Resistance 3 Cheats

Resistance 3 cheats, Trophys, Unlockables, and Codes for PS3.


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Complete the outlined tasks, and earn the Trophies.
TrophyHow to unlock
Access Denied (Bronze)Absorb 1000 damage with Auger Shields
Backstabber (Bronze)Kill 20 enemies with melee while they are idle
BARF! (Bronze)Make 6 Wardens puke at the same time in the prison
Bloodborne (Bronze)Kill 3 enemies simultaneously using a single mutated body
Body Count (Bronze)Kill 1000 enemies
Bookworm (Bronze)Collect 50% of the journals
Boomstick (Bronze)Use the upgraded Rossmore secondary fire to set 6 enemies on fire at once
Bouncer (Bronze)Keep Chimeran forces from entering the Brewpub
Buckshot (Bronze)Kill 2+ enemies with one Rossmore blast
Bull in a China Shop (Bronze)Freeze and melee kill 3 Ravagers
Calm Under Pressure (Bronze)Defeat the Brawler in the Post Office in under 2 minutes
Chamber Full of Death (Bronze)Kill 5+ Hybrids at once by using the HE .44 Magnum secondary fire
Cheap Shots (Bronze)Kill 25 enemies firing the Auger through an object
Collector (Bronze)Collect 10 journals
Corpse Wagon (Bronze)Detonate fallen Leeches to kill 25 enemies
Counter-Sniper (Bronze)Use the Deadeye to kill 20 snipers
Electric Avenue (Bronze)Use the EMP to take down 25 drones
Expert Sniper (Bronze)Get 50 headshot kills in Campaign Mode
Feeling Lucky, Punk (Bronze)Detonate multiple Magnum rounds to kill 2+ enemies at once, 5 times
Fireworks (Bronze)Use the Wildfire secondary fire to kill 6 enemies in one shot
Frickin' Laser Beams (Bronze)Get to the first mineshaft without being hit by sniper fire in Mt. Pleasant, PA
From the Hip (Bronze)Kill 50 enemies with the Bullseye or Marksman while moving, without using zoom
Gardener (Bronze)Destroy 100 blast roots
Good Fences (Bronze)Don't allow any counter-attackers into the Washington Square base
Grasshopper Unit (Bronze)Kill 5 Longlegs in mid-jump
Grenadier (Bronze)Kill 3 or more Military Chimera with a single Grenade
Hello Driver (Bronze)Kill 5 drivers without destroying their vehicle
Helping Hands (Bronze)Revive a Co-op partner 20 times
In This Together (Bronze)Defeat the Widowmaker in Times Square without killing a single Hybrid
Juggler (Bronze)Simultaneously burn, freeze and poison 4 separate enemies
Land, Sea, and Air (Bronze)Travel in 3 different vehicles on your journey
Medusa (Bronze)Freeze 5 enemies at once and destroy them with a blast of the Cryogun's secondary fire
No Escape (Bronze)Destroy all Warden vehicles in the Motorpool
Nothing But Net (Bronze)Score a basket by lobbing a grenade through a basketball hoop
One Eyed Jack (Bronze)Find and kill 'Jack' in Graterford Prison
Opportunity Knocks (Bronze)Kill 20 enemies with environmental objects
Overload (Bronze)Use the EMP to take down 10 Steelhead Auger shields
Raining Limbs (Bronze)Kill 25 Grims using only grenades
Roops! (Bronze)Knock a Hybrid off the cliffs in Mt. Pleasant, PA
Sandman (Bronze)Kill 5 Grims in a row using only headshots
Shoe Leather (Bronze)Travel 30 km on foot
Short Out (Bronze)Defeat the Stalker in under 60 seconds
Slaybells (Bronze)Make Santa and his reindeer fly
Snipe Hunt (Bronze)Collect all Deadeye rifles without dying while fighting the Widowmaker in St. Louis
Tag, You're It (Bronze)Kill 40 Bullseye tagged enemies
This is my Rifle (Bronze)Fully upgrade one weapon in Campaign Mode
Toast (Bronze)Use the upgraded Deadeye secondary fire to kill 2+ enemies, 5 times
Up Your Arsenal (Bronze)Get a kill with every weapon in your arsenal
Vehicular Manslaughter (Bronze)Destroy 10 Warden vehicles while on the train
