Resident Evil 4 Tips

Easy Kill Townskeeper
All you need for this is 1 bullet (any gun), but i recomend also having a shotgun. when the battle starts run backwards to the explosive barrel and grab the shotgun shells and green herb, DONT use the herb yet. by then he should be right next to you. run behind him and shoot the explosive barrel. now run to the corner of the little crevace were all the crates are and grab the incindiary grenade. run forward near the door and nab the TMP ammo (not required) and handgun ammo (highly reccomended). he should be somewhat near you,now,chuck the incendiary grenade at him. he should die, or, does he? now he will get back up and grab on the bar above him. run backwards and climb up the ladder. grab the handgun ammo, red herb, and hand grenade. mix the red herb with the green herb and equip the hand grenade. run allthe way to the side un til you reach a different ladder from wich you came up. turn around and wait til he gets close and chuck the hand grenade. he should fall, now equip the shotgun and reload if you have to cuz its time to dust off the old shotgun shells and let loose. stay where you are and shoot him down when he gets close. shoot him twice while hes on the floor. now when he gets close again shoot him once more and he should die (this time for good). jump down and grab the false eye. the wall should blow up, escape through the hole. congratulations!