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Play as Krauser Anywhere (Main Game, Assignment Ada, Mercenaries)
Play as Krauser

Awesome. Just awesome. There are codes like this for every playable character but this is obviously the coolest. There are rules. They are as follows.

Main Game
1. Krauser can only access his menu in certain places, usually with merchants.
2. Krauser will only have his knife and arm, no bow, to get the bow working I'll explain below.
3.You cant give ashley commands as Krauser.
4.He cant do radio conversations, the game will freeze.
5. To load a normal file as Krauser, load the file normal first, then unequip all weapons, or sell them all. save, then load as krauser.
6. Krauser can only equip his bow, the slight exception is explained below. Attempting to equip anything besides will result in a game freeze.

THis is a complicated little trick that will almost never work the first time. The steps are as follows.

1. Play as leon until you get inside the village church.
2. Talk to the merchant. Sell all your weapons and Items except for the Handgun.
3. Save and turn off the game.
4.You will now need the following code:

Have Krauser's bow (Press L+Rpad Up)

5. Also put on the following codes:

Infinite Ammo
Infinite Health
Infinite Health (Ashley)
Have Krausers Bow
Play as Krauser
Infinite Cash(Optional, depends on if you have a lot of cash or not)

6.Start game and load that file
7.Move the Handgun to the bottom left corner of the attache case.
8.Press L+RUp
9.YOu should now have the handgun and krausers bow in your attache case.
10. Equip the Handgun.
11. Discard the Bow.
12. Move the Handgun to the upper left corner of the attache case.
13. Press L+RUp
14. Check your attache case now. The bow should have replaced the handgun and you should see an indistinct white patch to the right and down on the bow.
15. Equip the bow.
16. If everything worked, you should have the bow equipped with infinite arrows.

The complexity of this trick lies in one thing: You cant get arrows in the main game. Its easy enough to get the bow, but you have to have something to shoot. I have checked at least 30 websites and i think I am the first person to discover this trick.