Resident Evil: Deadly Silence User Reviews


For Die-Hard Fans Only

The good:

- Portability
- Gameplay
- The new "REbirth" Mode
- Use of the DS' features (touch screen, microphone etc.)
- Music

The bad:

- Besides REbirth Mode, nothing new was added.
- Voice Acting
- Replay value
- Clunky controls and dodgy camera angles
- Lack of Multiplayer Maps


For a direct port from the Playstation to a handheld system, Resident Evil DS is surprisingly well done, being able to capture the feel of a Resident Evil game with the portability of a handheld device.

As it was a direct port of the PSX version, the story was left unchecked, and goals throughout the game were left unchanged. There are still many zombies to be killed (again) and puzzles to be solved, and thus backtracking is an important part of the game, which at times can me quite meticulous.

Unfortunately though, as the game is a direct port, the sub-par voice acting, dodgy camera and clun...


Good Remake, Could Have Been Better Though.

The good:

-A new rebirth mode.
-Old classic mode.
-Decent graphics.
-A new online mode.
-Uses DS features.
-New Masters of Knifing mini-game.

The bad:

-Bad Voice Acting.
-Undetailed Environments.


Basicly take the Playstation Resident Evil and make a hand-held. Capcom added in a new mode called Rebirth Mode. Rebirth Mode does have some differences like some first person-knife battle, more ammo, new puzzles, and more bosses but not much else. Classic Mode is the original Playstation version where the knife battles are easier than the other Resident Evil games.
Resident Evil DS surprised me, Capcom usually makes their games with the best graphics they can, but they didn't this time around. Though the Resident Evil remake for the Gamecube had more detail in the environment...

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