Resident Evil 4 (GC) Cheats

Resident Evil 4 cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Resident Evil 4 cheat codes.


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Unlockable Characters
here are some people you can unlock
UnlockableHow to unlock
jack krauserbeat the castle stage
ada wongbeat the village stage
HUNKbeat the island stage
leonbeat nothing
mercenariesbeat the game
Albert WeskerBeat a four star rank on the sea world


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"The Mercenaries" Mini-Game and Characters
The Mercenaries Mini-Game - Complete the main game once
Jack Krauser for use in The Mercenaries - Get a four-star rating in the Castle map of The Mercenaries
Hunk for use in The Mercenaries - Get a four-star rating in the Island Commando Base map of The Mercenaries
Ada Wong for use in The Mercenaries - Get a four-star rating in the Pueblo map of The Mercenaries
Albert Wesker for use in The Mercenaries - Get a four-star rating in the Waterworld map of The Mercenaries
An Easy way to survive.
1.When your supposedly going to fight the chainsaw man there is a small house beside it. Before the cutscene where more men come stay in that house. after the cutscene kill all the guys that try to come in. once they here the bell and every1 is gone, go get the shotgun and you don't have to worrie about wasting ammo or getting killed and starting all over again.
2. An easy way to kill El Lago(a.k.a. the lake monster). First when you start and there is no things to hit pull out the spear and try to get as man hits as possible.when he breaks off try to hit it alot of times in the mouth so that alot of blood comes out of it.once it dies rapidly hit A so u cut the rope.
3. If you helped the Dog get out of the bear trap, then it was a smart choice because when you fight El giante(a.k.a. the Giant troll at begging) the dog comes in and makes the troll go after it. this gives you time to reload and collect all the stuff in the houses. You don't have to always worrie about the troll going after you because the dog always stays until you've won.For people who didn't know this part, when El Giante goes down and the parisite goes out of its back, don't shot but go behind El Giante and it has action climb up then you rapidly hit A or B to slash the parisite. this takes about 3 to 4 times but it like 3 less times then the shooting it technic.
4.When you are in the building with Louis, make sure you have upgraded your fire power for you shotgun.A kool thing is there is stuff you can move in front of the windows to slow them down and you be able to reload and get the stuff upstairs.When they do get in, stay at the top of the stairs with your shotgun becuase you can aim down at their head and kill em in 1 hit.
5.For people near Salazars ending chapter, for people who notice his guys who are beside him, well he send the right one after will get locked in a room for 4 minutes and the best way to do it is crouch and flip and when the door opens use the liquid nitro action so it freezes. there is 4 so do each 4 in a row, the one in the room where you fight it, the 1 in the hall, one in the next room, and get the last one in the same room and then the elevator should be there and you can go. also a other method is to get it frozen and if u have a rocket luancher, now would be the time to unload it on him.6.if you see shiny thing on the way, shoot them down.When you in the farm where you see the notice for the blue medallions, the is a little water circle thingy there with a necklace over it. Don't shot the necklace in but there is a piece of wood holding it up. shot the wood so it close then shot the necklace.its a pearl necklace or some thing. if you did shot it in then it will be dirty and will have a less value for selling. Also don't sell the catseye because in the town where you come back with ashley and she needs a piggyback to get over the fence. when you don't have ashley, there is a door way the is blocked by a wardrobe, get your shotgun out and shot it till it breaks. There is a room where a beerstein is with 3 indents.if you have all three catseyes put it in it and sell it for like 150000. 7. Krauser: when you fight him there are 3 mosiac pieces that you have to find. he tells you where they are. the first isin this little like house part, walk up the stairs to get the piece and Krauser will be there and you will fight with him until he goes away. when he fires, hide under him till he comes down then interact with him.when he goes the 2nd one will be on the top of a roof but first you have to go through some robots he sent after you.Once you have the 2nd piece you know what happens because there is only 3 pieces and Krauser has the last one. On the roof, Krauser mutates his arm and huge spikes come out of it.try and use your shotgun to knock him down by shooting his legging until his chest and face are open for shots.oh ya, by the way you only have 3 minutes to beat him because he put TNT on the sides. Once you have beat him, run place all three pieces in and get the hell in.
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Better ways to kill
Here are some cominations of wepons you can put together and upgrade to perfection.

Red9 , Striker , Automatic riffle > TMP

the reason i say the red9 is because its good handling and 2 shot or even one shot kills when upgraded to exclusive.

the striker is the best shot gun in the game so thats a must have. When upgraded to exclusive it holds 100 shot gun shells, and this realy came to a great help when faceing lage numbers of enemeys.

Now everybody knows that the normal bolt action riffle sucks compaired to the auto riffle. Upgrading this baby up a little will pop heads off of ganados and others with one shot only.

The TMP is the only machine gun avalible untill you get father in the game to get the Chicago Typeriter. TMP's pack seroise daqmage and holdd when at exclusive level 250 ammo.

And when you first get the punisher, sell it, its a crappy wepon
Black Bass
After you fight El Lago shoot the fish with a handgun.Large Black Bass sell for 2300 and completely restore health.normal Black Bass sell for 750 and restore partial health.
For some people, searching for treasure is hard and its just stupid to buy the treasure map. So here is the tip for the beersteins' catseye. After you leave pueblo, get to the farm, grab the beerstein from behind the shelf (blow it away with a shotgun), continue to the next area where you will be chased by a boulder. After you survive the boulder, continue on down the tunnel until you get to a 2 houses and people with dynomite!

