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Resident Evil 4 Treasure/Money Guide

by Berserker   Updated to v1.8 on
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Resident Evil 4

Treasure/Money Guide

System:     Gamecube and PS2
Written by: Berserker (aka. berserker_kev or Kevin)
Started:    January 22, 2005

This document Copyright 2005 Kevin Hall (Berserker)

Resident Evil 4 (c) CAPCOM Co. LTD. 2005 (c) CAPCOM USA INC.

Version History

Version 1.0 - (February 8, 2005) Document is complete.

Version 1.1 - (February 26, 2005) Added extra spinel location for Chapter 3-1, 
in the main hall.

Version 1.2 - (March 14, 2005) Added a selling price for the special rocket 
launcher, 5,000 PTAS location in the room behind the insignia puzzle in 
Chapter 4-1, Emerald locations for the Experiment Room and Waste Disposal in 
Chapter 5-1, and updated the Treasure/Valuable Item List.

Version 1.3 - (March 29, 2005) Added Punisher and Punisher w/firepower upgrade 
location and selling price, spinel location(s) for Path Leading Away from 
Mendez's House in Chapter 1-3, Cave Dock in Chapter 2-1, Church Yard (Night) 
in Chapter 2-2, El Gigante (right) route in Chapter 2-3, and Castle Exterior 
in Chapter 3-1.  Also added 5,000 PTAS location in the Room with the 2nd 
trolley in Chapter 4-1, 5,500 PTAS location in the Tower in Chapter 4-4.

Version 1.4 - (August 3, 2005) Added Contact Info, and made a few changes in 
the formatting here and there.

Version 1.5 - (August 17, 2005) Added Spinel location for the room with 2nd 
trolley and added a checklist of items below each room.

Version 1.5 - (August 23, 2005) So very minor of an update that I'm not even 
changing the version number.  Updated the checklists a bit.

Version 1.6 - (November 7, 2005) Added a Spinel location for Lake Merchant 
Shop in Chapter 2-1.  Made a note about a fixed glitch in the PS2 version in 
the lava pit room in Chapter 4-2 as well as an area for Chapter 4-3 where some 
money pickups are little bit harder to find.  I have added a subsection below 
the Introduction entitled "Differences found in PS2 version" addressing the 

Version 1.7 - (December 13, 2005) Added two Spinel locations for Downstairs 
from the Room with Ceiling Spikes in Chapter 4-3 and changed some of my 
previous enemy names to the official enemy names (Prisoner to Garrador).  
Added Yellow Herb information to the Treasure/Valuable Item List since I added 
it to my Separate Ways Treasure FAQ.  You will need to hit up VampireHorde's 
FAQ for the location of the Yellow Herbs in the main game.  Also, added the 
Elegant Perfume Bottle to the Treasure/Valuable Item List since I've been 
forgetting it this whole time now...a senior moment perhaps?

Version 1.8 - (January 23, 2006) Added an Emerald location for Stairway to 
Steam Room in Chapter 5-3.







     A: Contact Info


* Section I - INTRODUCTION *

This guide is designed to help you find all the hidden treasures and money in 
the game and I have provided a few tips for making money on the side.  In 
short, if you use this FAQ, you should be able to purchase the Chicago 
Typewriter and Infinite Launcher very quickly.

If this is your first time playing Resident Evil 4 then please be aware that 
this FAQ does contain SPOILERS (mainly boss spoilers).  This guide is designed 
with the idea that you have played through the game once and are familiar with 
the many areas.  This is the fourth guide that I have done (my other guides 
are listed at the bottom). 

Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, advice, and suggestions 
or if you find a treasure that I have missed.  My email address is



(dealing with treasures and money of course)

1. The Spinels inside of torches will shine on the PS2 version.  None of the 
torches can be destroyed in the PS2 version.  You can only knock the Spinel 
out of the shiny torches.  The torch will still remain lit, unlike the GC 

2. In the lava room in Chapter 4-2 you must beat both El Gigantes without 
knocking either of them into the lava to get both rewards in the PS2 version.  
The money pickup will NOT appear once you reenter the room like in the GC 

3. The extra PTAS pickups in the Stone of Sacrifice Room after the mine cart 
ride in Chapter 4-3 are much trickier to find in the PS2 version.




Below is a list of all the valuable items and treasures that can be found in 
the game.  Not all of these are actual treasures, but they do have a high 
value when selling to the merchant, and can be found in certain locations in 
the game.

