Resident Evil 4 (PC) Cheats

Resident Evil 4 cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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easy kill with hunk in mercenaries
in mercenaries you can pick 5 characters right? here are the characters


if u are gonna use hunk ... try this trick ... now remember that hunk has only a TMP gun i prefer to shot the enemy at the head and go near the enemy and tap X to use neck breaker this method can conserve ammo and 1 hit any opponent except bosses including the bella sisters-super salvador-j.j. and others

Easter eggs

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Mine Darts (Homing)
The developers of Resident Evil 4 deleted a special type of ammo which they'd hidden in the game so the players couldn't find it. To find it, enable the No-clipping mode via trainers. Now head for the shack that's right before the pier in the lake with the boat you have to board to take the fight to Del Lago. Enter the shack then look to the right. Head there & clip through the shack, then the wall. Look to the right - you'll see ammunition & health herbs, alongside with Mine Thrower ammo. The thing is, then you pick these, it'll say "Pick Mine Darts (Homing)?". The staff had deleted the MT Homing ammo for some reason...


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Using the Wesker in main story mode.
You can play the main story as Wesker. Here's how to do it....

1. Unlock Wesker in the Mercenaries mini game
2. Select him
3. When in the stage selection screen, press cancel until the title screen.
4. Select new game(any costume)
5. Here you go, Wesker in main story!!!!

However there are some restriction to avoid the game crashed when you're playing.

1. Wesker cannot use weapons other than grenades, 9mm handgun, Killer 7 and Semi-auto rifle.
2. You can upgrade the weapons and cases. But cannot purchase other weapon. Even you're trying to scroll the other weapons in the list the game will also crashed.
3. As stated in 2. Therefore you cannot purchase semi-auto rifle and Killer 7. You must use trainer to enable access in these weapons.
4. The only melee attack available is the Chikyo Chagi. The thrust punch will end up with some earthquake at the gameplay screen and inflict no damage to the enemies. This happens because of the invalid animation(send enemies fly away)
5.Don't pick up any free weapons on the way(e.g. the shotgun & BB). However, you can pick the ammo and sell it to merchant.

Is it worth to play as Wesker in main story? Well, it's up to you...