Simply kill them, then head towards the house with the padlocked door, from there take a right until you reach a tree with a beehive in it. Shoot the beehive the for first catseye.
Chicago Typewriter
To get the chicago typewriter, complete the game once and then finish minigame assignment Ada.
Church Bell Hijinks
When you get to the Church with the cemetary in front,aim at the bell and shoot it.Then,three non-zombies will appear.Shoot them and gather the
items that they had left.
crows like to keep money......
before the swamp part you come to this place with like 13 crows all sat in a circle, kill them and they drop lots off stuff ,or to make sure you kill them all throw a flash grenade which for some reason kills them all instantly , the crow in the middle drops a flash grenade ( or maybe just a random item ) and the rest all drop money ranging from around 200-1000.
Defeating Saddler
Look at his legs. If you see an eyeball, shoot it until you can see the eyeball on his mouth. Get near it and press the ACTION button. Do this about 3 times, then go across the bridge and get rocket launcher. Shoot it at him. Then, go down, get the girl, and then ride the jet ski.
Double hits on Sadler
If you don't have the Rocket launcher, or want to have some fun with Sadler at the last battle, this tip is for you. You can drop Sadler with a regular grenade, by shooting a fuel barrel or, my fav is to shoot him at a distance with the mine launcher upgraded to 'homing darts' When the dart explodes, it will drop him. You can get double hits in if you trot up to him and use the regular shotgun upgraded to exclusive and shoot him in his eye when it drops. Immediately after you shoot him with the shotgun, you will then still have the option to hit your 'A' button to climb him and hit him with your knife if you are close enough even if that option wasn't highlited before you shot him! Double hits! You also can hit him with a mine dart and then use your rifle with the infrared scope to highlight his eye and use that tactic if you are on the opposite platform and/or have range on him. The eyes in his legs also show up nicely in bright reddish-orange from a distance with the infrared scope. Lather, rinse repeat!
Easier way to beat first island level
I found out by accident (and being trigger-happy) that when you first arrive on the island, after you travel to the left and get those two boxes on the ledge, you have a better chance of succeeding if you shoot out the first searchlight. I haven't found any other lights that you can do this with, but when you round the last corner, even before you hear Ashley calling for help, that searchlight can be taken out with one shot. After that noone will be there except one ganado in the first building. If you manage to take him out without him getting off a warning, you can climb the ladder and on your left is some Magnum ammo. If you already have the Broken Butterfly or Killer 7, this could make the difference between success or failure when you deal with the boss of this level with his minigun. After you get your ammo, you can jump down into the main area and proceed a few feet to trigger the aforementioned boss and the rest of his cronies. As soon as he appears, if you beat feet back to the ladder and up it you have your best chance to take him out and then you can work on the rest of the enemies here too. Almost all of them will climb that one ladder to get to you just keep an eye on your left, that upper door will eventually have a ganado with a crossbow come out and he will mess you up, especially just when you have your hands full with one or two of his buddies from below in front of you.
Easily disarm beartraps with your knife
Instead of wasting any ammo, you can disarm beartraps with your knife without getting hurt. It not only saves ammo but, Ashley has a bothersome habit of (deliberately?) walking into any unsprung bear trap within an acre of where she happens to be!

Easy Chained Garrador 'cheat'
I call this a cheat simply since it is really fighting dirty. When you go downstairs to the prison room you want to make Ashley wait upstairs. After you approach the door and see the creepy cutscene of the Gerrado, walk forward and kick the cell door open. At this point, until you go too close he is immobile and indestructable. I shoot him in the stomache with a mine dart and then move forward. He will scream, break free and head for you. You immediately 180 away from him and run (Who wouldn't!!) before you can take too many steps the dart will explode and drop him. All you have to do is turn back around and equip another weapon and shoot his parasite. You have plenty of time to aim before he stands and no limit to your time to shoot the first dart provided that you shoot before you wake him up. If you miss or your weapon is not powerful enough, (Don't continue using the dart gun..Too long/difficult to aim and fire and doesn't kill right away) you can still keep dropping him in place and shoot the parasite until he dies if you hit it. A grenade will drop him and expose his parasite too.
easy kill against salazar
to defeat Salazar easily first take out your strongest weapon (I suggest a broken butterfly)
shoot Salazars eye until his body appears then simply hit it with a rocket launcher
Easy kill on Verdugo (a.k.a.) Bug-Man
When Verdugo comes in run to the LN2 and shoot it. After it freezes take a rocket launcher and KAA-BOOOOOOM you have your pestas.
Easy Kill Townskeeper
All you need for this is 1 bullet (any gun), but i recomend also having a shotgun. when the battle starts run backwards to the explosive barrel and grab the shotgun shells and green herb, DONT use the herb yet. by then he should be right next to you. run behind him and shoot the explosive barrel. now run to the corner of the little crevace were all the crates are and grab the incindiary grenade. run forward near the door and nab the TMP ammo (not required) and handgun ammo (highly reccomended). he should be somewhat near you,now,chuck the incendiary grenade at him. he should die, or, does he? now he will get back up and grab on the bar above him. run backwards and climb up the ladder. grab the handgun ammo, red herb, and hand grenade. mix the red herb with the green herb and equip the hand grenade. run allthe way to the side un til you reach a different ladder from wich you came up. turn around and wait til he gets close and chuck the hand grenade. he should fall, now equip the shotgun and reload if you have to cuz its time to dust off the old shotgun shells and let loose. stay where you are and shoot him down when he gets close. shoot him twice while hes on the floor. now when he gets close again shoot him once more and he should die (this time for good). jump down and grab the false eye. the wall should blow up, escape through the hole. congratulations!
Easy Mercernaries Kills: Hunk
As Hunk, shoot a single TMP shot to the Gonados's face. Run up, and press the Action butten to snap their neck. Also, on the first area (The Village), it will work on the Chainsaw-wieling Gonados; but not on any other level.
Easy Parasite Kills
In battle, when fighting an enemy with a parasite that has emerged from their head, you can throw a flash grenade and make them die automatically.(ONLY works AFTER the parasite has appeared)
Easy Saddler and Krauser Kills
Krauser's first:
Use the MINE THROWER and plant a mine on his legs, then quickly switch out to the ROCKET LAUNCHER. When the mine planted on his leg explodes, he'll fall to his knees, leaving him vulnerable. Shoot him with the ROCKET LAUNCHER. He'll die instantly. Any other way to defeat him may be a waste of time, depending on your hit ratio.