Treasure/Valuable Item List with Selling Amounts

(Items in the tables can be combined)

Amber Ring (10,000 PTAS)

Antique Pipe (10,000 PTAS)

* Beerstein (3,000 PTAS)            *
* Red Catseye (3,000 PTAS)          *
*                                   *
* Green Catseye (3,000 PTAS)        *
*                                   *
* Yellow Catseye (3,000 PTAS)       *
* Beerstein w/(G,Y,R) (20,000 PTAS) *

Black Bass (750 PTAS)

Black Bass (L) (2,300 PTAS)

Brass Pocket Watch (10,000 PTAS)

Broken Butterfly w/full ammo (19,000 PTAS) (-500 PTAS per shot fired)

* Butterfly Lamp (4,500 PTAS)            *
* Green Eye (1,000 PTAS)                 *
*                                        *
* Red Eye (1,500 PTAS)                   *
*                                        *
* Blue Eye (3,000 PTAS)                  *
* Butterfly Lamp w/(R,G,B) (32,000 PTAS) *

* Crown (9,000 PTAS)                 *
* Crown Jewel (11,000 PTAS)          *
*                                    *
* Royal Insignia (13,000 PTAS)       *
* Salazar Family Crown (48,000 PTAS) *

Dirty Brass Pocket Watch (1,000 PTAS)

Dirty Pearl Pendant (1,000 PTAS)

Elegant Chessboard (13,000 PTAS)

Elegant Headdress (10,000 PTAS)

* Elegant Mask (3,000 PTAS)            *
* Green Gem (3,000 PTAS)               *
*                                      *
* Red Gem (3,000 PTAS)                 *
*                                      *
* Purple Gem (3,000 PTAS)              *
* Elegant Mask w/(R,G,P) (20,000 PTAS) *

Elegant Perfume Bottle (10,000 PTAS)

Emerald (3,000 PTAS)

Gold Bangle (8,500 PTAS)

Gold Bangle w/Pearls (10,000 PTAS)

Gold Chicken Egg (3,000 PTAS)

* Golden Lynx (15,000 PTAS)            *
* Red Stone of Faith (3,500 PTAS)      *
*                                      *
* Green Stone of Judgment (3,500 PTAS) *
*                                      *
* Blue Stone of Treason (3,500 PTAS)   *
* Golden Lynx w/(R,G,B) (35,000 PTAS)  *

Pearl Pendant (10,000 PTAS)

Punisher w/full ammo (10,000 PTAS) (-50 PTAS per shot fired)

Punisher w/firepower upgrade and full ammo (15,000 PTAS) (-50 PTAS per shot 

Red Ruby (10,000 PTAS)

Rocket Launcher (15,000 PTAS)

Shotgun w/full ammo (10,000 PTAS) (-120 PTAS per shot fired)

Special Rocket Launcher (30,000 PTAS) (thanks to tigerfan814)

Spinel (2,000 PTAS)

Staff of Royalty (20,000 PTAS)

Velvet Blue (2,500 PTAS)

Yellow Herb (3,000 PTAS)

Yellow, Green, and Red Herb Mixture (10,000 PTAS)

Bottle Cap Collection Minigame Prize Amounts

The bottle cap minigame can be played behind each blue door, next to the 
merchant.  As each row is completed (A, B, C, and D) a certain amount of 
Pesetas will be awarded.  This can only be done once for each row.

First Row Complete - 15,000 PTAS

Second Row Complete - 25,000 PTAS

Third Row Complete - 35,000 PTAS

Fourth Row Complete - 50,000 PTAS



I do not list the pesetas that you find in breakable object, because they are 
usually random amounts that will vary for each playthrough.  There is a 
checklist in parentheses below each area that highlights all the treasures in 
that area.  The items surrounded with "** **" are treasures listed on the 
treasure map.

Since I did not add locations for the many Yellow Herbs throughout the main 
game like I did in my Separate Ways Treasure FAQ, please visit VampireHorde's 
Yellow Herb Location FAQ on IGN to get the location for each Yellow Herb in 
the main game of Resident Evil 4.

Chapter 1-1

-- Beginning --

Extra PTAS + Spinel - Shoot the crows along the path that leads up to the 
cabin.  Shoot the furthest crow on the ground for the Spinel.

Extra PTAS - Shoot the crows that are outside the shed with the typewriter - 
the crow on the right always leaves a Hand Grenade.

(Spinel x 1)

-- Pueblo Village --

Red Ruby - Kill the chainsaw guy that is guarding the exit gates to Pueblo 
Village.  He will only be around before the bell sounds and before you go into 
the house with the shotgun.

1,000 PTAS - Upstairs in the house with the shotgun, on a table.

1,000 PTAS - On a bed behind a door with a padlock in the house, across from 
the house with the shotgun.

10,000 PTAS - After going into the house with the shotgun kill the second 
chainsaw guy that comes after you.

Spinel - On the roof of the house that contains the shotgun.  Bust through the 
second story window on the right after coming up the stairs, and make your way 
to the other side of the roof.

(Red Ruby x 1, Spinel x 1, 12,000 PTAS)

-- Farm --

Pearl Pendant - Hanging on the roof of the well next to the typewriter.  Shoot 
the small piece of wood holding up the lid, then shoot the pendant.  If you 
shoot the pendant while the lid is open you will only get the dirty pendant.

Spinel - (1) First cabinet in the second barn.  (2) Break the box in the small 
building next to the large gate that cannot be open yet.

1,000 PTAS - Second cabinet in the second barn.

