Resident Evil 4 Tips

Mercenaries strategies
When you've beaten the game through at least once, you'll unlock Assignment Ada and The Mercenaries minigames. Beating Assignment Ada will unlock the Chicago Typewriter, while getting 5 stars on every level with each character in The Mercs will get you the Handcannon.

When playing as Leon S. Kennedy in Mercs, try to save your Riot gun ammo. If you're only fighting two or three ganados, use the Blacktail handgun. Any more than that, whip out the shotty. But do not ever try using the Blacktail on the Bella sisters(Villiage; the women with chainsaws), the prisoner(The blind gladiator dude in the castle) the chain gunner(Military camp), or Leatherface(Docks; OH GOD DO NOT TRY IT ON HIM. HE WILL CHOP YOUR F---ING HEAD OFF)

Playing as Ada Wong isn't that easy, but it's better than Leon, because she has a few grenades. Pull out the Punisher when fighting small numbers, or the TMP if you're out of Handgun ammo. When fighting large numbers that are far away, use the Semi Auto Rifle to take them out with one hit anywhere on their body. When they're close, pull out the TMP, get away, and throw a grenade or keep shooting with the TMP. Fighting the Bella sisters, just keep unloading Rifle bullets into them. Try to get the prisoner to turn around or just make him kneel down with a grenade, then shoot 'im with the Rifle. With the chain gunners, wait 'til they stop shooting, hit them with the Rifle, and with Leatherface... run. Find an exploding barrel and stop him for a minute or throw a grenade. when he's far, shoot him with either the TMP or the Rifle.

When playing as Jack Krauser, his Bow and Arm attack are very good. The bow is a bit hard to aim at the beginning, but it gets easier as you use it more. Take out as many of them as you can with the Bow, then when your arm is glowing red, wait until you see the Bella sisters/Prisoner/chain gunner/Leatherface and use it. It's an instant kill, and it's easier than using the bow on them.

Hunk is easy to get kills with if you use him right. All he has is a TMP. Shoot someone in the face(Including the Bella Sisters, but not the other three big guys) and walk up to them and press A. You'll do the neckbreaker move and kill a Ganado with one TMP bullet. With the other three big guys... just keep dodging and shooting. With Leatherface, make sure you've got a lot of Grenades.

Alber Wesker, the badass of the Mercs, has the best weapons if you don't count Krauser's arm attack. He has a handgun, a Semi Auto Rifle, and a Killer7 magnum. Use the rifle and the handgun on the Ganados, along with some grenades, and the Killer7 on the big guys. That's pretty much it. But if you're out of Magnum bullets, you can throw a flash grenade or shoot someone in the face and use the 'Thrust Punch' which is very powerful.