Shoot the yellow eye that appears on one of his legs. When the option arises to use the ACTION button, don't. Aim for the newly exposed eye as he falters and blast him with the ROCKET LAUNCHER. He'll die instantly. I know, ROCKET LAUNCHERS are awesome. ^.^
Easy way to beat Krauser in Assignment Ada
Make sure you save up at least 10-15 rifle shells, then when Krauser comes, exit the room. After that, go back and Krauser will charge at you, shoot him in the legs with the rifle, then the head. When he gets close, exit and go back to make Krauser charge at you again. Keep doing this as much as needed, even when you exit, the damage done to Krauser stays the same.
Easy way to beat village and Salvador from scratch
If you aren't bold enough to try my trix for getting two Dr. Salvadors (chainsaw dude) just starting out (and I'm not!), then this might be for you. If you enter the village and head down the first path left and stay that side, U can usually make it in the first house without being seen. Either way, the first barrel there has random prizes but the box on the right behind will give you an incindiary grenade. Hopefully you kept the grenade from the second blackbird after the first house, btw. After you get these boxes jump out the window and turn around and head toward the front of the next house thru the little alley. Don't worry about the boarded window, just go in the front door and hit your start button to skip the cutscene. Now, what you want to do is run (Hold down your red 'B' button if you don't know how) upstairs and head toward the bed and the shotgun shells on it. After you grab them, turn around and cut open the cabinet holding the grenade, grab it and the shotgun and head back downstairs. Run over to the bookcase near the boarded up window and turn toward it and hit your green 'A' button at the prompt to push it over in front of said window. Now go near the stairs and if you feel froggy, you can pump a few bullets through the door above the small dresser Leon already placed there and hold your ground. Soon you will hear the Doctor using his chainsaw to cut through the door and dresser. Use your incindiary grenade and drop him and the villagers with him. If they have seriously bad timing they may get through the boarded window and be a nuisance you can push back with the shotgun. If not, you will run faster than them and if you have to hit them with the shotgun, equip one of your frag grenades and run back upstairs and jump out the window closest to the stairs. Run straight and grab a few handgun bullets off the chimney to your right, then jump down and run straight left up that path. The pack will be following so you turn at the end to deal with, of course, chainsaw dude. Use your frag grenade and then equip your shotgun. This is the easiest scenario I have found and between your grenades and judicious use of the stolen shotgun, you should have minimal trouble dispatching the doctor and clearing the village. Ammo will be provided by the villagers you may dispatch with the shotgun or your handgun. If their buddies are in the way, blow them back and re-up your ammo. If you aren't aware, the red cones from where they die indicates some kind of ammo. Happy hunting
Easy Way to Defeat Krauser (Assignment Ada)
An easy way to defeat Krauser in assignment Ada is, when he runs at you, run past him back into the door you came through and equip your rifle w/ scope, Krauser will now be at the other side of the bridge, running toward you, so snipe his legs from afar and then, when he's down, snipe his head. This should defeat him after 2 or 3 times. You could also stand near the door so that everytime Krauser gets too close you can retreat for a break
Effect of shooting the lake before fighting the monster
Before you do this make sure you save it at the hut because you get killed. If you go on the dock and shoot a little upwards, the lake monster will eat you!
Extra Money @ Lake
When you get to the lake you have the option of going up to the overlook and watching the cutscene of the Cop being fed to the lake monster or going right. After getting your goodies from the bird's nest and the two shacks there is a typewriter. I suggest saving (obviously) I have never gotten eaten by the lake monster doing this, but it is conceivable. You equip a green grenade and trot down and lob it off the end of the dock. You then get to the right of the dock where the 'get on' command appears and wait for the boom and the cones from the fish to pop up. Get on the boat and pick up your fish. There will be four or five of them. If this is your first round, each fish can be used for full life or almost full life at the beginning levels for Leon while fighting the monster. IF you don't use them, they are worth 750 pesettas each! When you get done with the lake monster and wake up later, you can sell off the fish and all unnecessary ammo at the merchant across the lake and reload on fish by shooting them with your handgun or even the boat harpoon. Just keep an eye on your inventory so you don't kill fish you can't carry or use. I've had to make sometimes four trips or more to sell off my fish and usually make over 10,000 pasettas total!
Free Ammo
When you upgrade any weapon's capacity at a merchant, he will refill the magazine free of charge. This is very helpful with the magnum, or TMP
Free Ammo
every time you buy an upgrade for a weapon you get the clip fill for you, very usefull for weapons like the broken butterfly where ammo is rare.
Garrador cant see himself
In the battle with the Garrador in the cage, press start before you see him jump down and you can avoid the fight with the garador... he'll have a replacement of course.
Garrador on mercs
on the castle level on mercs(PAL) to avoid fighting a garrador (claw thing): first avoid killing as many people until you have collected the first 2 time bonuses that are outside, then run through the door near the bottom of the steps. now as long as u stay in that room (including the upstairs) or the room across the bridge with the killing bonus in the garradors cant get to you and you can kill as many of the monks as you can.
Get Unlimited Ammo Handcannon
Fully upgrade the Handcannon's firepower, reload, and capacity. The 'exclusive' option then raises the attack power to 99.9 and gives infinite ammo.
Getting Butterfly Lamp Blue Eyes
Red and Green Eyes are plentiful, but Blue Eyes are very rare. You can get two lamps in the game, so you need at least two blue eyes.