Beerstein - Go up the ladder to the second floor of the second barn.  Jump out 
the window to the left, and jump down the first drop-off in front of you.  
Turn to the right and break the wooden box.

(** Beerstein x 1 **, Pearl Pendant x 1, Spinel x 2, 1,000 PTAS)

-- Trap Area --

Spinel - (1)(2) On the ceiling of the tunnel. (3) In the wooden box on the 
shelf in the building to the left upon exiting the tunnel.

Red Catseye - Shoot the bird's nest in the tree to the right of the house with 
the shuffling sound.

1,000 PTAS - Check the cabinet across from the typewriter.

1,000 PTAS - On the table of the second room with C4 in the house with the 
shuffling sound.

(** Red Catseye x 1 **, Spinel x 3, 2,000 PTAS)

Chapter 1-2

-- Building --

Spinel - In the room with all the bear traps, open the doors to the fireplace 
near the end.

Elegant Mask - Right after exiting the room with bear traps, destroy the 
boards that are barricading the window to the left.  Hop through the window 
and it will be to the left.

1,000 PTAS - Before leaving the building, jump down into the water and the 
pesetas will be in the back.

Large black bass and many small black bass (x4) - Jump down in the water and 
shoot them.

(** Elegant Mask x 1 **, Spinel x 1, Large black bass x 1, Small black bass x 
4, 1,000 PTAS)

-- Path Leading to Mendez's House --

Brass Pocket Watch - After you climb out of the well, it is to the left.  
Remember, shoot the piece of wood and then shoot the item.

Extra PTAS - Shoot the crows.

(Brass Pocket Watch x 1)

-- Mendez's House --

1,000 PTAS - Open the closet next to the bed.

(1,000 PTAS)

Chapter 1-3

-- Mendez's House --

1,000 PTAS - In a cabinet, on the bottom floor next to a bookcase.

(1,000 PTAS)

-- Path Leading to Pueblo Village --

Ruby - Kill the chainsaw guy.

Spinel - Shoot the bird's nest in the big tree along the path leading up to 
the small building.

(Ruby x 1, Spinel x 1)

-- House with Insignia --

Spinel - Shoot the lantern before going down the ladder.

(Spinel x 1)

-- Tunnel under the Insignia House --

Spinel - (1) Shoot the lantern above the puddle, and then look at the ceiling. 
(2) On the ceiling next to the first Spinel.

Elegant Headdress - On the ceiling as well, but you will need to turn around 
once you cross the puddle to see it.

(** Elegant Headdress x 1 **, Spinel x 2)

-- Church Yard --

Extra PTAS - Shoot the crows.

Green Catseye - Solve the puzzle in the back of the church.

(** Green Catseye x 1 **)

-- El Gigante Hold --

Extra PTAS/Items - Shoot the crows.

Spinel - (1) Inside the first shed. (2) To the left in a wagon.

(Spinel x 2)

-- Merchant's Shop --

Punisher - Shoot over 10 blue medallions and the merchant will give it to you 
for free.

Punisher w/firepower upgrade - Shoot all the blue medallions and the merchant 
will give it to you for free.

Note: The Punisher will be listed under the "Buy" category as 0 PTAS.

(Punisher x 1 or Punisher w/firepower upgrade x 1)

-- Swamp --

Spinel - After outrunning the boulder, turn around and look up on the side of 
the mountain.

Antique Pipe - Once you reach the part where the bridge drops off into the 
water, jump into the water and walk alongside the right of the bridge in front 
of you until you reach an area of land with a single tree.  Shoot the bird's 
nest up in the tree.

(** Antique Pipe x 1 **, Spinel x 1)

-- Path to the Lake --

Gold Bangle w/Pearls - Take the right path and shoot the bird's nest at the 
top of the second tree.

(** Gold Bangle w/Pearls x 1 **)

Chapter 2-1

-- Path Across the Lake --

Black Bass - In the water at the dock.  Shoot them from the dock, and then use 
the boat to drive over and collect them or you can use the boat's spears to 
throw at the fish.

(Black Bass x ?)

-- Lake Merchant Shop -- (look for the blue torches in the water)

Spinel - After pushing the third crate, look off to the left and shoot the 
hanging torch.  You will have to collect the Spinel after going back down the 

Green Gem - Break the wooden barrel and push the crate on the left.  Break the 
next two barrels and go up the ladder.  Push the next two crates and break the 

(** Green Gem x 1 **, Spinel x 1)

-- Waterfall --

5,000 PTAS - Kill the Plagas-headed Ganado.

Spinel - After going down the rope, look up and to the left to see it on the 
side of the mountain.

Amber Ring - On top of the wooden structure right in front of the waterfall, 
next to the area where you shoot the third crate.

(** Amber Ring x 1 **, Spinel x 1, 5,000 PTAS)

-- Cave Dock --

Spinel - Destroy the torch next to the door.

(Spinel x 1)

-- El Gigante Fight --

15,000 PTAS - Kill the El Gigante.

1,000 PTAS - (1) In the first shack. (2) In the second shack.

