Resident Evil 4 Tips

Easy way to beat village and Salvador from scratch
If you aren't bold enough to try my trix for getting two Dr. Salvadors (chainsaw dude) just starting out (and I'm not!), then this might be for you. If you enter the village and head down the first path left and stay that side, U can usually make it in the first house without being seen. Either way, the first barrel there has random prizes but the box on the right behind will give you an incindiary grenade. Hopefully you kept the grenade from the second blackbird after the first house, btw. After you get these boxes jump out the window and turn around and head toward the front of the next house thru the little alley. Don't worry about the boarded window, just go in the front door and hit your start button to skip the cutscene. Now, what you want to do is run (Hold down your red 'B' button if you don't know how) upstairs and head toward the bed and the shotgun shells on it. After you grab them, turn around and cut open the cabinet holding the grenade, grab it and the shotgun and head back downstairs. Run over to the bookcase near the boarded up window and turn toward it and hit your green 'A' button at the prompt to push it over in front of said window. Now go near the stairs and if you feel froggy, you can pump a few bullets through the door above the small dresser Leon already placed there and hold your ground. Soon you will hear the Doctor using his chainsaw to cut through the door and dresser. Use your incindiary grenade and drop him and the villagers with him. If they have seriously bad timing they may get through the boarded window and be a nuisance you can push back with the shotgun. If not, you will run faster than them and if you have to hit them with the shotgun, equip one of your frag grenades and run back upstairs and jump out the window closest to the stairs. Run straight and grab a few handgun bullets off the chimney to your right, then jump down and run straight left up that path. The pack will be following so you turn at the end to deal with, of course, chainsaw dude. Use your frag grenade and then equip your shotgun. This is the easiest scenario I have found and between your grenades and judicious use of the stolen shotgun, you should have minimal trouble dispatching the doctor and clearing the village. Ammo will be provided by the villagers you may dispatch with the shotgun or your handgun. If their buddies are in the way, blow them back and re-up your ammo. If you aren't aware, the red cones from where they die indicates some kind of ammo. Happy hunting