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What could've happened after December 21st, 2012


The Introduction:
Given that survival horror games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Silent Hill: Downpour aren't selling like Call Of Duty, Capcom decides to give up any and all semblance of survival horror for the Resident Evil series. To an old school elitist shitheel, this spells bloodier murder than Resident Evil 5 and the inclusion of Star Wars characters in Soul Calibur 4 did, but for somebody who is willing to see where a company goes with change, I waited until I either got the “okay” to play it or simply ignore it like a person who is actually responsible with their money. Perhaps...


quick time events suck, stop putting them in games


*bleep*, this is like the antithesis of what Resident Evil was once about! Instead of deliberate pacing where a bullet unshot is a bullet saved, Resident Evil 6 is an action movie where the main characters dispense bad, oftentimes painful one liners and a metric *bleep*ton of bullets, even though at times, it's like there's never enough of the latter. Meanwhile, explosions are going off every other minute and all sorts of crazy shit happens. More stuff happens, stuff over there happens and stuff over in that direction happens - it's just stuff happening! Goddammit Capcom, I know you want to...


Better than RE5 Anyday!

The good:

-Being able to move and shoot

The bad:

-Minor Glitches
-Voice acting


Oh...I am such a Resident Evil fan. That is the reason why I probably gave this a higher score then any other normal player. My history of RE only goes back to Resident Evil 4 which I know isn't very good, but at least I learnt about the earlier games.

I had this game on my buying list before anything else! I got the demo and I was impressed, it blew the air out of my lungs.

But the full game was even better! To the review!

I pre-ordered RE6 from EB Games Australia, why would you want to know this, the fact is, I got it before the release date. I was crying with shock and joy, oh I loved it s...


It's great that we can move and shoot after 16 years! Too bad it didn't make the game good.


Oh Resident Evil, your dusty old corpse just doesn't want to be left alone, doesn't it? Especially not from government appointed scientists that want to conduct experiments on the living dead, which explains what Area 51 has really been holding! Resident Evil started off by popularising the suvival horror genre, then it redefined it with Resident Evil 4, and then further redefined it with Resident Evil 5 to the point of an identity crisis. Seriously, Resident Evil 5 wasn't sure whether to be horror or action – at least Resident Evil 4 was more definite with its blend of action and horror. S...

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