Resident Evil: Deadly Silence review
Good Remake, Could Have Been Better Though.

The good:

-A new rebirth mode.
-Old classic mode.
-Decent graphics.
-A new online mode.
-Uses DS features.
-New Masters of Knifing mini-game.

The bad:

-Bad Voice Acting.
-Undetailed Environments.


Basicly take the Playstation Resident Evil and make a hand-held. Capcom added in a new mode called Rebirth Mode. Rebirth Mode does have some differences like some first person-knife battle, more ammo, new puzzles, and more bosses but not much else. Classic Mode is the original Playstation version where the knife battles are easier than the other Resident Evil games.
Resident Evil DS surprised me, Capcom usually makes their games with the best graphics they can, but they didn't this time around. Though the Resident Evil remake for the Gamecube had more detail in the environments, Capcom didn't do too bad with them. Pretty much the graphics are a direct port from the Playstation version.
The sound isn't all that bad. It's not scary and it's not action type music it's just music that does help the game somehow. The sound effects are okay too, but you'll notice that while playing the music doesn't sound all that clear. The voice acting is something also for Rebirth Mode The voice acting should have been better, and for Classic Mode it should stay the same.
The controls for this game seem the easiest, probably because you use the D-Pad to move your character, or i'm used to the controls. Capcom did try to make them as easy as possible for both veterans and newcomers. You can also select from two different control types.
In Classic Mode nothings changed from the original version except knife combat is alot easier and the knife doesn't take up space in your inventory. For Rebirth Mode though there's a new fighting sequence where at times when you enter a room and you have a first person knife battle against zombies and other enemies also there's more ammo, the knife combat is as easy as classic mode, more puzzles using the DS stylus, and different events happen in some rooms.
Replay Value
Like in almost all Resident Evil games there is an unlockable mini-game, this ones called "Masters of Knifing." You can also unlock characters for use with the Wi-Fi connection.
Resident Evil Deadly Silence is fun and can be addicting but Rebirth Mode should have had newer things added onto it. Classic Modes fine though. The unlockables are fun and you can play online with your friends. The voice acting isn't good but you get over it when your playing. You should probably buy this game if you like the other Resident Evil games or are a newbie and can't find the first game. Plus the can be somehow very fun so take that into consideration as well.

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