One Blue Eye is always a reward for shooting down the large hive. The get the other one grab all Eyes from the sewer where you first fight the insects. If you don't get a Blue Eye simply restart from the continue point and keep trying until you get the Blue Eye.
Goodly amount of Pesettas near Butterfly
Most of you have found the Broken Butterfly in the castle just before the dog maze. There is a fountain as you near the locked door with a window you can backtrack to with Ashley later and send her through the window. That is another cheat for this area by another contributer. If you shoot those crows and then go to the far railing and turn around, (After getting your goodies from them, that is) and look straight up, there's like a dozen or so crows flying above you and they all have a few hundred pesettas if you drop them and they land on your level. My two favorite ways of dealing with these crow is A: To conserve ammo and maximize profits you can chuck a 500 pesetta flash grenade against the left wall as high as you can manage it may seem to go right through the wall but, when it goes off, It will kill them. I drop about six at least normally when I do this. A more creative tactic (But marginally profitable if at all) is to shoot them with homing darts. They drop because they are too heavy to fly. Unfortunately, they don't stay down on both versions of this game. On one version, (I fear it may be the Gamecube version) they flop for a few seconds and then take off and fly about waist high right towards you! You can outrun/dodge them if you are expecting it but if not, (or if you show a 'good friend' this and don't tell him about the return to sender aspect) they could take you out when the dart blows. Keep in mind that mine darts are worth the same as a flash grenade each but this tactic is very funny to use.

Happy hunting!
If you want to buy an awesome gun that uses bullets other than Handgun 9mm's, first try to find alot of ammo for the gun. Cause if you buy, for example the Broken Butterfly without ammo, it's only going to have like 9 bullets, so it will waste easy.
Harder Difficulty
In Professional difficulty, everything is the same except for the fact that enemies are alot tougher to kill. To unlock it just finish the game once.
Helpful Hints for Resident Evil 4
This has to be the number one reason why I died so many times in this game. Whenever there is a huge group of anyone coming at you, it is best to put your back against a wall. That way, no one can come from behind and hurt you. Make sure what you back up against cannot be an entrance for enemies, such as a window.

They're all around the village. Chickens, cows, anything like that. If you shoot them, sometimes they'll leave cash and ammo. Sometimes, nothing. But it's worth the risk.

Easy, but sometimes, can be extremly hard. Never leave Ashley unattended. If you must, hide her behind a corner or some place like that. Check up on her though. Don't just leave her some place and hope no zombie freaks won't smell her fear.

New weapons are awesome and exciting, but soemtimes, not worth it. Upgrade your Shotgun and Handgun all the way. Buying a bunch of weak weapons fails in comparision to a monsterious shotgun and uber powerful handgun. Don't like those? Then upgrade what ever weapon you like.
How to beat the village (The beginning)
You know at the first part of the game where you can find the Shotgun and alot of villagers? Well that was the hardest part of the game for me because i was a n00b, what i did was climb the long ladder up the tower and wait... (NOTE: They throw fire at you, you're health will decrease but YOU WON'T DIE, they want to trick you so that you go down and they'll kill you easily) This is like 50% Tip and 50% Glitch at the same time. Well after all the waiting the bell will ring and you just proceed to you're game <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Insect Hive
In the big temple area just past where you get the king and queens grail, there is this big blob hanging from the ceiling. If you shoot it enough times, it will fall and give you lots of different colored gem eyes.
Kill El Gigante' with ONLY your knife!
This borders on glitch territory, but more of a logistical deal. When you face El Gigante' for the first time, after the cutscene where he throws around the villagers (and makes one toe-jam!) when the action starts again, you run straight past him or through his legs and to the cart in the far corner with a yellow herb on it. If you postition yourself right at the end of it in that niche, when he gets to you start slicing away with your knife. Most of the time, if you are in the right spot he can't hit you at all. Sometimes he may land a kick in, but it isn't immediately fatal if your health is full. If he tries to use a boulder, it smashes behind you and you just keep slicing away until he drops and you get the prompt to 'climb'. Then, as some of you have found, you will need to mash either your green 'A' button or your red 'B' button. (The prompt is random) After this happens enough, the wolf you saved at the beginning of the game will show up and distract him. Chase after him while he is chasing the wolf and slice his ankles until he drops again. If he turns to deal with you, retreat back to your corner. This tip isn't always easy to pull off, but I have had flawless victories using it once in awhile and it is good if you are low on ammo and/or heavy weapons or if you want to show off. I would have used it to win wagers but all my friends know me too well and won't bet on 'sure things' with me, they know there's always more to it. Happy huntin all and Merry Christmas
Kill twin gigante with only knife
Get up the zipline platform. When the gigantes are just about to shake the platform, jump down and knife the gigante in the leg 3-4 times. Then quickly climb up the platform and repeat. The gigantes act slowly, so you won't take damage if you only knife 3-4 times. It takes a while to kill them, but you don't waste any ammo.
Krauser final fight tip
This is for people who know how to play the game, beginers can do it they think they can. But anyway, when your in the final fight with Krauser if you have enough ammo great but if you don't then I've done this so I can vow for it. If you stay close to him and swipe your knife right as he begins to attack you hurt him emensly. It only takes maybe 10 or less hits, thought you might want to know.
Looking at Ashley the wrong way
When Ashley is following you find something somewhat high off of the ground and climb on top. Then tell Ashley to stay put. Go below where you left Ashley standing. When you are underneath and you try to move the C-Stick up to look at Ashley, she will ask Leon what is he looking at and call him a pervert.
Luis is a richman
When your inside that house defending it.. stand next to Luis... if you do, free handgun ammo!!!
Man of Steel
At the first El Gigante fight, there is a Yellow Herb. Take it and combine it with a Green herb... use it!... now let that thing kill you and do this again.... your life will stay that way and you'll have yellow herbs later on in the game for Ashely! But it does effect the ending.....
Mercenaries strategies
When you've beaten the game through at least once, you'll unlock Assignment Ada and The Mercenaries minigames. Beating Assignment Ada will unlock the Chicago Typewriter, while getting 5 stars on every level with each character in The Mercs will get you the Handcannon.

