Resident Evil 6 review
Better than RE5 Anyday!

The good:

-Being able to move and shoot

The bad:

-Minor Glitches
-Voice acting


Oh...I am such a Resident Evil fan. That is the reason why I probably gave this a higher score then any other normal player. My history of RE only goes back to Resident Evil 4 which I know isn't very good, but at least I learnt about the earlier games.

I had this game on my buying list before anything else! I got the demo and I was impressed, it blew the air out of my lungs.

But the full game was even better! To the review!

I pre-ordered RE6 from EB Games Australia, why would you want to know this, the fact is, I got it before the release date. I was crying with shock and joy, oh I loved it so much, first 12 hours I spent just playing the game, then eleven hours the next day and so on.

Let me tell you why this is.

First you start off with a tutorial, it shows you how to play the game, what to do, etc. Although, this actually did confuse me at first, I realized that all they mostly did, was edit one of the later chapters from Leon's campaign and make it the tutorial. But, I was way more glad when it was over.

I first started off with Leon's campaign (I mean it's first on the list) and I did this with a friend. Although, the first level of just walking around got really, really annoying, this game actually did get me at one point.
The atmosphere of the game somehow seemed to remind me of RE4...by a tiny bit! Although, many things were scripted horribly, I enjoyed it. But it's the later chapters that are a lot more awesome.

Skip talking about the chapters and on to the gameplay. Now I know everyone has a go at the QTEs (Quick-Time-Events) in this game, but to me, I honestly didn't care! I love QTEs, but then again, that's me. The graphics of this game are excellent, although not compared with Alice: Madness Returns which had such better visuals, the areas that you visit (Ediona, Tall Oaks and China) all look very well done. And the effects of what would happen if a zombie apcolypse really did happen was cool.

Overall, the gameplay in Leon's shows a tip towards the rest of the RE series, with that campaign only really having zombies involved and other bosses. His by far is the best campaign to play.

Chris'. Could I just say this...sorry Chris but your campaign was the worst. It was like the crappiest spin-off of CoD I have ever seen. The weapons in this campaign are weak against the enemies that Chris and Piers have to fight.
J'avo are the enemies in this campaign and they are a lot more harder to kill then zombies...well that for the fact their not dead.
Are you kidding me...is this another Resident Evil 5?
Well...yes, in a way, although the good thing is, you don't have Sheva with you. You have Piers instead...but at least he doesn't come to you every five minutes with a first-aid spray.

This campaign leans towards a war type of game...and I don't like those types of games. Then again...Capcom was trying to impress everyone with 6, but alas, even that didn't work to plan.

Overall, Chris' campagin has a lot of flaws, plus you can get lost a lot, even the guide doesn't really tell you where to go. I suggest you lay off of Chris' till the time comes.

Jake's. This one I have to say is a beauty. I just love Jake's dialogue. In this campaign most of the time all you really have to do is run, but you fight things as they come in your way. There are a few frustrating parts in this campaign that'll piss you off, but with the outcome, I think this deserves a trophy...oh wait...it does.

Gameplay overall (all campaigns) is rather good, I like the new physical attacks and the shooting part of it. I think it was fairly good of how each of them turned out...but Chris' could be better.

The Unlockables:
Well, what's a game without unlockables?
Although, mostly everything is unlocked straight away, you have to do certain things to unlock certain stuff.
There may be some spoilers here, just depends whether you've heard about the information or not.
For example, the only way of unlocking Ada's campaign is to finish the other three campaigns on any difficulty.
Then there's the unlocking of Skills.
Oh, I forgot to mention about the Skills menu. There is no money in the game, it is instead replace with skill points and it varys on how you kill the enemy or what you do to earn them. Skills have up to eight slots, which then put three sub-slots for you to equip the skills in.
I find this a good idea...until you realise that you have to place the Infinate ammo things in these as well.
Infinate Ammo doesn't get unlocked till you've completed all four campaigns.

In the Mercenaires, you can also unlock characters as well as their alternate costumes, depending on how high the score is and the stage.

