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Resident Evil 2: Dual Shock Edition Cheats

Infinite ammosubmitted by Explosif -
During a game press start to pause the game. Press select and choose controller menu. Now in the controller menu hold the following buttons" L1+L2+R1+R2+D-Pad up and rapidly press the square button. Keep holding the buttons and pressing the square button for 5-15 seconds (depends how fast you press the square button). If done right you will here a "bleep" sound and at the top right corner of the controller menu screen where it says type A, type B etc it will turn red meaning you did the code properly.


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William Birkin 1 (Leon/Claire B only)

Leon: Stay in your position and take shots at him with MAGNUM. After using all of your 8 shots, the music stops and William jumps of the railing. What a loser. That just says he's finished

Claire: I'd be more worried by playing as Claire. Use the GRENADE LAUNCHER with the ACID ROUNDS on him. atleast 6 shots and he'll actlike a loser.

Note: He can Kill you in a 3-hit combo wit the rail in his hand.

Hit 1-> Knocks you off balance.
Hit 2-> Drops you on your knees on the ground.
Hit 3-> Puts you out.
Mr. X Hints and Tips
Mr. X is ONLY availble to fight in the Leon/Clair B Scenarios. When you see him, it's both a good idea and bad idea to fight him. If you're using Dual Shock, it's a good idea since you can turn on Infinite Ammo, otherwise it's still very double edged.

He's the first form of RE3's Nemesis, I discorvered this after playing and beating RE3. It'll take ROUGHLY 20-25 Shotgun Rounds or 20 Magnum rounds to put him down, however when you check his body he'll give Double the ammo of a pick up. For example When you first meet him, if you can take him down he'll cough up 180 Rounds of Hand Gun. Does the same the second time. Third Time he gives up Either 14 Shotgun or 21 Shotgun rounds. Just keep taking him out, and you SHOULD replace the ammo expended on him when he goes down.
shoot the screen
First of all, u MUST have a SHOTGUN! next, go to the place where u see the back of the burin HELICOPTER. Then, get to a place where the screen is lookin down at Leon. Point the gun where u can look straight down the barrel and, SHOOT!!! Bullet hole should apper on the screen.

Side Pack or the S. MACHINEGUN
Okay. You know that storage room in the basement has a SUB MACHINEGUN and a Side Pack. This is how you should choose:

Leon A: Take the SUB MACHINEGUN and leave the Side Pack for Claire. Claire is weaker than Leon so she'd need more space for healing items when you fight the Tyrant (final).

Claire A: Take the Side Pack and leave the SUB MACHINEGUN for Leon. Leon needs the SUB MACHINEGUN for the last William Birkin in Leon B.


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Alternate Costumes
To get the special costumes you must do the following.

Start a new game on normal difficulty. Don't pick up anything. When you get to the gate that leads to the police station go down the stairs. Down there will be Brad Vickers, the pilot from Resident Evil (he's a ZOMBIE!) Head past him and go up the stairs. Get the herb from the bushes closest to the stairs. Go in the R.P.D. and get the bullets at the desk in the back of the room. Go back to Brad and fill that damb zombie full of bullets. Inspect him and take the special key.

When you get to the dark room there are some lockers, use the key to unlock one and get the costumes. With Claire you get a cool denim jaket and the Colt S.A.A. gun. With Leon you either can choose a leather jacket with a skull on the back or a tank top and a baseball hat.

Note: The quickest way to kill Brad is to get close then walk backwards. Let him lunge at your feet then stomp him in the head. This saves a lot of bullets and only takes away 1/8th of you health.
Bonus Weapons
If you finish the game in 2 1/2 hours or less on mission A and get a rank of A or B, you will get the rocket launcher with infinite rounds.

On Mission B you have two options: If you finish the game with an A or B ranking and under 3 hours, you'll get infinite sub-machine gun. If you finish the game with an A or B ranking in under 2 1/2 hours you will get infinite rocket launcher sub-machine gun and the almighty gatling gun.
Thanks Matt.
One-Hit Gator Kill
When you fight the gator boss, he starts coming towards you and you see a yellow light on the left wall. If you inspect the light a cylinder will fall and the gator will eat it. While the cylinder is in its mouth, shoot it and the gator will explode!
Reserve Power Control
To activate reserve power, enter the sequence UP, DOWN, UP, UP, DOWN or UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP.
safe combination
the safe combination is 2236 leon will get shot gun shells and a map claire will get acid rounds and a map
Secret charicters
There are two special charters in the game. The one Tofu, you get him by finishing the game without saving.As for the other one,Hunk is acquired by beating the game with a A rank or higher.

Secret Photo D
In the STARS Room, try to search Wesker's desk til a note appears : "It's trashed. Someone must have searched the desk..." for 50 times. Then you get Photo D. Take the photoghraph in Dark Room, you have Rebecca's picture.
Super Stamina
For limited invulnerability, mix the green, blue and red herbs in that order. You MUST mix the herbs in that order, or they will not work. Green and Blue MUST be mixed together first, then you add the red herb.
Unlimited Ammo(Infinite Ammo)
Press Select to enter options mode and select key configuration(config. for short) and hold R1 and press square(10). When Manual turns red you will now have Unlimited Ammunition.
Unlock Extreme Battle game
Just complete any A and B scenarios in Normal Mode. You will be asked to save a file for Extreme Battle game. Then open that file to enter the game.
Working Infininte Ammo code
You must actually start the game, and while in gameplay, press select and go to "Key Config".
Change the config to to whatever layout you wish. Then hold L1+L2+R1+R2, and while holding these four buttons down (or if playing on the PSP, hold L, R, and the analog stick up by default), and press the square button ten times. If done correctly, the layout status for "Manual" or "Auto", if on type C, will switch to red text instead of white. This confirms infininte ammo is enabled.

To turn it off, repeat the same code entry and the text switched back to white.

Note: This only works on the Dual Shock Edition!