When playing as Leon S. Kennedy in Mercs, try to save your Riot gun ammo. If you're only fighting two or three ganados, use the Blacktail handgun. Any more than that, whip out the shotty. But do not ever try using the Blacktail on the Bella sisters(Villiage; the women with chainsaws), the prisoner(The blind gladiator dude in the castle) the chain gunner(Military camp), or Leatherface(Docks; OH GOD DO NOT TRY IT ON HIM. HE WILL CHOP YOUR F---ING HEAD OFF)

Playing as Ada Wong isn't that easy, but it's better than Leon, because she has a few grenades. Pull out the Punisher when fighting small numbers, or the TMP if you're out of Handgun ammo. When fighting large numbers that are far away, use the Semi Auto Rifle to take them out with one hit anywhere on their body. When they're close, pull out the TMP, get away, and throw a grenade or keep shooting with the TMP. Fighting the Bella sisters, just keep unloading Rifle bullets into them. Try to get the prisoner to turn around or just make him kneel down with a grenade, then shoot 'im with the Rifle. With the chain gunners, wait 'til they stop shooting, hit them with the Rifle, and with Leatherface... run. Find an exploding barrel and stop him for a minute or throw a grenade. when he's far, shoot him with either the TMP or the Rifle.

When playing as Jack Krauser, his Bow and Arm attack are very good. The bow is a bit hard to aim at the beginning, but it gets easier as you use it more. Take out as many of them as you can with the Bow, then when your arm is glowing red, wait until you see the Bella sisters/Prisoner/chain gunner/Leatherface and use it. It's an instant kill, and it's easier than using the bow on them.

Hunk is easy to get kills with if you use him right. All he has is a TMP. Shoot someone in the face(Including the Bella Sisters, but not the other three big guys) and walk up to them and press A. You'll do the neckbreaker move and kill a Ganado with one TMP bullet. With the other three big guys... just keep dodging and shooting. With Leatherface, make sure you've got a lot of Grenades.

Alber Wesker, the badass of the Mercs, has the best weapons if you don't count Krauser's arm attack. He has a handgun, a Semi Auto Rifle, and a Killer7 magnum. Use the rifle and the handgun on the Ganados, along with some grenades, and the Killer7 on the big guys. That's pretty much it. But if you're out of Magnum bullets, you can throw a flash grenade or shoot someone in the face and use the 'Thrust Punch' which is very powerful.
Nail obnoxious Rocket Launcher dudes behind painting!
After the part with the Red robed Goat headed priest with the Gatling gun and you meet Salazar, when you get to the upper level you have to watch out for two dudes hiding behind a painting on the far end of the upper level hiding behind a painting. The first time they shoot at you, you may not notice where they shot at you from. After you clear this whole area you will need to push a red button to 'disable security system' and reveal a blue chest. Now, if you are facing the button or away from the painting when Leon presses it, after the short cutscene of the chest being raised up, the painting will lift and they will both shoot. IF you are facing toward the painting as much as possible when you push the button, they are shy and you can walk backwards for several steps before they lift the painting. I haven't been that successful shooting both with most weapons before one of them gets off a shot but if you have a rocket launcher of your own equipped then when they are ducking down and leveling their launchers at you, you can be aiming back with your own and if you hit the wall directly behind them, you can take them both out and sometimes get ammo or goods that you can retrieve even after the painting lowers back down. Be advised these are not the same guys that shoot at you after you break the vase and push the button in the side room across from the chest. Those two showed up for me even after I successfully neutralized the painting chumps and got a prize for both of them.

Nest by the lake
There is a tree with a nest in it just before the dock when your about to fight El Lago. It reveals a pretty priceful item.
No catapults at clock tower
After Ashley gets kidnapped (Again!) and you deal with the room full of giant bugs, you come to a merchant. After him, you have a bridge and tower to go into that can be a little hairy due to the catapults launching flaming boulders at you from the castle on the right. I have leon go outside and collect the barrels and the spinel hidden in the torch but I am careful not to go down the stairs toward the bridge. On the second level of the clock tower, a priest will be enjoying a stroll from the right side. I don't shoot him with a range weapon, he might be carrying cash so I peg him with my pistol and he will come around the left and to me. After dispatching him, another sentry will be walking up there. Do the same to him or take him out with a range weapon and THEN go down the stairs. Salazar will beep leon and talk smack and then you may proceed with NO troublesome catapults whatsoever since you already dispatched their lookouts. Funny how they will here the sentry semi-whisper that you are there, but none of the gunfire before you go down the stairs to the bridge.
No Gerrandos before the castle.
After the car crashes infront of you an ashley after you enter the big door with the eye scanner, simply just walk backwards and keep your eye on the door you just passed through the make sure no gernados come through.

