Resistance: Fall of Man Cheats

Resistance: Fall of Man cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS3.


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Online Badges
Here is a full list of online badges you can unlock.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Elite Soldier Kill 10 enemies in a row without dying
AssassinKill 20 enemies in a row without dying
FanaticCompete in 1000 online matches
InsomniacCompete in 5000 online matches
Precise ShotFinish 10 matches with an accuracy of least 85%
Unerring AimFinish 20 matches with an accuracy of least 85%
SavantPlay 100 ranked matches and place first at least 30 times
HeroPlay 200 ranked matches and place first at least 60 times
LegendPlay 300 ranked matches and place first at least 100 times
Martial ArtistGet 30 melee kills
NinjaGet at least 60 melee kills
Base DefenderGet 2000 defensive kills across all game modes
Going CommandoGet 100 node or flag captures
ReclaimerGet 200 node or flag recaptures
Helping HandGet 100 assist kills
ProfessionalGet 100 headshots
Nathan HaleComplete Single player game
GhostGet 100 stealth kills
Up Your ArsenalGet 100 kills with every weapon
MarksmanKill 100 enemies with the M5A2 Carbine
GrenadierKill 100 enemies with grenades
ShotgunnerKill 100 enemies with the rossmore 236
TaggerKills 100 enemies with the bullseye
Auger MarksmanKill 100 enemies with the auger
SharpshooterKill 100 enemies with the L23 Fareye
BBQ ChefKill 100 enemies with the L11|+|2 Dragon
Heavy Weapons ExpertKill 100 enemies with rockets
Fry CookKill 100 enemies with the arc charger
You can get various rewards for the game by getting certain skill points or finishing the game on certain difficulties.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Concept Art Pack 1Get 10 skill points
Concept Art Pack 2Get 20 skill points
Flip LevelsGet 70 skill points
Clank BackpacksGet 100 skill points
MP Mechanic SkinGet 126 skill points
MP Soldier SkinBeat the game on superhuman
Movie PlayerBeat the game on any difficulty
Skill Points List
You can unlock a number of skill points in the game by doing things in certain locations. Below is a list of them all, sorted by location.
UnlockableHow to unlock
1) Reading is FunCollect 10 Intel Reports
2) Chicks dig EyestrainCollect 20 Intel Reports
3) Too many secretsCollect all Intel Reports
4) In for a PennyKill 3 Hybrids at once with a Frag grenade
5) FetchKill a Howler with only a Frag grenade
6) Accupuncture is cheaperKill 3 enemies at once with a Hedgehog grenade
7) Why are these candles screamingKill 8 Hybrids in 30 seconds with fire
8) Lovely Parting giftsSquat over 15 Hybrid corpses
9) Tag, you're itKill 5 enemies using the Bullseye in 30 seconds
10) Gasping for airKill 2 Hybrids only after severing all 4 of their hoses
11) Nowhere to hideKill 5 enemies by shooting them through a wall with the Auger
12) Twirly WhirlyKill 5 Menials with a Bullseye trap
13) TurretsUse a sentry gun to kill 6 enemies in a level
14) Mechanical ThumbsBeat the game on Hard difficulty
1) Supersonic meat cubesKill 3 Leapers at once with a Frag grenade
2) Homing BeaconsTag 4 Hybrids with the Bullseye
3) Chimeran PatéRun over 10 Hybrids with the Tank
1) Don't worry, insurance has it coveredBreak at least 5 Chimeran boxes in the Conversion Center
2) 20th SentryDon't get shot by a Lancer mine in the Conversion Center
3) Personal Space BubbleDon't let a Menial grab you in the Conversion Center
1) LightfootTake no damage from mines in Manchester
2) This is my rifle, this is my gunDefeat the Stalker in "Outgunned" using only the Carbine
1) In one ear, out the otherTake 5 headshots with the Fareye in Nottingham
1) Passive AggressiveKill 4 Hybrids or Menials without weapon damage
2) We've lost the security deposit anywayBreak 10 medical lamps in Northern Command
3) Mirror, MirrorDestroy all the glass in the windows of Northern Command
1) Next Speed Trap: 50 milesUse the jeep to make it through Cheddar Gorge in under 8 minutes
2) I can see my house from hereJump at least 50 meters in Cheddar Gorge with the LU
3) Misplaced AggressionBlow up all cars in the town of Cheddar Gorge
4) They came from behindRun over 3 Hybrids while driving in reverse
5) I believe this is yoursUse only Chimeran weapons during the final approach to the tower
1) One eyed dogKill a Howler with the Fareye
2) A New kind of SourdoughKill all the enemies in the cafeteria with the Sapper
3) Pint in one hand, darts in the otherBullseye the four dartboards with the Fareye in the cafeteria
1) Karma's a bitchKill all enemies in the tunnels using only their native weapons
2) This is my housePrevent the Chimera from staying on the mining platform for more than 10 seconds
London: =============
1) Leapin' LizardsTake no damage from Rollers in the Outskirts of London
2) Fast like the TortoiseTake no damage from Slipskulls in the Outskirts of London
1) Le ParkourFinish "Burning Bridges" within 5 minutes
1) Breakin' the LawDestroy the Reactor without using the LAARK
2) Vanilla Only, PleaseComplete Tower Mission, Last Hope, without using alternate fire or grenades.
3) What would Hale do?Kill an Angel using only the Rossberg 236 shotgun
4) Return to SenderShoot 5 objects thrown at you by the Angels
Unlockable Modes
You can unlock new modes for the game by doing the following.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Superhuman DifficultyComplete the game on Hard Mode
Unlockable Skins
In order to unlock the following bonus skins in Resistance: Fall of Man, complete the corresponding objective.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Black Ops SkinComplete Campaign mode on Superhuman difficulty
Black Ops Skin with Skeleton HeadFinish Campaign mode on Superhuman difficulty with all Skill Points
Cloven SkinRegister for, Go to profile, the online code is provided
Mechanic SkinGain All skill points in Campaign mode
Unlockable Weapons
The following weapons can be found on the second time playing the game:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Reapers"The Gauntlet" (A1) just inside the front door of the house that you enter at the bottom of the hill after defeating the Hybrids that are guarding it.
Backlash Grenades"The Cathedral" (C2) when you pass through the Cathedral and out the other side, these are in the building where you knock the Hybrid off the platform. They are in the room on the left as soon as you enter the building.
Arc Charger"No Way Out" (E1) in the hallway where you first meet the Slipskulls, down in front of the gate where you see the Burrower blast through the walls.
L11-2 Dragon"Devil at the Door" (G1) inside the small bunker at the end of the path full of Radial Mines.
Splitter"A Desperate Gamble" (I1) on the upper level of the mall area in the corner by the large window.


