Resident Evil Gaiden review
Resident Evil Gaiden

The good:

Leon and Barry's back.
Guns and weapons are the same too.

The bad:

The game is on GBC.Who wants that?
Graphics look really really nasty.
No Puzzles.New Character.This could be good too.


This game has a little cycle which will bore you quickly:First you go to the story,then fight zombies,get a key item, fight more zombies, then use your key item and go to another story part.
Your bullets aren't very plentiful(Even though its survival horror).The battle tactics are a bit frustrating.the controls are okay. The battles are like shooting targets.In battle you don't move gun. but a line that has something in the middle which is a head shot.the line moves left to right and right to left.It'll keep on doing that until you kill the zombie.your gun should hit the line when it comes to the middle which is where the gun is.

After you've beaten the game, You WILL NOT want to play that game ever again!Unless you are truly bored.
I'd rather buy a Resident Evil Story Gallery or something.Geez this game doesn't even fit for Hardcore Resident Evil people!

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