Of course this tip is if you are short on life or ammunition.
Plaga spiders pay good!
When you are facing Salazar in the tower, (we refer to him as 'monster midget') the easiest way to deal with him is to immediately run forward and jump down below. If you turn around immediately, there are areas on your right and left (the one on your left after you turn is closer). If you run far enough into the recess there are barrels and, more importantly, Salazar can't hit you at all with his tentacles and/or that big mouth deal that can chomp you. That is why his spider plagas keep spawning and crawling toward you. If you keep killing them, they will give you ammo or items. I've only discerned one possible pattern to their gifts; each time I shot the yellow eye on his big tentacle, the spiders I killed while he was exposed usually gave me something. I killed over 30 in a row one time with nothing before I tried that variation. If there's another pattern I haven't seen it. But, while Leon is in that little cubby the spiders are all you have to worry about and they are easy to dispatch, just be patient and don't kill them until they are under the ledge in front of you so you don't have to be vulnerable to get any prizes they may leave. Don't worry, you can still try to take out Salazar from this area whenever you want. But with patience, you can replenish any ammo you use and even completely fill your inventory box before you are done.
Happy hunting.
Pray and Die
At the castle part, after fighting the bugs in the sewers and avoiding those traps, you will see a group of guys praying.... dont jump down the ladder yet, go north and swing across the light, when your on the other side, throw down a flash grenade and try to hit them with it. Immediately jump down and run north to where they'll try to escape, turn around and kill them all! All the small guys will give you spinels. The big "chief" will give you a pendant..... 32000 ptas!
Punisher Pistol
To get the Punisher Pistol, you don't have to shoot all of the 15 blue medallions. Note that the guy sais that you only have to shoot more than ten. I only shot eleven and i got it. It's great 'cause you can save alot of ammo if you keep on missing, cause they're so small.
RE4 dragon room
To get through this room quickly simply take the rifle and shoot the chains the dragons are suspended from. They will immediately crash and die. You can shoot two from the front of the room in complete safety. You will have to run down to the wall to make the 3rd one come down.
Salazar Boss Strategy
Salazar: Before you go into battle. Visit the merchant. Buy a TMP, mine thrower and RL (Rocket Launcher). Go into battle and go all the way to the right. Equip the TMP and shoot that tentacle until it goes away. Next, equip the mine thrower and if you see that central head, shoot the eye with the dart. Then wait for it to blow up. Next you will see a clip showing Salazar coming out of that shell. So equip the RL (Rocket Launcher) then aim at Salazar and shoot. (Tip: wait for the body to go down a little then shoot.) Then a little clip will show him dying. If it doesn't show then you missed. So press select (PS2) or start (GC). Then the first option then retry from check point or just die to restart.
Save Ammo
A good way to save even MORE ammo, to kill enemies with 1 or 2 rounds each, is to shoot them in the legs until the crouch. Run up to them and when it gives you the option to suplex them, do it, then immediately 180 turn and start to slice them up with the knife. They should be dead before they stand if they don't die instantly from the suplex breaking their skull open.

This works great on one on one fighting, so, you can lure out enemies by running up so one sees you, then run away out a door or up a ladder.
Also, kicking open doors injures the opponents behind it, also knocking most of them over, do this repeatedly to kill them.
saving ammo
if theres a ladder near by get all the monsters and stuff on the ground then when they climb up hit them with the knife before they are fully up and they will fall off the ladder and will die after a few times.
you can knife the guy close up then kick them down then run up when there down and knife them. mostly they will die when there geting up.
Second El Gigante Battle Tip
OK, when he appears shoot down the boulder above with the handgun. Now run to the chained door, tell Ashley to wait and head back to the giant with the shotgun equipped.
The idea is to go to run past the giant's right side (your left) but stop if he swings round, back up a few steps and blast him. This way he won't manage to grab you so you'll avoid damage. If he doesn't swing round just run past, turn round and go again.
Special Costumes
After beating the game the first time, when starting a new game or playing a Round Two game, a new option appears that allows for Leon and Ashley to wear special costumes. Leon wears an R.P.D. uniform, Ashley wears pop sensation clothes, and Ada wears her black outfit from her mini-game.
The Left Path
If you chose the left path after the Cabin Raid, there will be a horde of monsters including two Bella Sisters that you have to face. After the Bella Sisters appear, immediately climb up the ladder (I hope you didn't knock it down), run past the Ganados and stay near the first ladder for safety. Then the enemies will be funneled into a one-way stream for easier kills. If you do all this, 75% of the time another glitch happens. The Bella Sister holding the Camp Key will be running towards a fence indefinitely not too far away until you decide to hit it, granting you a free shot. The funneling strategy is vital in Resident Evil games.
The second Garrados
When fighting the second Garrados, I found him easier to killthan the first, but much more annoying. Why? Because not only are you in a cage(not for long though..), but because there are monks and bad guys EVERYWHERE. So heres my tip for killing him and those Ganados. First thing when the cage drops- move a step left or right, 'cause the Garrados will drop on you. Next, whip out the TMP, and shoot the lock on the cage door alot. Then you're out. The Garrados shouldn't follow you. So move into the dining room, and shoot the Ganados one by one. Then when there are 1-2 left, go to the room and shoot the Garrados in the back a few times, evading the bad guy(s). When he's dead, keep and eye out for bad guys, and they keep coming 1 at a time until the Garrados is dead. Pick up the rewards and you're 15,000 Pesetas richer.
If the Garrados comes into the dining room, run around the tables randomly shooting monks, and he can't charge at you with the tables there. Don't waste shotgun ammo on him because it takes only one shot from a handgun to get the parasite on his back out.
Avoid damage from traps
To avoid getting hurt by traps such as explosives and bear traps, use your laser sight and shoot at the explosive or the middle of the trap.