Spinel - (1) In the first shack. (2) In the third shack.

Note: If El Gigante manages to destroy the shacks before the items are 
collected, only one item will be left in the rubble.

(Spinel x 2, 17,000 PTAS)

-- Church --

3,000 PTAS - Next to the alter.

(3,000 PTAS)

Chapter 2-2

-- Church -- (go back inside after the cutscene)

5,000 PTAS - Kill the monk on the left.

(5,000 PTAS)

-- Church Yard (Night) --

1,100 PTAS - In a bird's nest in the tree next to the church.

Spinel - Near the end of the path in a bird's nest up in a tree.

1,000 PTAS - Look for another bird nest just a little ways past the above 

(Spinel x 1, 2,100 PTAS)

-- House with Insignia (night) --

Spinel - Shoot the lantern next to the ladder once again.

(Spinel x 1)

-- Pueblo Village (night) --

Spinel - Go up the ladder in the tower next to the insignia house.

* All wooden boxes and barrels have respawned in the village.

(1 x Spinel)

-- Farm (night) --

* All wooden boxes and barrels have respawned.

Chapter 2-3

Note: For the next two areas, both ways can be taken, but you must backtrack 
from the first area that you take back to the second.

-- El Gigante (right) Route --

1,000 PTAS - (1) In the first small building. (2) In the second small 
building. (3) In the second small building.

Spinel - (1) In the first small building. (2) In the second small building. 
(3) In the second small building.

Purple Gem - On top of a bucket that is hanging over the shed that contains 
the old key.

Note: In order to get the items in the building, El Gigante must not destroy 

(** Purple Gem x 1 **, Spinel x 3, 3,000 PTAS)

-- Ganado (left) Route --

Ruby - Kill the chainsaw lady with the red chainsaw.

Red Gem - After using the camp key, go through the door on the right side 
(it's kind of hard to see at times).  Destroy the boards on the window to the 
left and jump through it.  Follow the path until you reach some barrels.


(** Red Gem x 1 **, Ruby x 1)

-- Lift Area --

Yellow Catseye - After getting off the lift, go down the left path at the 
bottom of the stairs, and it will be in a treasure chest at the end.


(** Yellow Catseye x 1 **)

-- Inside the Barn (Mendez boss fight) --

30,000 PTAS - Kill Mendez

Spinel - Shoot the red barrel.

(Spinel x 1, 30,000 PTAS)

-- Path Leading to the Castle Drawbridge --

5,500 PTAS - Destroy the vehicle and check the wreckage.

Velvet Blue - Shoot the second wooden barrel.

(Velvet Blue x 1, 5,500 PTAS)

Chapter 3-1

-- Merchant Area --

5,000 PTAS - In a treasure behind the building that the merchant is in.

Spinel - In a barrel beside the stairs.

(Spinel x 1, 5,000 PTAS)

-- Castle Exterior (w/catapults) --

Spinel - (1) In the debris of the structure that is destroyed by the first 
fireball. (2) Destroy the torch near the exit (red door). (thanks to R Y 
series 66)

Velvet Blue - (1) Up a little ways from the first spinel, and to the left.  
Kill the two monks and it is in the room with the cannon. (2) In the small 
building across the bridge once you have gone up the stairs.  There is a monk 
with a scythe in the building.

Gold Bangle - On the left side of the small building containing a velvet blue.

(** Gold Bangle x 1 **, Velvet Blue x 2, Spinel x 2)

-- Sword Room --

2,000 PTAS - In the cabinet on the floor beside the entrance.

1,800 PTAS - On a table upstairs.

4,500 PTAS - Kill the red monk.

Spinel - In a wooden box on a shelf.

(Spinel x 1, 8,300 PTAS)

-- Path to the Castle Gate Key --

Spinel - In a barrel in the first building.

2,500 PTAS - In the cabinet in the first building.

Velvet Blue - In a barrel next to the treasure chest with the castle gate key 

(Velvet Blue x 1, Spinel x 1, 2,500 PTAS)

-- Inside the Castle (first Salazar encounter) --

Velvet Blue - Destroy the vase on the far left, in the room where you first 
meet Salazar.

Green Gem - In the area where you first meet Salazar, face the decoration 
puzzle, turn around, and then look up.

(** Green Gem x 1 **, Velvet Blue x 1)

-- Room That Leads to the Prison --

5,000 PTAS - Check the picture of Lord Saddler on the right wall.

15,000 PTAS - Kill the Garrador in the prison.

(20,000 PTAS)

-- Hall of Water --

Velvet Blue - Small vase on the right upon entering the hall.

4,500 PTAS - Kill the red monk

2,000 PTAS - On the table against the right wall.

5,500 PTAS - Kill the second red monk that comes down the stairs after the 
stairs have been lowered.  I believe Ashley has to use the crank in order to 
make the monks attack you.

