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Monsters made easy
Here are some pro tips on fighting all the monsters, except for a few bosses, in Resident Evil, with both there strengths and weaknesses.Note: these stratagies WILL put you in harm's way, but with a little patience, you'll be saving both health and precious ammo in no time flat. Let's get started.

Zombies - slow and stinky, zombies don't pose much of an initial threat until they get in close or surround you. Always face them forward(remember, you can't use defense items if grabbed from behind.) and tag them with your handgun, and look for the pool of blood to confirm that it will stay down. A headshot will occur only at random. Once down, don't forget to burn them. ALL OF THEM. Aside from the fuel canteen, Jill can aim her grenade launcher at a downed zombie and set it ablaze using a flame round. The Shotgun will crack a head with one blast, but you have to wait for the right moment. If you'll watch, their heads are slightly tilted back as they approach; wait until the split second when they lurch at you, and SPLAT, instant kill every time. It's also a good idea to try and hit them in the head from the side or the back, as they're turning towards you.

Crimson Heads - if you come across a downed zombie that's been laying around for a while, don't run up on it too quickly, look for the reddish color of the feet or the claws on its hands, depending on the angle of view. If you encounter one, the handgun is utterly useless unless you manage to score a headshot, but don't count on it. These things are vicious, and their bite is twice as strong as that of a normal zombie's, so don't let it get in close. Try for a headshot with the shotgun, but be ready with a second shot if the first dosen't take it out. Your best bet are normal grenade rounds, as they pack a punch from a distance.

Crows - DON"T FIRE ANY WEAPONS!!! Leave them be, or you might spook them, which is something you'll regret.

Zombie Dogs - fast and agile, these muts can be a pain if they start to circle you, so if at all possible, kill them in groups using the wide spread of a shotgun blast. Also, if you stumble across one lying down, be brave and run up right next to it and aim down with the shotgun for an instant kill every time, but be carful: there is ALWAYS more than one dog about, so be ready.

Vipers - more of an obstacle than a must-kill enemy, save your ammo and run past them. If you hear a faint squeek, it means one is about to take a shot at your foot, so keep moving and keep a blue herb handy because their bite is often poisoness.

Hornets - found mostly in the Residence gallery, it's a good idea to just run away from them. Be sure to keep moving, because their sting is fast and often poisoness, so take a blue herb just in case.

Sharks - this should be a no-brainer. KEEP MOVING!!! If you,re bitten in the water, it causes the big shark in the Aqua Ring to surface faster.

Spiders - not the most dangerous of enemies, but don't take them lightly. Use the shotgun to blow it on its back, wait for it to flip over, then hit it again. Also, avoid facing a spider head-on if possible because their poisoness spit has unbelievable range.

Hunters - Quick, deadly and surprising, the hunters are among the most dangerous creatures in all of the RE games. They can also slice your head off if given the right angle, no matter what your health reads. While acid grenades and magnum rounds almost always spell out a one-hit kill, believe it or not, the shotgun is the best weapon to use, if you have the courage to use it right. Your first blast will knock it down, immediatly run behind it, aim down and hit it again. A third shot will sometimes be needed to put it down for good. The wide spread of the shotgun also allows you to engage multiple hunters at one time because they are easily stunned by your barrage of lead. If you find yourself in this situation, don't stop shooting until you hear them scream and hit the floor.

Chimeras - found only in the Laboratory near the game's end, these insect-like freakazoids have more bark than bite. Grenades and the shotgun work great, but you must still be careful as there are a multitude of them running around the Power Room. They're quick to jump to the ceiling when you fire on them where they can slash from where you can't hit them. Try to avoid getting into a stand-off, because more will pile out of the vent ducts, adding to the frustration.

Zombie with Grenades - RUN!!! attacking it in any way results in instant death, but don't worry; when all four death masks are placed in the dungeon, the zombie disappears.