Warp Speed (Bronze)Use the Atomizer secondary fire to kill 30 enemies
Waste Not (Bronze)Get 5 headshot kills with one Deadeye clip
Weaponsmith (Bronze)Upgrade 5 weapons in Campaign Mode
Zookeeper (Bronze)Kill the Brawler in Haven without taking any damage
Archivalist (Silver)Collect all journals
Irresistible Force (Silver)Complete Campaign Mode on any difficulty
Master Mechanic (Silver)Fully upgrade all weapons in Campaign Mode
Silent Partner (Silver)Damage the same enemy in Cooperative Mode for 100 kills
Brutal (Gold)Complete Campaign Mode on Superhuman
Platinum Trophy (Platinum)Obtain all Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies for Resistance 3


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Unlockable Ribbons
Here is a list of all 47 Ribbons that can be earned in the Multiplayer mode of Resistance 3. You can unlock each of these Ribbons multiple times over the course of the game.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Head ShotGet a Headshot kill
PrimarchGet the highest score in the game
SaviorKill a player attacking a teammate
DeniedKill a player who is about to get a Berserk
RetributionKill a player who just killed you
Knocked OutMelee kill 5 players in one life
PostmortemKill a player while dead
Tag You're ItGet 5 kill sin a row with the Bullseye in one life
Double KillKill 2 players with less than 4 seconds between each kill
Serial KillKill 4 players with less than 4 seconds between each kill
SlaughterKill 5 players with less than 4 seconds between each kill
BloodbathKill 6 players with less than 4 seconds between each kill
MassacreKill 7 players with less than 4 seconds between each kill
EradicateKill 8 players with less than 4 seconds between each kill
ObliterateKill 9 players with less than 4 seconds between each kill
ExterminateKill 10 players with less than 4 seconds between each kill
MarkedGet 5 kills in a row with the Marksman in one life
Point BlankGet 5 kills in a row with the Rossmore in one life
Eagle EyeGet 5 kills in a row with the Deadeye in one life
Nothing LeftGet 5 kills in a row with the Wildfire in one life
InfectedGet 5 kills in a row with the Mutator in one life
Charged UpGet 5 kills in a row with the Atomizer
ManiacGet 10 kills without dying
EpidemicGet 20 kills without dying
FlawlessGet 30 kills without dying
Chilled OutKill 5 frozen enemies in a row,
Dream CrusherKill a player on a 5 or less kill streak
Bounty HunterKill a player on a 6-10 kill streak
UnderdogKill a player who has mutated or has combat armor
VandalDetroy an enemy deployable (turret, ammo beacon, heal beacon, decoy)
HealerHeal 200hp in one life
SupplierResupply 200 rounds of ammunition with the ammo beacon in one life
ComSatGet 5 Radar assists/kills in one life
Fire and ForgetYour turret got a kill
SpotterA teammate killed someone you spotted
Great WallBlock 350 points of damage with your Bubble Shield
Trigger HappyGet the first kill in a game
Shield BreakerDestroy a Bubble Shield, Assault or Auger shield
DefenderKill a player near any of your objectives
InfiltratorCapture 3 locations in a row in a game of Chain Reaction
NemesisKill the same player 3 times in a row
TurkeyCapture 3 flags in a row
AccompliceGet the most assists in a game
SpectreGet the most kills with the fewest deaths in a game
SurgeDeal 500 damage to a node
BlackoutDeal 500 damage to the reactor
StrategistEarn the highest kill streak in a game
Unlockbable Medals
Below is a list of all of the Medals that are unlockable in the game. The number of skill points listed next to the description denotes how many skill points you get for unlocking the medal. Each Medal can only be unlocked once.