(Velvet Blue x 1, 12,000 PTAS)

-- Main Hall --

Spinel - (1) On the eye in the back of the first statue that is hanging 
upside-down. (2) After shooting the statue, turn to the left, and open the 
cabinet against the wall. (thanks to foosiew)

(Spinel x 2)

Chapter 3-2

-- Sewers --

Velvet Blue - (1) After the first bug creature, jump down into the shallow 
water ahead and two more insects will attack you.  The item is flashing in the 
water on the right. (2) After the water has been drained, kick down the gate 
below, and it is to the left of the stairs in the water.

Butterfly Lamp - Inside a treasure chest, in the room with the valve handle.

(** Butterfly Lamp x 1 **, Velvet Blue x 2)

-- Pendulum Room --

Velvet Blue - After dodging all the pendulums, it is up the small stairway on 
the right.

Spinel - Go up the ladder after the pendulums, and it is in one of the wooden 

(Velvet Blue x 1, Spinel x 1)

-- Main Hall (Second Floor) --

Spinel - (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6)(7)(8)(9)(10) Kill all the monks below you on the 
first floor.  One rocket from the rocket launcher is a guaranteed hit for 
killing them all.  Grenades work well too, but it's not guaranteed to kill the 
whole crowd.  Jump down the ladder to finish off the survivors if you use a 

Illuminados Pendant - Kill the red monk.

Velvet Blue - After swinging to the other side via the chandelier, destroy the 
vases on the left.

Elegant Mask - After swinging across on the second chandelier, break the glass 
on the case to the left, and open the treasure chest.

(** Elegant Mask x 1 **, Illuminados Pendant x 1, Velvet Blue x 1, Spinel x 

-- Chain Gun Room --

Velvet Blue - small vase on the right.

1,000 PTAS (x4) - second floor on some shelves.

(Velvet Blue x 1, 4,000 PTAS)

-- Gallery --

Spinel - After opening the door to the gallery, shoot the shiny deer's eye 
(very nostalgic).

(Spinel x 1)

-- Room With Goat Ornament --

Spinel - Go up the stairs, and it is on the right side lying in a chair.

(Spinel x 1)

-- Dark Hall Passage --

Spinel - (1) Above the second door on the left. (2) In the fountain. (3) In 
the fountain.

Velvet Blue - (1) In the fountain. (2) In the fountain.

Extra PTAS - Kill the three crows at the fountain.

(Velvet Blue x 2, Spinel x 3)

-- Garden --

Velvet Blue - Second wooden barrel, upon entering the garden.

Spinel - After going through the main gate to the garden, bust through the 
gate on the right.  Follow the path, and make another right, then follow that 
path to the end.

Red Jewel - Stand right next to the left side of the cage with the single dog.  
Take the first left up ahead.  Follow the path until it splits, and then take 
the first left once again, and the red jewel will be in the treasure chest at 
the end of the path.

(** Red Jewel x 1 **, Velvet Blue x 1, Spinel x 1)

Chapter 3-3

-- Bedroom --

Spinel - (1) Break the vase to the right of the bed. (2) On the ceiling above 
the bed. (Thanks to SolidSnake X)

Mirror w/Pearls and Rubies - Open the cabinet right across from the doorway 
that leads to the merchant.

(** Mirror w/Pearls and Rubies x 1 **, Spinel x 2)

-- Room on the Right Side of the Dining Room --

5,000 PTAS - Check the cabinet to the left upon entering the room.

Spinel - Break the wooden crates near the door with the padlock.

(Spinel x 1, 5,000 PTAS)

-- Room with Cage Trap --

Hourglass w/gold decor - Open the chest in the middle.

15,000 PTAS - Kill the Garrador.

(** Hourglass w/gold decor **, 15,000 PTAS)

-- Room With Rocket Launcher --

Velvet Blue - Break the vase next to the rocket launcher case.

1,800 PTAS - On the table just before reaching the rocket launcher.

Rocket Launcher - In the glass case.

(Rocket Launcher x 1, Velvet Blue x 1, 1,800 PTAS)

-- Hallway with Merchant --

Spinel - Break the vase right before the merchant.

(Spinel x 1)

Chapter 3-4

-- 2nd Floor of the Room with Ashley held captive --

Spinel - Break the vase across from where you entered the room.

5,000 PTAS - Check behind the picture of Saddler.

(Spinel x 1, 5,000 PTAS)

-- 1st Room with Ashley --

Spinel - (1) On the left side of the desk to your left upon entering.  (2) In 
a drawer on the desk to the right in the room with the second monk.

2,500 PTAS - Open the cabinet against the far wall to the left of the bed.

(Spinel x 2, 2,500 PTAS)

-- Dark Room --

1,800 PTAS - Open the cabinet next to door on the left, past the gates.

Velvet Blue - On the table to the right of the above.

(Velvet Blue x 1, 1,800 PTAS)

-- Dark Hall with Knights --

Spinel - (1) Straight ahead from where you enter, on top of the cupboards to 
the side.  (2) In a cabinet to the right of the Salazar Family Insignia.

