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Good, but not not groundbreaking.

The good:

-A meaty and intense single player campaign.
-Support for up to 60 players in competitive online mode.
-8 player co-op.
-Very good graphics. Environments look fantastic and detailed, and bosses are epic in scale. Minor issues aside it utilises the power of the PS3 very well.
-Relentless AI, this game will challenge very good FPS players on hard mode.

The bad:

-Story presentation isn't very good.
-Unbalanced difficulty.
-60 player online competitive mode can be frustrating for newbies.
-Boss battles could be better executed. The size of bosses means that there was potential for epic battles.


Resistance 2 is the sequel to the popular PS3 launch title Resistance: Fall of man. The game focuses on mankind's battle with the chimera, a fierce and relentless extraterrestrial race hell bent on wiping out humans at any cost. Nathan Hale is the main protagonist, leading a group of soldiers in a small platoon of the sentinels. The sentinels are a group of soldiers that have been partially infected by the chimera virus, and as a result they are stronger than normal humans.

The story has some good potential, but bad presentation cripples the players interest in the story. It is told by short...


It's a sequel, and it's a very good one at that!

The good:

> 2 player split screen Co-Op, online and offline

> 8 Player Co-Op

> 60 player online battles

> Large selections of weapons

> Tense offline campaign

> Nearly lag-less online servers

> Very good visual presentation

> Online level up and customisation

> Amazing friend and clan support online

> Challenging enemies

> Impressive AI

> Interesting concept and story

> Well designed characters and enemies

> Epic finale finish

The bad:

> Stiff difficulty curve

> Online Co-Op levels involve a lot of back-tracking and frustrating map layouts

> With 60 players online at once some maps turn into full blown skirmishes where you may spawn in a enemy's line of fire

> Boss battles are a bit easy compared to the common enemies who are usually very tough

> Graphics can be distorted or blank at time, explained later


Rougly two years after the original Resistance Fall Of Man game was released on launch of the PS3, the sequel is now available. Like most sequels, Resistance 2 shares much of the same game play and dynamics of it's predecessor with several new twists and modifications.

The war against the Chimera has now moved to the American coasts, after a two year respite, and Liutenant Nathan Hale is now a member of a group known as the 'Sentinels'. A elite task force of men like Hale who have been infected by the Chimera virus, but use inhibitor solutions to stop it from mutating them into their enemy. ...

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