Giant Snake(in the library) - it may come as a shock, but take only the handgun to save on bigger weapons and an herb or two, because this guy's really a push-over. Always stay around the snake's tail, as it can't turn around worth a crap. Stick-and-move is the prime method here, so avoid getting close to the head, it does have a long reach with its bite, which by the way, is no longer poisoness at this point, but very damaging all the same. 20-25 shots from the handgun should do the trick, just don't stay in one spot for too long.

Monster-in-Chains(1st encounter) - in the shed outside the mansion past the graveyard, you'll meet a monster you can't hurt with gunfire which can also cause some serious damage with one blow. A well-placed grenade will stun it, giving you time to dodge, but there's a better way. Once it appears, turn around and run past the item box near where you found the crank, jump down and wait. With your back against the wall, wait for the creature to jump, then quickly climb back up, avoiding its wild swing and book for the door.

Monster-in-Chains(2nd encounter) - in the caves, simply avoid it while keeping a sharp eye around blind corners. Don't worry, you'll get a chance at revenge soon enough.

Monster-in-Chains(3rd encounter) - there are two ways to win this fight, but the main thing to keep in mind is that the monster can knock you into the pit rather easily, so which ever strategy you use, keep your distance. The first method is to use your shotgun, grenade launcher or magnum in an attempt to knock it of the side. If you succeed, it will be hanging on for dear life; run up and blast it with everything you have and it will eventually plummet. The second method allows you to beat the monster without firing a single shot. That's right! See the four stone pillars in the corners? While avoiding the monster, push all four pillars off the edge, which prompts the coffin in the center of the room to open. A cutscene will take over, and the monster will simply jump into the pit, saving you a ton of ammo. This is the recommended method.

There you have it, and remember: DON'T WASTE AMMO!!!