Finding items
To find items, smash all of the crates with either your knife or a gun.

Defeating the man with the chainsaw
When you meet the man with the chainsaw, shoot him with the shotgun and incendiary grenades. You can also just use your handgun, but you will probably get killed. Note: The shotgun is found in the building that is diagonal from the tower.

townskeeper easy!!
When you start the fight collect the items and go up the ladder. Once up the ladder run behind the water tank thing and crouch down. After that pull out your sniper rifle and aim under the tank and if done correctly you should be able to shoot him and not get hurt. After he grabs the bar just simply shoot him with the shotgun when he gets close.
U3 with only one Gate
This refers to the first part of the sequence, which is pretty straight forwards, and the second half, the fight.

In the first part, equip the Striker (here's hoping you have it) and hurry through the green light shooting. Two striker blasts should repel the U3 everytime it drops in for a visit.

In the second part, I recommend having 12 magnum rounds, and at least 300 TMP rounds. (I upgraded TMP to full capacity: 250 rounds)

As it approaches you, hurry to the nearest gate you see. Open the gate with the lever, and then hurry and cross to the other side, pulling the lever on the other side to close the gate.
~You and U3 should be on opposite sides of the Gate now.
~Begin unloading on the U3 with the Broken Butterfly. I didn't really aim that well, so don't be too stressed. Just focus on stun locking the U3 away from the gate.

As you finish your second clip of Broken Butterfly, switch to the TMP.
~Now, unload onto it. The full clip should be enough to actually kill the beast, assuming you managed to focus the entire clip onto it. Let's assume you used up all of your ammo. It should be near death, shoot it with the weapon of your choice. (I can't assure that it won't die before it starts burrowing if you run out of ammo)
Unlock Infinite Rocket Launcher And Mathilda Handgun
Beat the game to unlock the Mathilda handgun and the Infinite Rocket Launcher. The items will be unlocked for purchase at any merchant if you load up a "Round 2" game save. The weapons come with a hefty price, too.
Unlock the Handcannon
In the course of the mercenaries game, you can unlock extra characters by completing the maps with a high score, in addition to secret characters, you can also unlock weapons. The total cost of the Handcannon's upgrades is 790,000 pesetas.
To unlock the Handcannon get a five-star rank on all mercenaries.
Unlocking the Punisher Pistol
When the guy who runs around and sells you upgrades for weapons, he has a secret "quest" for you. You have to search 2 areas of the game for the blue medallions & shoot them (there are 15 altogether). Doing this gets you the Punisher Pistol.
village tip
When you first make it to the villages town square a helpful tip on how to kill the villagers easily and reload without worry of being harmed is to use the tower between the house with the shotgun and the church entrance. When shooting the villagers hop down to the base of the ladder the one entrance to the tower makes it so they can only come at you from one side. and when you need to reload just climb up the ladder (but don't stay up in the tower too long or they will start to throw molotovs at you). and if you need some room because there is too many villagers in front of you just shoot or knife the closest one in the head then kick them... its that simple
Weapons list and Upgrades
Hand gun : Increase h/s by 5X : 57,000
Punisher : Penetrate up to 5 enemies : 40,000
Red 9 : Max. power of 6.5 : 80,000
Black tail : Max.power of 4.5 : 80,000

Shot gun : Same Power everywhere : 90,000
Riot gun : Max fire power of 10 :120,000
Striker : Max. capacity of 100 : 60,000

Rifle : Max. power of 30 : 80,000
Semi-rifle : Max. fire speed of .80 : 80,000

B.B : Max. power of 50 : 150,000
Killer 7: N/A : --,---

TMP : Max. power of 1.8: 100,000

Mine Thrower : Heat seeking ability : 30,000

Secret weapons:

- maltida(handgun): Max. capacity of 100 : 35,000
- Hand cannon(magnum) : Increase max power and infinite bullets : 200,000

This is for the PAL version and is slightly different in the NTSC version.


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hand glitch
when you r in the level with the giant stachue wait for the han to go up a bit then jump you would have normally jumped to the othere side but you jump on the hand when it is not there
Insta-equip grenades
The most easily found and handy example of this glitch is in the final chapter when facing Saddler. If you have one green grenade or more when you start the battle, this will work. After you get to the end of your platform and cross to the other or cross there first, near the lever to swing the I-beams at Saddler there is always a green grenade there. After you have done whatever stratagies or attacks you prefer, you equip a green grenade and run back to this small platform from the far end. Don't pick up this grenade but instead use your equipped green grenade or grenades. They will drop Saddler exposing his big eye. When you are on your last one you chuck it at him, climb and stab him when he drops if you wish and when he bucks you off DO NOT equip another weapon or grenade type. Leon will now have an empty item/ammo indicator in his health circle. Run to the grenade on the ground and when you pick it up you will instantly have it equipped and can use it without accessing the inventory. This works with all grenades or eggs if they are the same type as the ones you used up.
Super speed Leon
If you equip the Striker and aim it, if you push your 'Y' button to pull up your inventory just before the laser dot comes on and then equip another weapon, Leon will run and move almost twice as fast as normal. You can tell the difference immediately if it works or not. Be advised that accessing your inventory, opening some doors and cutscenes may negate the glitch until you do it over.