Gold Bangle - Across from the doorway in a chest, after the block puzzle is 

(** Gold Bangle x 1 **, Spinel x 2)

-- Salazar Family Room (w/turn dais) --

Spinel - Lying on top of a desk across from the blue door.

Velvet Blue - Open the drawer of the desk to the right upon entering the room.

1,800 & 1,500 PTAS - On a table, to the right after going up the ladder.

(Velvet Blue x 1, Spinel x 1, 3,300 PTAS)

Chapter 4-1

Now that you have Ashley back, she can help you get an item that you missed 
earlier.  Backtrack to the...

-- Dark Hall Passage --

5,000 PTAS, Elegant Perfume Bottle, Broken Butterfly - Go to the locked door 
beside the fountain and use the "piggyback" command in front of the window.  
The items are inside in treasure chests. 

Now go back to the room where you started this chapter...

(** Elegant Perfume Bottle x 1 **, Broken Butterfly, 5,000 PTAS)

-- Room with 1st trolley --

Velvet Blue - Break the vases on the right.

Spinel - After exiting the trolley, break the vases on the left side.

(Velvet Blue x 1, Spinel x 1)

-- Lava Room --

5,000 PTAS - Kill the first monk controlling the flame dragon, and a chest 
will appear next to the cage in the middle.

Illuminados Pendant - Kill the second monk controlling the flame dragon, and 
another chest will appear next to the cage in the middle.

(Illuminados Pendant x 1, 5,000 PTAS)

-- Area Beyond Insignia Puzzle --

5,000 PTAS - Before exiting the room, go up the staircases to the right.  Now, 
check behind the picture of Sadler.

(5,000 PTAS)

-- Room with 2nd trolley --

Spinel - Before getting on the trolley, look to the right and hop over the 
railing.  Break the vase. (thanks to VincentVX73)

Velvet Blue - After getting off the trolley, break the vase on the left.

5,000 PTAS - Behind the painting next to the vase the velvet blue is in.

(Velvet Blue x 1, Spinel x 1, 5,000 PTAS)

-- Grail Puzzle Area --

Spinel - (1) At the end of the left hall, open the cabinet on the left. (2) On 
the first statue in the hall with the flapping curtains.  (3) On the fourth 

Purple Gem - On the second statue.

Velvet Blue - On the third statue.


(** Purple Gem x 1 **, Velvet Blue x 1, Spinel x 3)

-- Room with Queen's Grail --

Spinel - After saving Ashley from the drilling vehicle, break the box to the 

Velvet Blue - In the wooden barrel across from the box.

Elegant Chessboard - Open the cabinet next to the 2 wooden barrels.

(** Elegant Chessboard x 1 **, Velvet Blue x 1, Spinel x 1)

-- Room with King's Grail --

6,500 PTAS (x3) - Dropped from each of the last three knights.

(19,500 PTAS)

-- Hall of Broken Windows --

Velvet Blue - In one of the vases to the right.

1,800 PTAS - In the first cabinet.

2,800 PTAS - In the second cabinet.

Butterfly Lamp - Jump out of the window at the end of the hall and climb the 
ladder on the balcony.  Follow the path to the end until you reach a treasure 

(** Butterfly Lamp x 1 **, Velvet Blue x 1, 4,600 PTAS)

-- Room with Novistador Nest --

Assortment of Red Eyes, Blue Eyes, and Green Eyes - Blast all the Novistador's 
and destroy the nest (the nest takes about 15 handgun bullets).

-- Bridge leading to the Tower --

Spinel - Destroy the first torch on the left.

Velvet Blue - In the first wooden barrel.

(Velvet Blue x 1, Spinel x 1)

-- Drawbridge Leading Away from the Tower --

Gold Bangle - Kill the lead monk with the mask.

(Gold Bangle x 1)

-- Room with Two Garradors --

15,000 PTAS - Kill the first Garrador.

15,000 PTAS - Kill the second Garrador.

(30,000 PTAS)

-- Hall Leading to Salazar --

Spinel - (1) On the left statue. (2) On the right statue.

(Spinel x 2)

-- Bottom of the Pit --

Velvet Blue - On the ground, next to one of the impaled monks.

Crown - In the hand of the dead monk leaning against the wall.

(** Crown x 1 **, Velvet Blue x 1)

-- Waterway (up the ladder) --

Velvet Blue - In the first pipe on the left.

Spinel - In the fourth pipe.

(Velvet Blue x 1, Spinel x 1)

-- Fight with Salazar's Right Hand (Verdugo) --

Crown Jewel - Kill Salazar's right hand.

(** Crown Jewel x 1 **)

Chapter 4-2

-- Merchant Room --

Spinel - Break the wooden barrels to the right.

(Spinel x 1)

-- Mine --

Velvet Blue - (1) In the first mine cart next to the two villagers.  (2) After 
jumping down the ladder at the end of the tunnel, look in the mine cart next 
to the lever.

2,800 PTAS - On top of a box to the right.

5,000 PTAS - Behind the circuit breaker.

