dark 64 anyhow. I should say its pretty fun, certainly worth the money IMO.

    Contents of Game

    Single Player (30 mission, 4 levels of difficulty)
    Offline Co-Op (play missions with a buddy)
    Offline/Network Multiplayer (Play with 7 buddies, or people on a network)
    Online Multiplayer (Play with up to 40 people in an online game

    There is also unlockable conte...

  • 8.0

    Resistance: Fall Of Man


    Resistance: Fall Of Man

    History Lesson:

    Think back to the launch of the PS2, can you remember the launch titles? Well there was Fantavision, a game about firework displays. Bouncer, an overhyped game which still looks crap now. There was Tekken Tag and GT3, probably the only decent games at launch. Then soon after that there was Shadow Of Memories, a game about timetravel. Yet even though the line up was crap in terms of quality and graphics (apart from GT3) we for some reason thought the world of these game. We thought the graphics were amazing. However stick Shadow Of Memories in your PS2 ...


    Most fun with an FPS since.... oh you know.

    The good:

    -Gameplay, easy to pick up but deep enough for FPS vets
    -Level design, simply incredible.
    -Graphics, while not pushing the PS3's boundaries, they are really good.
    -Single player, pretty good length for a FPS, and a cool alternate reality of WWII storyline.
    -Weapons are very unique and fit a variety of play styles
    -Online. I have never been much into online gaming, but this one has sucked me in head first. No Lag, EVER, no framerate drops EVER. Very fast paced too, no pointlessly wondering around trying to find someone to kill, maps are scaled up or down based on the number of players in the game which keeps a great balance.
    -Matchmaking for Ranked Games: very easy to find a game and get started ranking up, scanning is very fast.
    -XP: gaining experience in a FPS? Awesome. Unlock new character outfits to use online.
    -Medals/Ribbons: keep track of your best stats, and wear em on your chest proudly.
    -Sound: turn it up, you'll want to hear that grenade go off behind your couch.
    -Co-Op: Fun to play through single player with a friend
    -Tilt sensor, not used as much as it could of been, but you can use it to check the scorecard in online games, shake the controller to shake off a tag from the bulleye(read description in comments below), or put out flames if your on fire.

    The bad:

    Ummmm, not much really. Its a little more complicated to find clan members/buddies than it should be, but no big deal. No Online Co-Op, but with the single player experience this game offers, its not really needed, and you can play it thru with a friend on the same console.
    Minor flaws, I'll knock of .1 on the score. Nothings perfect right? Ya, well this is damn close.


    This game is a breath of fresh air to the FPS genre. Where Halo did everything we'd already seen in a FPS really well, making it near perfect, Resistance: Fall of Man changes the recipe for FPS with its story driven single player, exp system online, and unique weapons never before seen in the genre that aren't just gimmicks either. They legitimately deserve their own strategy and there are fits for every style of play, very tactical selection.
    Weapons like the Auger, which allows you to shoot through walls and gains power as it does, and also allows you to create a shield that only you can s...

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