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Resident Evil: Dead Aim review
Resident Evil: Dead Aim

The good:

the fact you can actually aim in this game is good unlike the very sucky resident evil where it's hard to aim properly this adds a challenging element to the game testing your aim witch makes it both harder and easier not to mention the graphics and story also kick ass and the enemy Morpheus he sucks! it just makes you want to kick his ass so bad when you fight him i dont got nothing against gay people but this guy is a little too obsessed with beauty for me not to mention he becames a women after aking the Tg Virus sorry if i offended any gay or transvetites

The bad:

nothing at all in the least at all even a little bit i dont think its my favorite resident evil game actually


this games good it has everything a cute girl a good story and an ass kicking main character some people might not like the length but its a decent time and the graphics are good and not to mention its the first resident evil game where you actually save the world i might add

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