10,000 PTAS - Kill the chainsaw guy on the way back from activating the 
circuit breaker.

(Velvet Blue x 2, 17,800 PTAS)

-- Lava Pit --

15,000 PTAS (x2) - Defeat each El Gigante.  If an El Gigante is dropped in the 
lava you will need to exit then reenter the room to get the PTAS.

* If you are playing the PS2 version, you will have to beat both El Gigantes 
without knocking them into the lava to collect the full 30,000 PTAS.  
Apparently the glitch was fixed.

(30,000 PTAS)

-- Novistador Nest --

Blue, Green, Red Eyes - Defeat the Novistadors.

Royal Insignia - On the pedestal at the end of the tunnel.


(** Royal Insignia x 1 **)

Chapter 4-3

-- Ruins --

Spinel - On a table, to the right of the first two villagers.

2,200 PTAS - To the left of the first two villagers.

Velvet Blue - To the right of the fire, in a well.

1,800 PTAS - To the right of the fire, behind the wall.

(Velvet Blue x 1, Spinel x 1, 4,000 PTAS)

-- Underground Maze --

Velvet Blue - (1) In the first wooden box in the tunnel to the left.  (2) On 
the ground to the right of the stairs leading into the maze. (3) On the 
ground, near some rocks on the right side of the maze.

Staff of Royalty - Open the tomb down the stairs at the beginning of the maze.

10,000 PTAS - Kill the first chainsaw guy.

10,000 PTAS - Kill the second chainsaw guy.

(** Staff of Royalty x 1 **, Velvet Blue x 3, 20,000 PTAS)

-- Room with Ceiling Spikes --

Extra PTAS (x3) - Open the tomb.

-- Downstairs from the Room with Ceiling Spikes --

Spinel - (1) Almost directly across from the stairs against the wall. (2) 
Right in front of the door where the dirt is falling.  Look for the "Take" 
option for both of these since they cannot be seen otherwise.

Velvet Blue - Go down the steps and break the first wooden crate to the right.

(Spinel x 2, Velvet Blue x 1)

-- Mine Cart Ride --

10,000 PTAS - Kill the first chainsaw guy.

10,000 PTAS - Kill the second chainsaw guy.

Extra PTAS (x12) - After the mine carts, check near the bones in the room with 
the stone of sacrifice.  This should be near the skull.  Look for "Take" to 
appear on the screen.

* If you are playing the PS2 version, there will no bones on the ground to 
signify the proper place to stand for the Extra PTAS.  Look to the left as you 
enter the room with the stone of sacrifice, and check slightly to the left of 
the left pillar that is in the wall.  This is much harder to get in the PS2 
version since there is no skull to signify where to stand.

(20,000 PTAS)

Chapter 4-4

-- Salazar Statue Room --

Velvet Blue - (1) Second vase on the right when you first enter the area.  (2) 
In a vase on the other side of the statue, second floor.

5,000 PTAS - Kill the red monk.

Spinel - In a vase on the third floor on the side you start out from. 
(statue's left)

(Velvet Blue x 2, Spinel x 1, 5,000 PTAS)

-- Tower --

5,500 PTAS - Kill the monk with the ram skull mask.  After you make it up to 
the barrel switch he will appear at the bottom of the tower.

Gold Bangle - Right before the small elevator that leads up to Salazar is a 
drop-off to the right with a chest.

(** Gold Bangle x 1 **, 5,500 PTAS)

-- Salazar Boss Fight --

50,000 PTAS - Beat Salazar.

(50,000 PTAS)

-- Merchant Room --

Spinel - Break the wooden box.

(Spinel x 1)

Chapter 5-1

-- Beginning of the Island --

Emerald - Take the left path, climb to the top and break the boxes.

15,000 PTAS - Kill the guy with the chain gun (JJ).

(Emerald x 1, 15,000 PTAS)

-- Island Path --

Emerald - On a box to the right at the starting.

Golden Lynx - Look inside the cave that is next to the where the searchlight 
is shining.  Shoot the red barrel.  There is a treasure chest inside.

(** Golden Lynx x 1 **, Emerald x 1)

-- Inside the Building --

2,000 PTAS - Open the locker to the left.

(2,000 PTAS)

-- Area with Ashley's voice in the Distance --

Red Stone of Faith - Go down the stairs and open the metal case at the bottom.

(** Red Stone of Faith x 1 **)

-- Monitor Room --

5,000 PTAS - Open the locker behind you after the cutscene.

(5,000 PTAS)

-- Room with Merchant --

Emerald - In one of the drawers right next to the large door with enemies 
behind it.

(Emerald x 1)

-- Save Room --

Brass Pocket Watch - In the wooden box next to the typewriter.

(Brass Pocket Watch x 1)

-- Second Floor --

Emerald - Across from the door to the freezer in a metal case.

5,000 PTAS - Kill the Regenerator.

5,000 PTAS - Kill the Regenerator.

(Emerald x 1, 10,000 PTAS)

-- Experiment Room --

Emerald - In the small room where the Regenerator is lying down, break the 
glass to the side.

