Resident Evil: Dead Aim Cheats

Resident Evil: Dead Aim cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Kill the hunters very quick.
It's simple, just have the shotgun ready and when a hunter gets in range shot them in the head or shot and make sure all the bullets hit the ugly thing, and it should die after about 4 to 5 shots. This is very helpfull at the start of the game when you first meet the hunters when too are after you.
One shot kill more then 1 zombie each time
It's simple, all you gotta do is have have the shotgun ready and wait for the zombies too get close and shot in the head. If done right the bullets will spread and hit some more zombies and kill them. Works most of the time.
Quicker boss kills.
To kill the bosses very quicker all you gotta do is have the magum ready for a boss fight, as soon as you see the bosses weak point, blast away with good shots and the boss should die after 4 to 5 shots, as magum deals so much damage to them it makes it the most powerfull gun in game!!!
speed turning
In stead of turning slowly you can turn much quiker by pulling the left anolog stick in any direction.

this is good when getting away from enimies


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Be Fongling
Finish the game one time and save. Start a new game using the save file to play as Fongling instead of Bruce.
Beating Fat Boss
Difficulty: Medium
Have aid sprays, pills, herbs. Whatever can give you atleast three full lives. Let him get close to you and keep shooting at his head about 7-10 (or more)with the shotgun and if needed use the grenade launcher to finish him off.His head will start to fall apart and he'll die.
Beating Morpheus
When you have to fight Morpheus after you get the charged particle rifle, i found that as soon as the fight started if you ran to one of the columns and stood and hid along the edge of it, it is easier to kill morpheus. Just wait for him/her to walk into your sight and then blast it untill it dies. if it does manage to hit you then just leg it to another column and try again. if u postion yourself right, sometimes morpheus will be walking towards you but the column will be in the way and so he just walks into that instead, leaving you the chance to just blast him without getting hit yourself.
Beating Pluto (Blob)
The best way to beat pluto (the blob thing you fight before going down in the lift) is to use your silenced hangun and to shoot it in the head. It is blind so it relies on hearing. As long as you make sure that you always hold down 1 of the sneak buttons and that you do not get to close to it then it won't hit u. It should walk around slowly if it doesn't hear you and will stop every now and then. If it does start to get a bit close to you then just sneak away (you can sneak while in 1st person view). After a while its brain will sorta hang down and a while after that it will die as long as you aim for its brain.
Begin Game With Inf. Ammo and All Weapons
To begin the game with Inf. ammo and all weapons you must beat the game on hard difficulty mode and get an S rating. Then u will start the game with Inf. ammo and all the weapons
Better Aim
Can use a USB Mouse with Dualshock2 gamepad. (i use an old logitech for PC . Doesnt work if i open the PS2 with the mouse connected .First open the PS2 and then put the mouse on it ). Left button Fire second reaload.
difficulty awards
Easy difficulty, "A" rank: All handguns and shotgun.
Easy difficulty, "S" rank: All weapons except charged particle rifle.
Recommended difficulty, "A" rank: All weapons except charged particle rifle.
Recommended difficulty, "S" rank: All weapons except charged particle rifle with unlimited ammunition.
Extreme difficulty, "A" rank: All weapons except charged particle rifle with unlimited ammunition.
Extreme difficulty, "S" rank: All weapons with unlimited ammunition.
S ranks
The best way that i found to get an s rank was to complete the game without saving it once and by only using green herbs to heal. It doesn't seem to matter if you die either because i have continued before and still got an s rank.
tips for S rank
these are some tips to the people who want to beat the hard mode with the S rank.

First, for the newcomer of the RE game, go ahead and try out and pratice some more with the easy mode. (can choose to play with either gun or Dual Shock2)

If you are a RE veteran "like me", then you don't have to waste time in the easy mode; go ahead to get the normal mode. I beleive that is a piece of cake for you to beat it. The main point of this first try out is for you to go through the game one. Therefore, the second time in hard mode will be easy for you with those puzzle solving.
(can choose to play with either gun or Dual Shock2)

The first advice for the hard mode is play with "Dual Shock2" through the game, because it is a way to save ammo. Using "Dual Shock2" can help "boom" zombies' head easily with one hand gun shot. If you success with that trick, it is not that hard for you to get to the end of the game under the limit of ammo in hard mode. Finally, before encount with the last boss, change back to "gun" control, because it is easier to beat the last boos.

~~~ enjoy your inf. electric gun