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Air Fuel Grenade Traps
Not many people will know but you can actually control when Air Fuel Grenades go off, and you can use this as a form of trap when playing both offline and online.

To do so, when you press Circle to throw the grenade, simply don't let go. Then when the enemy walks over the area where the grenade is, you can simply let go of circle and the grenade will go off.

You have about 20-30 seconds however before the grenade goes off by itself, so use the extra 20-30 seconds that you get to kill as many enemies as you can.
Don't kill friendlies
This might seem kinda common sense, but do not kill friendlies (AKA, humans) they help you out, and can turn the tide of a battle.
Dying often?
This might seem like common sense, but TAKE COVER!

Concrete barriers are destroyable, so try not to hide behind them too often, but mounds of dirt are good hiding places.
Hiding behind Vehicles
Be careful not to hide behind vehicles of any sort because they cause explosion which would lead you to your inevitable death.
You could hide behind cars that already exploded though, but that's a lame idea, unless you don't have any choice.
Kill enemies with the Bullseye Trap
To do the Bullseye Trap you simply need to fire a Bullseye Tag onto the ground (by pressing L1), and be sure to keep L1 held down. Then simply fire a couple of shots, and you will see that the shots will start to twirl around the Tag. At this point you can let go of L1.

You can now direct where all those bullets go by pointing to the target and pressing L1 (you wont use another tag). If you've used enough bullets and the target is an enemy, it will kill it. This can be much more accurate and useful, especially when you don't always have the target in sight.
Online Ranks
Here are all the online ranks and what you unlock with them.

Level 1: Private
-- US Soldier Body
-- Head 1
-- Head 2
-- Small Helmet
-- American Standard Uniform
-- American Dirty Uniform

Level 4: Private First Class
-- UK Soldier Body
-- British Green Uniform
-- Canteen 2

Level 7: Corporal
-- British Brick Uniform
-- Grenade Pouch
-- Leather Packs

Level 10: Sergeant
-- Pouches
-- Medic Helmet 2
-- Head 3

Level 13: Gunnery Sergeant
-- Beret
-- American Camouflage Uniform

Level 16: Staff Sergeant
-- British Goggles
-- Radio
-- Binoculars

Level 19: 1st Sergeant
-- Commando Body
-- Commando Standard Uniform
-- Head 4

Level 22: Sergeant Major
-- Commando Camouflage Uniform
-- Belt Knife
-- Backpack

Level 25: Command Sergeant Major
-- Chest Pouches
-- Belt Pouches
-- Head 5

Level 28: Sgt. Major of the Army
-- Medic Helmet
-- Bedroll 1
-- Chute Pack

Level 31: Lieutenant
-- Head 6
-- British Desert Uniform
-- VTOL Pilot Skin

Level 34: Captain
-- Bedroll 2
-- Pouches
-- Pouch (Fanny Pack)

Level 37: Major
-- Head 7
-- British Helmet
-- Backpack

Level 40: Lieutenant Colonel
-- Commando Leather Uniform
-- Chest Radio
-- Shirtless Skin

Level 43: Colonel
-- Camouflage Helmet
-- Leather Backpack
-- Back Holster

Level 46: Brigadier General
-- Head 8
-- Canteen 1
-- Radio

Level 49: Major General
-- Winters Skin
-- American Advanced Uniform
-- Hip Bag

Level 52: Lieutenant General
-- Head 9
-- American Helmet
-- Commando Arctic Uniform
-- Canteen

Level 55: General
-- Cartwright Skin
-- Leather Pouch
-- Canteen

Level 58: Supreme Commander
-- British Camouflage Uniform
-- Knife
-- Head 10

Level 60: Supreme Commander [3 PIPS]
-- Nathan Hale Skin
-- Belt Packs
-- Shovel
-- Backpack
Using A Tank
When In A tank (M-12 Sabertooth)
Don't keep shooting just shoot one at a time and it is easy if you don't switch to the machine gun
just keep the cannon on!
You may as well just run over the chimera as well since they die!


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Elevator Glitch in 2-player mode
Be careful not to leave your partner when riding the elevator, sure some would take the two of you automatically but some elevators won't.
My character went up the second floor and I clumsily left my partner.
I tried to go down again to pick him up but the elevator won't go down anymore, sorta stuck.
So we just both killed ourselves.

Easter eggs

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Ending Movie
After you've successfully finished the hard mode, go to options and choose Cinematics. Look for the movie list entitled "Stranger Than Fission". You may watch there a funny last scene from the last battle of the game.
What's the time?
In Manchester near the bridge by a truck or bus there is a dead british soldier who looks like hes looking at his watch.