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Ambitious beyond belief


Developer and Publisher: Capcom

Goddamn, this game is *bleep*ing brilliant!

Really think about it for a second – Resident Evil 4 not only pumped some much needed extra life into a franchise that was declining both financially and qualitatively, but it also gave gaming itself a much needed boost. It all but popularised the usage of an over the shoulder camera, 16:9 resolution and quick time events in a game that's already got a substantial amount of gameplay. Many, many modern games have this beast to thank for their existence. But most importantly is that, even with all of that said and done,...


Resident Evil Re-Defined


A few years after its release its become somewhat fashionable to blame Resident Evil 4 for the current polarizing state of the series. However when taken on its own it proves itself to be a fantastic title and one of the standout experiences from the last couple of console generations.

To address the elephant in the room Resident Evil 4 is not as scary as its predecessors. The lack of preset camera angles naturally results in less jump scares and the balancing has been adjusted so that the old fight or flight mentality has been replaced by the more traditional shoot everybody in the face app...


Welcome to survival... escort? Umm...


After four successful games and a few... questionable spin off games, Capcom took a bit of a break from the series as its formula grew stale. Each of the older Resident Evil games, while adding some tweaks here and there, did feel samey and although I love them, I don't think anybody can take yet another instalment of the same exact thing. So what the boys and girls over at Capcom did was change the camera angle from preset ones to one that's over the shoulder. So in a sense, we still have tank controls, but it doesn't feel as tank-y thanks to the more fluid controls and the change in camer...


A New Horror 2


I was never really a big fan of the old style Resident Evil games. What they had in atmosphere, they lacked in solid gameplay foundations. I found it hard to really enjoy the scare factor when I was running into furniture, having to juggle several key items in an awkward item system and an inability to see where I was going half the time. Resident Evil 4 decided it had enough of all that too and completely threw it out in favour of more refined gameplay mechanics. Of course, I already knew all this as I have already reviewed the Gamecube version quite a number of years ago. Now I have had t...


Good because it's not like early Resident Evil


Hold on a minute, THIS is the game that changed Resident Evil? Many would say for the worst, but I say it's for the better, and that the PS1 Resident Evil games were mediocre. I'm sorry fanboys, but I will never see the early games your way because I found them generally irritating to play, despite excellent survival mechanics. Resident Evil 4 is both a natural evolution for the series and a bit of watering down of the old formula. How so? Well, while it's easier to play and no longer plagued by atrocious camera angles (were they on purpose or did they just *bleep* up), the survival element...


Cinematic irritation


Survival horror action.
Resident Evil 4 is known by many things; the best game of 2005, one of the best games made in the sixth generation, the best game for the Gamecube and maybe even PS2. To Resident Evil purists and myself, it's known as the best way to screw everything up! Now, the purists would go on about how it's not scary and not about survival, but that's not the issue – the issue is that it doesn't know whether it wants to be a survival horror game or an action game. It tries to be an action game because you'll be fighting heaps of zombies, but it tries to be a survival horror bec...

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