Resident Evil 4 Glitches

Swipe grenade through glass magically
When you get to the chief's house and have the scene where he chokes you and says you 'carry the same blood' when you go downstairs (I won't refer to the other cheats/tips that apply to this part) you will find a cabinet on your right past the dining room with an incindiary (red) grenade in it. Don't bother breaking the glass to retrieve it. IF you angle Leon to the right of the cabinet between it and the wall with the grenade clearly visible through the glass, when you find the right spot, the green button and 'take' command will appear even though you haven't broken the glass and you can still see the grenade. When you press your green button the grenade will dissapear from the cabinet in front of you and into your inventory and the glass will still be there! Useless kinda glitch, but kewl to implement. Enjoy!