Create Artificial Grenade Rounds
(for Jill only; verified on Japanese version only)
This is the much widely reported glitch for Resident Evil on the Nintendo GameCube (Japanese). It is highly likely that this bug was removed by the programmers prior to the game's North American release, so don't be so surprised that the following instructions won't work for you. Again, this bug only works for Jill (since she's the only one who can equip the grenade launcher).
(1) - Jill must have the grenade launcher loaded with one type of grenade round as well as having a different type of grenade round (in ammo form) available to her.
(2) - Go to any item box and empty all of Jill's inventory except for the grenade launcher and the secondary type of grenade ammo.
(3) - Take this chance to arrange the two items needed for the trick as well: the grenade launcher should be in the top left-most slot (slot #1) and the different grenade ammo in the top right-most item slot (slot #2).
(4) - Equip the grenade launcher.
(5) - Open the item box. The trick must be done while on this screen; do not leave this screen or the glitch will fail.
(6) - Move the cursor to the different grenade ammo in Jill's inventory, and move it to the item box. You do not need to move the ammo to an empty slot, in fact, I do not recommend that you move the D-pad or the Analog Stick at all when moving the ammo from Jill's inventory to the item box.
(7) - Now without pressing any button except the D-pad or Analog stick, move the the cursor to highlight the grenade ammo in the item box (the slot the grenade ammo is held in should be outlined in red).
(8) - Click the grenade ammo slot with the A button (GCN) and again once the cursor moves to the grenade launcher; the cursor will move automatically from the item box to Jill's inventory once you press the A button (GCN) when the cursor is highlighting a slot in the item box.
(9) - The resulting glitch will produce about 1000+ rounds of ammo in one slot. Since each ammo slot can only hold 255 rounds, the extra ammo will be separated if combined with the grenade launcher. It is advised that you separate the ammo once the glitch is done, since it is questionable whether this is healthy for your game data.
Infinite Weapons on Game Clear
There are two (2) secret weapons available in Resident Evil (GCN). Since the game no longer has a grading system (at least on the Japanese version), your only requirement is to finish the game under time. This means those first aid sprays are definitely on the comeback! Be sure to save the game once the weapons are earned.
The first weapon is the "Samurai Edge" a handgun firing .40 Cal Smith and Wesson catridges. It is earned if the game is finished in under five (5) hours or less. It is recommended that Jill be used to do this feat since she has more item spaces and thus needs to make fewer trips to item boxes. The "Samurai Edge" replaces the player's survival knife on "Once Again . . ."
The second weapon is a futuristic version of Dylan Morten's Anti-tank Rifle. It is earned if the game is finished in under three (3) hours or less. Again, it is recommended that Jill be used to perform this feat. IN ADDITION, it is highly recommended that Jill omit doing the MO Disk quest in order to cut down on detours. The Anti-tank Rifle replaces the player's survival knife on "Once Again . . ." If the Samurai Edge was earned already, it will be waiting for you in the first item box you open.
New Game Modes on Game Clear
Two new game modes will offer new challenges for players who think they've mastered the game. Because they are separate modes from the normal game, infinite weapons are not available in either of these two new modes.
The first mode is earned by completing the game on Normal difficulty, "Real Survivor" mode will be a real challenge (unlike 'Survivor') because the item boxes are no longer linked to one another via an inter-dimsional gate. Any items you put in one box stays in that item box until you physically move it from one item box to another.
The second mode is called "Invisible Enemy," and is earned when the game is finished twice. "Invisible Enemy" mode is just as described, the enemies are completly invisible. In addition, auto-aiming will be turned off. Finishing "Invisible Enemy" mode in under five (5) hours will open up a new option that will allow you to see a "Developer Slideshow" once the game clear data is saved.
New costumes on Game Clear
Finishing the game once with one character will unlock one of two costumes for that character. Thus, to get all four costumes, you must finish the game twice with each character (twice with Jill, twice with Chris). The costumes are accessed with the WARDROBE KEY found in the first item box you come across. That key opens up a previously locked door in the room where you get the FIRST FLOOR MAP (MANSION).
If you get the map, you will notice that there is a small room in the hallway next to the door locked by the SWORD KEY. A DEFENSE ITEM is in the small cluttered hallway, but the door to the wardrobe room is at the first bend of the small hallway. Changing your character's costume will also cause your character's partner to change his or her clothes as well (Barry or Rebecca, as appropriate).
Multiple endings
There are multiple enedings to Resident Evil as many veterans know. You can always try not saving Chris or Jill, as well as not coming to the assistance of the character's partner(s), Barry and Rebecca, when they need it the most. Here's a list of "life-changing" decisions:
MO Disk quest - Not being able to locate and use all three MO Disks will result in the inevitable demise of a valuable team-member; even if you do find all three MO Disks and unlock the door, remember that not opening the door can have the same results.
"Give back Barry's Gun?" - Faced with a boss, most people will say yes. Try saying no once in awhile. Women like Jill never know what effect they have on guys like me.
"That scream . . . is that Rebecca?" - Once you go into the room the moment of decision is at hand; cowards who flee the scene deserve what they get.
Other events can have different effects on what will go on in the game, but will not truly affect the ending as much as the above mentioned situations.
One Deadly Zombie
It is advised that you get both secret weapons with Jill before you finish the game with Chris. This is the reason why. Once Jill and Chris finish the game once, a new explosive laden zombie in the form of Forrest Speyer will ambush your character on the next "Once Again . . ." game.
If you so much as shoot the monster, or even use a single DEFENSE ITEM, the explosives will go off and kill you instantly. The only way to avoid this threat is to run away (the Deadly Zombie will not bypass doors). The Deadly Zombie counts as a special runner, and will attempt to grab you once close. If you are stuck in a small room, you have no chance to escape unscathed.
Luckily, the One Deadly Zombie is encountered only in the first third of the game, when you are apt to most of the running yourself; however, the extra presence of an explosive monster is cerainly unappetizing. Once the four MASKS are acquired and used, the One Deadly Zombie will show up no more.