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Does Not Meet Standards of 'The' Resident Evil Style

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"Resident Evil 5"

Ah, the Resident Evil series. Some say it went down hill after Resident Evil 4. And boy, do I have to agree there. There were so many things that I could think of to improve this game. So, let's talk about the gameplay first.

Okay, so let's say, they copied the third-person style from Resident Evil 4 and that hasn't changed all too much, but now, you have a partner with you and everyone can sort of see, the only real reason she seems to be there is for co-op. But, when she is just AI, things start getting pretty worse for wear.

First things first, she may use up a whole bunch of her ammo at shooting enemies, which does get quite annoying, since she'll often ask you for more ammo and you often yell at the screen "Get your own!" Secondly, she tends to spray a first-aid spray at you for no reason. I was only hit once, took a tiny bit of my heath and she straight away gave me health. It does get very annoying, since when you really do need health, she doesn't have it.

The controls are hard to tell, since you can choose from four different types, A, B, C and D. I have it on type D, but it depends on how you like it. On Type A and B you use strafe with the right analogue stick, which makes you face the direction you wanna go in. I found it a little difficult to use to be honest.

Now, the graphics. This place is set in Africa, so they wouldn't really have the awesome technology we have. The graphics are a lot more better and mind me for saying, but I did find myself glued to Sheva sometimes, but I snap out of it. I like the water effects, but they come only rarely.

The look and feel of the weapons are alright, but I think the machine guns could have been done a little better, as they felt weak too me and I hardly use them. The day time and night are and excellent way to tell how long it took. Other than that, I think the graphics were alright, could have been a little more detailed in some place, so we could see the BSAA emblems better, but other than that, it was alright.

The story...probably a way between it's weak spot and it's strength. I found it a little confusing at first, as I got more into the game, I understood more of it. Alright, so it could have been a little better, with a few plot holes here and there, but it came along as I expected it.
(I am trying to make this a spoiler free review!)

The Articial Intelligance in this game, where do I begin. Well, I've already told of Sheva, but the enemy AI is perhaps...alright. They do go the wrong way sometimes, they also sometimes don't notice you're there until you go face to face with them, so that does make it less scary. But one good thing about Sheva's AI is that, she has fairly perfect aim with a rifle, which helps out in many cases, so that's an extra plus.

What happens at the end of the game? Well, you unlock more extras to play, but since I only have the normal version, I would have to download some of the other ones. The Mercenaries have made a come back, but to me, I only use it when I'm bored. Other than that, there's not a heap you can do...so lets talk about the online and offline co-op.

So, the offline co-op is splitscreen, but it makes it a little harder to aim. Althought, you do have a lot of fun.
The online co-op is in the usual screen, since it is online, but you get to see the way the other character plays the game. I love playing this on co-op, because I find it a lot of fun, but it would also be a handy idea to pick up a mic.

That reminds me, okay, so you may not have to get a mic, because you have at least some way of saying thanks or anything to your online player. I find this a good idea, espically for people who don't have a mic, I think some other games may also be like this, but I think this was handy sometimes.

Conclusion: It's an alright game, not extremly horrible like other games I've played, not extremly the best and awesome either. It's in the middle of the two, so I give it a 5.5 out of ten.
If I were some people, it would be a good idea to rent before buying, so you get a taste in what it is like. This I did not do however, but that was my fault.

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