Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Tips

How to kill the boss in Train derailment 2
Okay that boss is a bat here's how to kill this Bat!

1.Once you find him take out your Machine gun and keep shooting him
2.You'll find 4 small bats fend em' off with the Knife
3.The big bat will come again keep shooting him with machine gun!
4.use the knife to take care of the 6 bats than shoot the big on with the machine gun!
5.kill those 2 bats with the knife get up the ladder once your on the ladder equip the shotgun and keep shooting it until it's dead see it's easy!

(Wanna see my rank i got for Train derailment 2?) here

Clear time- 00:22:15= C Rank
Enemy hits- 268= S Rank
Critical hits- 0= C Rank
Objects Destroyed- 55= A Rank
Files Obtained- 1=C Rank
The Total Rank i got was a "C" Rank which was the worst hah!

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Thnx for reading!