5,000 PTAS - Kill the Regenerator.

(Emerald x 1, 5,000 PTAS)

-- Freezer --

5,000 PTAS - Kill the Regenerator.

(5,000 PTAS)

-- Waste Disposal --

Emerald - Inside the left dumpster against the far wall.

(Emerald x 1)

-- Incubation Room (First Iron Maiden encounter) --

Emerald - Break the glass on the smaller tubes (4 in a row) and check them.

(Emerald x 1)

-- Communications Tower --

Extra Items and PTAS amounts - Kill the crows when you first enter this area.  
One of them has a whopping 5,000 PTAS.

(5,000 PTAS + random amounts)

Chapter 5-2

-- Bottom of Waste Disposal --

20,000 PTAS (x2) - Kill the Iron Maidens.

(40,000 PTAS)

-- Hall with Shutters --

5,000 PTAS (x2) - Kill the Regenerators

(10,000 PTAS)

-- Save Room after Bulldozer Ride --

5,000 PTAS - In the cabinet to the right.

Green Stone of Judgment - In the metal case next to the merchant.

(** Green Stone of Judgment x 1 **)

Chapter 5-3

-- Room with Saddler --

5,000 PTAS - To the left of the stairs.

(5,000 PTAS)

-- Stairway to Steam Room --

Emerald - Break the window glass (look up). (thanks to William Lee)

(Emerald x 1)

-- Storage Room (on the right of the steam room) --

3,000 PTAS - On top of a box in the back

(3,000 PTAS)

-- Throne Room --

Emerald - On the chair.

Elegant Headdress - Stand in front of the chair, turn around, and look up.

(** Elegant Headdress x 1 **, Emerald x 1)

-- Cave Entrance --

Emerald - Under the stairs at the beginning.

(Emerald x 1)

-- Inside the Cave ("It" boss battle) --

50,000 PTAS - Kill "It"

(50,000 PTAS)

-- Camp --

Emerald - After going into the hole below the tent look up and it will be 
shining on the ceiling.

Blue Stone of Treason - Inside the tunnel there is a small path to the right 
in which it is located.

5,000 PTAS - Right before getting to the merchant at the end of the tunnel, 
there is a path to the left with two wooden boxes at the end.  Break the one 
on the left.


(** Blue Stone of Treason x 1 **, Emerald x 1, 5,000 PTAS)

-- Krauser Fight --

No treasure or money, but there are plenty of ammo and health pickups.

Chapter 5-4

-- Enemy Base Camp --

15,000 PTAS - Kill the guy with the chain gun (JJ).

5,000 PTAS - In the tent on the left, below the second switch.  Break the 
wooden barrel.

(20,000 PTAS)

-- Helicopter's Final Stand --

Emerald - (1) On top of the pedestal against the wall after going up the 
stairs. (2) Near the top of the first pedestal along the path that leads to 
the exit.

(Emerald x 2)

-- Ruins --

Pearl Pendant - Look on top of the tomb behind the ladder.

(** Pearl Pendant x 1 **)

-- Prison --

5,000 PTAS - Kill the Regenerator.

(5,000 PTAS)

-- Entrance to Saddler's Hideout --

15,000 PTAS - Kill the enemy with the chain gun (JJ).

5,000 PTAS - In the building where you use the keycard, open the metal case on 
the table.

(20,000 PTAS)

-- Area with Merchant --

5,000 PTAS (x2) - Take the path on the right after entering this area and 
break both of the barrels.

(10,000 PTAS)

Final Chapter

Note: Make sure to sell any unneeded items to the merchant before the final 
boss fight.  Remember, you will need to make room for the special rocket 
launcher in your inventory.

-- Final Boss Fight --

100,000 PTAS - Kill the final boss.

Special Rocket Launcher - Do not use the special rocket launcher on the final 
boss.  Kill him without it and save it for your next game so you can sell it 
to the merchant.

(Special Rocket Launcher x 1, 100,000 PTAS)



- Be sure to pick up any ammo that you run across, and sell it to the merchant 
if you do not need it.

- Pick up any weapons that you find, and sell them.

- Destroy every breakable object.

- Always combine treasures that can be combined before selling them for 
maximum profit.  Be sure to keep at least 2 of each of the eye gems (green, 
blue, and red) to combine with butterfly lamps.

- Yellow herbs are worth 3,000 PTAS alone, and 10,000 PTAS when mixed with a 
green and red herb mixture.

- When in the village, at the beginning, go out of your way to kill both 
chainsaw guys.

- After the cutscene in the church, be sure to go in and kill both monks.

- Take both paths when prompted to choose a path after the cabin ambush.  
Finish up one path, and then backtrack and open the other gate.  Both paths 
have valuable treasures.

- Never run from a battle.

- Shoot crows whenever possible.  Some crows will surprise you with the items 
they will sometimes leave.  Be sure to shoot them from a far distance so they 
will not fly off.

- Don't kill the merchant. (Duh!)




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