MedalHow to unlock
MedicHeal 1000 damage using the Heal Beacon (15 Skill Points)
Flame RetardantSurvive 500 fire damage (15 Skill Points)
QuartermasterGive 1000 ammo using the Ammo Beacon (15 Skill Points)
ArmoryPlay a match with all weapons purchased and upgrades (15 Skill Points)
Right-on Top of Us!Get 50 assists using Radar Beacon (15 Skill Points)
EngineerPlay a match with 3 upgraded loadout items (15 Skill Points)
Security SystemGet 25 kills with a turret (15 Skill Points)
PatriotComplete 5 Capture The Flag games (15 Skill Points)
Blowing BubblesBlock 5000 damage with the Bubble Shield (15 Skill Points)
Power HouseComplete 5 Breach games (15 Skill Points)
Extra EyesGet 50 assists using Spotter (15 Skill Points)
Time BombComplete 5 Chain Reaction games (15 Skill Points)
HologramKill 25 people who have shot your Doppleganger first (15 Skill Points)
Wolrd TourComplete a game in 6 different countries (15 Skill Points)
SpyBackstab 5 people with the upgraded Assassin ability equipped (15 Skill Points)
Xenophile200 kills with the Bullseye, Auger or Deadeye (15 Skill Points)
DecoyKill 5 people within 10 meters of your Decoy (15 Skill Points)
Xenophobe200 kills with the M5A2 Carbine, Magnum, Rossmore, or Marksman (15 Skill Points)
TazerKill 5 people stunned by your Lightning Shield (15 Skill Points)
Toxic200 kills with Mutator or Cryogun (15 Skill Points)
Ninja ShoesKill 25 people while using Assassin (15 Skill Points)
Pyrotechnic200 kills with exploosive or fire based damaged (15 Skill Points)
PredatorKill 25 people that you've seen with Thermal Vision (15 Skill Points)
SurvivorReach Level 10 (150 Skill Points)
Demoman Cause1000 explosive damage using Demolitions (15 Skill Points)
All KnowingGet 500 assists using Spotter and Thermal in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
Thick SkinnedBlock 1000 damage with the Hazmat Suit (15 Skill Points)
Precision SniperGet 500 Sniper kills with Vital Signs activated in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
Going BerzerkGet 5 tier 3 berserks using Berserker (15 Skill Points)
BombardierGet 500 Wildfire kills with Demolitions Equipped in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
HipshooterGet 50 hip-fire kills using Gunslinger (15 Skill Points)
Able BodiedSpend 3600 seconds with a support or tactical ability activated with Tactician and Team Player in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
From Hell's HeartKill 5 people with Leaper Corpse (15 Skill Points)
BiohazardKill 500 enemies with the Mutator while Hazmat is equipped in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
HunterKill 50 people you have tracked (15 Skill Points)
Live WireActivate Lightning Shield inside your Bubble Shield 500 time in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
Sublime TacticiansUse tactical abilities 50 times while using Tactician (15 Skill Points)
AmbushGet 500 turret kills while a Decoy is active in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
Rapid FireGet 50 kills in iron sights using Air-cooled barrel (15 Skill Points)
AgentGet 500 kills with both Assassin and Scan Jammer active in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
JammerGet 50 kills against enemies with jammed radars (15 Skill Points)
Double DoubleGet 500 kills with Doppleganger active and Strapped Equipped in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
Hyena Collect500 health or ammo from dead bodies with the Scavenger ability equipped (15 Skill Points)
ArsenalActivate Ammo beacon 500 times with Strapped equipped in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
PatientGet 5 fully charged Patience killed (15 Skill Points)
ScroungerPick up 500 ammo packs with Scavenger and Bandolier equipped in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
StrappingKill 50 people using Strapped (15 Skill Points)
Gun TechGet 500 kills with Gunslinger and Air-cooled Barrel equipped in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
Tis but a ScratchStop 1000 damage while using Body Armor (15 Skill Points)
ImmortalAbsorb 2000 damage with Heal Beacon active and Body Armor equipped in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
Works Well With OthersGet 50 support ribbons Healer, Supplier, ComStat, Great Wall, Spotter using Team Player (15 Skill Points)
RaptorUse Dash 500 times with Tracker equipped in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
MarathonRun a marathon 42195 steps (15 Skill Points)
GravediggerGet 500 grenade or Leaper kills after dying with Grenadier / Leaper Corpse equipped in Remnant Mode (50 Skill Points)
PyromaniacLight 50 people on fire (15 Skill Points)