You thought I was never going to make it here. You thought I was going to go on about how awesome this game is...but sorry, it stops here.
Some sad things about this game is how short the chapters are (well, that is of how good you are at them).
I kind of expected Leon's campaign to go further when in the catherdual, but it didn't, it ended in basically two chapters...that just sucks, no wonder I seem to play RE4 more than this.
Anywho, my conclusion is that this game is fairly good, I emphasize the fairly, because Chris' could have been much better.
One thing that this game could have had to make it more awesome...that being of having it be able to go up to four or six players, the only time it goes up to four players is in the story intersections and that's not enough.
I give this a 7.6 out of 10.
Could have been a lot better in many places.

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Alyssa Dec 26, 12
I suppose learning that you wrote this review to spite mine is as good a motivation to read through it than any.

A problem I'm having with all of your reviews - especially this one - is that you briefly tell people what's in the game, but not really talk about them. Now, I'm not expecting novels or anything, but what I (and anybody who reads reviews to gauge the quality of the product being reviewed) expect is that you back up your opinions. In one instance, you say that you like the quick time events even though everyone hates them, and then... you literally just move right onto the graphics. Really? I was actually pretty curious to know why you liked the quick time events and why they helped make the game a 7.6/10. A better question is this - what kind of dialogue did Jake have? What was likeable about it? There are plenty more I could point out, but the point is that you need to put some meat on those bones. I'm sure a lot of readers who are debating whether to buy it or if it's even worth torrenting the PC version are wondering if these features you're pointing out are any good and then why they're good/bad/mediocre.

And I might as well explain why I was hard on this game - the reason I hated Resident Evil 6 so much was because it went out of its way to insult my intelligence. It was an utterly generic third person shooter that tried as hard as possible to be Call Of Duty - what, with all the set pieces and whatnot - all because the Call Of Duty series is one of the biggest selling gaming franchises of all time. While that seems silly, they were doing pretty damn good already with the other games in the series (well, not so much with Code Veronica, but people were starting to get sick of it by that point, which was over a decade ago). There was no need to completely sell out - there was only a need to find a good balance between horror and action, which they made a good start with in Resident Evil 4. Not to mention, a lot of Call Of Duty's copycats are lucky to sell even a quarter of what Call Of Duty sells, even if they're at least semi relevant franchises (Medal Of Honor), and that's not to mention both critical and gamer reception, which far more often than not, doesn't reach the heights Call Of Duty does.

In other words, usually when I really hate a game, it's for reasons beyond a few screwy gameplay elements. Like I said in the conclusion of my review, just going by the issues I pointed out, I'd give it a 4/10 or even a 4.5/10 (I'm still on the fence there 1 month later, by the way :3), but when you consider the intention behind it (which is to basically half heartedly imitate Call Of Duty with vague hints of Resident Evil 4 and 5's action/horror hybrid style just to get westerners to buy it), coupled with the fact that it doesn't do anything that other third person shooters do much better, I feel like the 2.5/10 I gave it was perfectly justified. For the record, while Resident Evil 6 sold 4 million units across both platforms, Black Ops 2 sold double that much on the PS3 alone, and that's not to mention how many units it sold on the 360. Not a big deal? Well, Resident Evil 5 sold nearly 5 million units on the PS3 and 3.3 million units on the 360. That's not much of an improvement and Resident Evil 5 wasn't nearly as blatant of a sellout product than Resident Evil 6.

Please try to understand that I'm not trying to upset you. I'm actually trying to help you understand where I was coming from while trying to help you improve your review writing skills - believe me when I say that reviewing truly becomes an enjoyable thing to do once you get a better grasp of writing. :3
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haalyle Dec 27, 12
Yeah, don't worry, I was only angry for a short amount of time I did have difficulty with the game (still do) and it does frustrate me.

Yeah, need to do better with my writing skills, thanks for that, that's why I'm practising writing stories and such, I have definately gotten better over the year though.

I didn't mind your review, but I just found the score too low for myself.
Thanks for reading.
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