Happy hunting
Swipe grenade through glass magically
When you get to the chief's house and have the scene where he chokes you and says you 'carry the same blood' when you go downstairs (I won't refer to the other cheats/tips that apply to this part) you will find a cabinet on your right past the dining room with an incindiary (red) grenade in it. Don't bother breaking the glass to retrieve it. IF you angle Leon to the right of the cabinet between it and the wall with the grenade clearly visible through the glass, when you find the right spot, the green button and 'take' command will appear even though you haven't broken the glass and you can still see the grenade. When you press your green button the grenade will dissapear from the cabinet in front of you and into your inventory and the glass will still be there! Useless kinda glitch, but kewl to implement. Enjoy!

Easter eggs

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Big bucks by backtracking
I have seen cheats related to this for the PS2 version, some of you may not have played/seen both. After the lake and Leon wakes up and goes to the watermill part, you go through a cavern and at the end is a door with the insignia you need to open the church. After a brief convo with Hunnigan, you travel forward to a set of doors and there is a boat landing with two barrels near it. The oil lamp by the door has a spinel, btw. Well, most people would jump on the boat and immediately be transported to the merchant and face El Gigante'. If you backtrack out of here to the cabin Leon woke up in and use the boat to travel northwesterly to the first little house, the first thing you will encounter is a group of Plaga wolves before you would normally encounter them near the church the normal route. They are worth quite a bit and the cutscene where they appear is pretty cool too. The cheat that I referred to by another contributer for this area on PS2 works here too, you can run back to the boat after you encounter the wolves and use the harpoon on the boat to take out the wolves one at a time on the dock saving ammo and the swamp area has gannados there now and some will give you items or ammo and there are the two boxes back in at least one of the shacks and a barrel that may have items again. Enjoy
Instant kill of gatling guns
On my second normal round I had enough to equip Leon with an infinite rocket launcher I had unlocked. After dealing with Krauser for the last time, I took on the first gatling gun with the rocket launcher and then the second one for good measure. After killing all the opposition, I trotted across the bridge where the second gatling gun opens up. Instead, since it was already gone, the guy died instantly and I only had to deal with his lackeys. After dealing with the rest of the compound, I headed to the second doorway. Here, I dealt with a shield ganado and his buddy and then took out all the guns in there before I enetered all the way. When Leon steps in, a cutscens shows all of the gatling gun ganados dying and dropping to their knees and I only had to deal with the regular ganados after that.


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Alternate Title Screen
To have an alternate title screen, simply beat the game once.
Chicago Typewriter
This Tommy Gun never runs out of ammo.
Exclusive Upgrades
If you upgraded every stat in a weapon to it's highest level then you can buy an "exclusive" upgrade for that weapon. You can unlock max capacity for that weapon or more power. The Killer 7 gun has no exclusive upgrade.
Play as Krauser Anywhere (Main Game, Assignment Ada, Mercenaries)
Play as Krauser

Awesome. Just awesome. There are codes like this for every playable character but this is obviously the coolest. There are rules. They are as follows.

Main Game
1. Krauser can only access his menu in certain places, usually with merchants.
2. Krauser will only have his knife and arm, no bow, to get the bow working I'll explain below.
3.You cant give ashley commands as Krauser.
4.He cant do radio conversations, the game will freeze.
5. To load a normal file as Krauser, load the file normal first, then unequip all weapons, or sell them all. save, then load as krauser.
6. Krauser can only equip his bow, the slight exception is explained below. Attempting to equip anything besides will result in a game freeze.

THis is a complicated little trick that will almost never work the first time. The steps are as follows.

1. Play as leon until you get inside the village church.
2. Talk to the merchant. Sell all your weapons and Items except for the Handgun.
3. Save and turn off the game.
4.You will now need the following code:

Have Krauser's bow (Press L+Rpad Up)

5. Also put on the following codes:

Infinite Ammo
Infinite Health
Infinite Health (Ashley)
Have Krausers Bow
Play as Krauser
Infinite Cash(Optional, depends on if you have a lot of cash or not)

6.Start game and load that file
7.Move the Handgun to the bottom left corner of the attache case.
8.Press L+RUp
9.YOu should now have the handgun and krausers bow in your attache case.
10. Equip the Handgun.
11. Discard the Bow.
12. Move the Handgun to the upper left corner of the attache case.
13. Press L+RUp
14. Check your attache case now. The bow should have replaced the handgun and you should see an indistinct white patch to the right and down on the bow.
15. Equip the bow.
16. If everything worked, you should have the bow equipped with infinite arrows.

The complexity of this trick lies in one thing: You cant get arrows in the main game. Its easy enough to get the bow, but you have to have something to shoot. I have checked at least 30 websites and i think I am the first person to discover this trick.
Beat The Game To Unlock:

Assignment Ada
Professional Mode (New Difficulty)

To Unlock

Albert Wesker,Hunk,And John Krauser:

Albert Wesker:Achieve a 4 star ranking in "WaterWorld"

Hunk: Achieve a 4 star Ranking in "Island Thunder"

Jack Krauser: Achieve a 4 star ranking in "Castle"

New Weapons: After completing the game atleast once, you will have 2 new weapons,

1.Rocket Launcher
2.Matilda (Handgun)

village scene
After you complete the game, there will be a new menu screen, showing the village. If you move the c stick(yellow) it will move the camera so you can see the village and use l and r button to zoom in or out.
Watch Hidden Trailer
If you don't push any buttons at the title screen. Then after about a minute or so a never-before-seen trailer will play. If you do the same thing at the title screen after the 1st trailer has played then the trailer from The Tokyo Game Show of 2004 will play. It will play these 2 trailers for as many of times as you don't push any buttons at the title screen.