Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition review
Best Third Person Shooter that I've Played!

The good:

-Level Designs

The bad:

-Minor Glitches
-Wii Control issues


Resident Evil 4 was originally made in 2005, it's release on the Nintendo GameCube gave it excellent reviews, making it 'Game of the Year for 2005'. It was then ported to the PlayStation 2, which had then been included with extras, like an Easy mode, Separate Ways and an extra costume.

It was then re-released to the Nintendo Wii, with the extras the PS2 had and the graphics the GameCube had.

Let's start out with the plot. If you haven't played Resident Evil 4 before, the story kind of simply goes like this; Leon S. Kennedy has been dispatched to go and rescue the President's daughter, Ashley Graham, from some rural part of Europe.There we go, that's it. Easy right?

Okay, let's start with the gameplay. Capcom have ditched the fixed camera angles, which probably made the early games more scary, and replace it with over the shoulder third-person. Not that this is bad, I mean, it's a huge step forward. But I suppose that this could be a reason for why this game doesn't feel like Resident Evil.

To fight the enemies you can either shoot them or use a knife, as well as melee attacks. You can do melee attacks by stunning an enemy either by shooting them in the leg or in the face, this will give you the order of an action, also depending on the character you play as.

Now the laser sight has been taken out of this version, unless you are using the Classic Controller or GameCube controller. It's been replaced with a targeter. This makes targeting a lot more easier to see. It changes colour when you aim. It's green when you first aim and changes to red when it meets something that is shootable. This is a nice touch.

Okay, let's move on to the graphics. Since the Wii version is coincided a HD version, like the PS3 and Xbox 360 re-masters, the graphics are more the same as the GameCube version. The lighting of the game shines off the walls, especially with the water dripping down the wall. The best time to see the best of the graphics is when you play as Ashley in the dark knight room, where the flashlight she carries, shines back off of the wall, making it easier to see. Also, the fog is a lot more heavier than in the PS2 version, which adds greatly to the atmosphere.

The sound in the game is excellent as well. The footsteps, howling of wolfs, moans from the villages and whisperings of the monks can sometimes put you on the edge of your seat. The best time where sound comes in handy is the heavy breathing of the Regeneradors, which creeped me out. The voice acting is also fairly strong, if it wasn't for some of the cheesy dialogue that was included.

The level layout isn't too difficult to follow, although if you do get lost, there is always the map to help you out. Many people seem to find the map difficult to read, but if you see the big red dot, then you usually know where to go. The puzzles in the game aren't too difficult either. You don't usually have to go back four doors just to get one piece of the puzzle then go get more pieces. The only real time you have to do some of this is to unlock doors, actually, most puzzles are to unlock doors.

Alright, let's move to Separate Ways, the extra for Ada, which was included on the PS2. Nothing is too different, except for some words being different with the action button.

When you reload the previously saved game file, which you have completed at least once, you'll get extra weapons and costumes. The Chicago Typewritter and Infinate Rocket Launcher are usually very easy to use and kills the enemy with one shot. Sadly, this does get boring fairly quickly. There are other weapons that include unlocking, like the P.R.L 412, which can be unlocked by completing the game on professional once. As well as the Hand Cannon which is unlocked from the Mercenaies, which is also unlocked from completing the game once.
There are at least things to do after you've finished the main game and that is something good, I suppose.

The Mercenaires seem to be a lot more easier on the Wii because of the aim. Getting headshots is easy, and reloading doesn't take too long. The aiming is also fairly fast, moving the numchuck's stick moves you around, while holding B down for the aim, aims like normal.

Every good game comes with flaws. There are some minors glitches that I did experience, but nothing too major. Also, you have to make sure you the have the Wii remote in a position that suits the sensor bar, otherwise your aim will go crazy on you!

In Conclusion: This being the first Resident Evil game, I'm going to like it. I enjoyed every piece of the game, story and voice acting. This is a game I'd put on the list for everyone to play, that is why I am giving it a 9.8/10 for it's rating.

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